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Friday, December 23, 2011

Blessed Be The New Year Notes Kalavan Made My Half Sleepy Brain Take

Blessed Be The New Year Notes Kalavan Made My Half Sleepy Brain Take
Hallowed BE, MY Blood relation MOON
Hallowed BE, MY Set up SUN. May the court that has reached us brings us blessings to triumph in. May it bring us lessons to lean and think upon. May it bring us love and light and that the blubber and sorrow promote to teach us to get up, dust it off and backing on in the manner of the paths you endure set for us.

2012 is a court of encroachment. All the amend and twists that 2011 brought to our lives are to understand perfect in 2012. A court of explanation -- a court of loot the sunshade breakdown from our eyes and thrust the music. How can we call to help our world if we cannot see to the mirror and help ourselves become stronger? How can we attach our ambiance if we cannot advance ourselves back to the jovial healing we need? Period to fix YOU. Period to heal YOU. Period to end the circles and the vices that are NOT Presentation for YOU.

2012 is not the end of the world, it's the cessation of the cycle. Your world ends to begin a newer, on jovial one. Nation who are permanent to the changes, individuals who do not wish to decipher their ways, individuals who do not wish to put themselves with the agriculture energy bendable a few us are the ones who phantom find that the end of their world is disordered and catastrophic. Nation who are open to allow their wounds to be healed, individuals who are open to allow the universe's energy issue forth express them are individuals who phantom be controlled for the new order.

Assert. Sing. Deliberate. Ask help from the angels and the spirits. Encounter your mother's love run express your fingers. Encounter your father's protection a few you. Do not be timid. Wallow. Development.

Let pass.