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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Second Order Curriculum

Second Order Curriculum Image
"THE SECRET CHIEFS JUST TRANSMITTED AN ENTIRELY RESTORED CORPUS OF SECOND ORDER GOLDEN DAWN MATERIAL TO REPLACE AND VASTLY SUPPLEMENT THE PROFANED MATERIAL PUBLISHED BY ALEISTER CROWLEY, NICK FARRELL, AND OTHERS." People who follow the Golden Dawn are already well aware that there are two camps in today's G.D. community. On the one side, there are traditionalist Golden Dawn orders, like the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, its parent order, the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega, and the August Order of the Mystic Rose.

Traditionalist orders like the H.O.G.D. know the Golden Dawn is an unbroken, living tradition. We understand the importance of the spiritual transmissions and magical technologies that come with lineage, and we hold fast to traditional Golden Dawn values like the importance of initiatic secrecy and classical Golden Dawn initiation, with candidates physically present in real Golden Dawn temples.

There also exist an entire host of recently founded, New Age-style Golden Dawn orders, many of whom believe the G.D. is a tradition that died when Whare Ra closed doors. Leaders of New Age Golden Dawn orders thus feel themselves entitled to do whatever they wish with the corpse of what they believe is essentially a dead tradition. I have discussed this bizarre notion before at length here.

New Age Golden Dawn orders vary greatly. Pat Zalewksi, for example, has created his own Second and Third order material, consisting largely of intellectual analysis and speculation rather than magical practice. To his credit, Zalewski at least is honest these days that this is not traditional Golden Dawn, but rather his own invention.

I wish I could say the same about certain other Golden Dawn orders that pretend New Age "Astral Initiation" is a "traditional" Golden Dawn practice. This terrible deception cheats initiates of the full benefits of classical Golden Dawn initiation. New Age "Astral Initiation" orders today include Robert Zink's "Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn" and its schismatic spin-off, the "Order of the Golden Dawn, Collegium Spiritu Sancti," led by Zink proteg'e, Jeff Randich.

Even worse, are Golden Dawn "initiates" that seek cheap notoriety by publishing any remaining Golden Dawn document that falls into their hands. Nick Farrell, leader of the New Age "Magical Order of Aurora Aurorae" is a prime example of such misguided self-aggrandizement.

Farrell, for example, recently published "The Book of the Tomb"," an unprofaned 1906 Alpha et Omega document. Farrell even went so far as to attempt to illegally assert copyright over this AO document, as though it were his own intellectual property. The hybris of such an act is astonishing.

It is unsurprising, therefore, that Farrell today wrote on his blog:"As you will be aware this is a particular bugbear of mine which in my view has made a small group of people who do no magical work more important to some groups than they should be. There is a black market in trading of Golden Dawn photocopies which when they end up in the wrong hands, get traded for grades and favours. Sometimes if a group has a collection of photocopies it gives these out as proof that it has true lineage and other groups do not... even when the material was collected from this document trading racket." - Nick FarrellThe above rationalisation betrays Nick Farrell's guilty conscience about trying to gain cheap notoriety by attaching his name to unpublished Golden Dawn documents. The reason for such guilt is that these documents, by traditional Golden Dawn standards, are "oath bound material." I have written on the importance of secrecy, not only in the traditional Golden Dawn, but as well as in every single legitimate Western initiatic tradition, here and here.

Clearly Farrell has a guilty conscience about his profanation of oath bound documents, or he would not need to invent silly stories about mythical "black market's" in oath bound documents. What is most sad about Farrell's desperate search for recognition is that he does not see the inherent contradiction in pretending to lead a "Golden Dawn" order, while at the same time profaning traditional "oath bound" Golden Dawn documents. Even outsiders understand this bizarre contradiction, however. For example, Alexandrian Wiccan elder, Frater Barrabbas, commented on this here.

One can at least make sense of this misguided behavior on the part of Farrell and others like them, since all they have to offer their students is what they consider to be the dead cadaver of what once was the Golden Dawn. They therefore throw traditional Golden Dawn values like initiatic secrecy to the wind, and instead act like maggots fighting over pieces of a rotting corpse.

Traditionalist Golden Dawn orders, on the other hand, like the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, its parent order the Alpha et Omega, and the August Order of the Mystic Rose, have far more to offer their students than just the material published by Crowley and Regardie, that has been republished ad nauseum by Nick Farrell and his ilk.

This is because traditionalist Golden Dawn orders like the Alpha Omega are still in contact with the living source that originally created the Golden Dawn, the order Mathers called the Third Order. Let there be no doubt about it. The living Secret Chiefs are not some New Age channeled entities like Pat Zalewski's "Guru Das," the channeled source of Zalewksi's odd theory of Golden Dawn "alchemy."

On the contrary, the Secret Chiefs lead a real order, which just transmitted an entirely restored corpus of Second Order Golden Dawn material to completely supplement the material profaned by Crowley, Farrell and the others like them. This vast supplemental R.R. et A.C. corpus includes entire, hitherto completely occulted magical systems.

For example, the newly released, supplemental Second Order curriculum contains entire systems of unpublished magic, including pre-Qabalistic and pre-Egyptian, hierarchies of Chaldean Spirits for each of the 4 elements, 7 Planets, 12 Zodiacal signs, 36 decans, 72 quinants, and even each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac!

And this is only the tip of an enormous, newly released Golden Dawn magical iceberg!

When we first announsed this astonishing news last August, I already revealed here how the Golden Dawn was only originally given the encrypted versions of Agrippa's magic squares as he included in "De Occulta Philosophia." We also explained how the so-called "planetary seals" are actually keys to unencrypt the published version of the squares.


Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

At the conclusion of his Opus Magnum, De Occulta Philosophia,
" Agrippa himself says:

"These are things, which for an introduction into Magick we have collected out of the tradition of the ancients... some things are delivered by fragments, some things are even hidden... for we have delivered this Art in such a manner, that it may not be hid from the prudent and intelligent, and yet may not admit wicked and incredulous men to the mysteries of these secrets, but leave them destitute and astonished, in the shade of ignorance and desperation."Today, at long last, I have gained permission from the Secret Chiefs to lift the veil slightly more on the subject of the restored magical curriculum of the Second Order of the Golden Dawn. At the conclusion of "De Occulta Philosophia," as quoted above, Agrippa makes clear that what he has published is but the tip of an occult iceberg. In the case of the magic squares, Agrippa only gives examples in passing, and does not at all explain the true magical system hidden behind.

Indeed, "De Occulta Philosophia," gives concrete proof of the existance of a vast system of Hermetic magic, which has for many Centuries been safely hidden as "oath bound" material of a completely occulted, Hermetic initiatic tradition.

Today, this entire magical tradition has been entrusted to the second order of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn within the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega, where it shall forever remain available to Golden Dawn Adepts everywhere, "yet may not admit wicked and incredulous men to the mysteries of these secrets, but leave them destitute and astonished, in the shade of ignorance and desperation. In other words, these sacred Hermetic magical practices, although now open to worthy Golden Dawn Adepts everywhere, shall nonetheless forever remain safely protected from individuals like Nick Farrell, who would surely publish them merely for cheap notoriety.

Nonetheless, as an act of fraternal love for all brothers and sisters of the Golden Dawn everywhere, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Alpha et Omega have decided not to hoard this amazing Second Order magical material for ourselves. Instead, we are sharing it with Adepts from across the entire spectrum of the Golden Dawn community, beginning with our open invitation to our International Conclave of Golden Dawn Adepti outside of Las Vegas, March 9-19. You can read more about this here.

That's right! Despite the differences between us...

Second Order Adepts from any Golden Dawn temple or order in the ENTIRE Golden Dawn community is welcome to learn and practice this vast treasure trove of newly released Golden Dawn traditional Second Order magic.

However, it goes without saying that traditional Golden Dawn oaths of secrecy still do apply to this "oath bound" material. Adepts who violate initiaitic secrecy, exclude themselves automatically from advanced magical practice as the direct result of their own misguided actions.

Individuals like Nick Farrell who, in search of cheap notoriety, traffic in the publication "oath bound" Golden Dawn documents, are actually committing initiatic suicide. Such individuals condemn themselves to never progress spiritually or magically beyond anything other than well known, published material.

But for true Golden Dawn Adepts, who understand the value of secrecy, know how to respect their oaths, and how to keep their mouths shut, the Secret Chiefs have just opened the flood gates for you - with an astounding amount of amazing magical material beyond your wildest dreams.

I look forward to meeting our brother and sister Golden Dawn Adepts in Nevada next month! I am translating the new curriculum for you just as fast as I can.

GH Frater Lux ex Septentrionis,
David Griffin
Archon Basileus,
Rosicrucian Order of A.O.Imperator,
Hermetic Order of the Golden DawnChief Adept,
Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis

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