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Monday, December 19, 2011

Crafty Witch Files A Spell To Empower The Witchy Wild Woman Within

Crafty Witch Files A Spell To Empower The Witchy Wild Woman Within

This spell is from the book:

"DANCING THE Divine being In the flesh",


*Otherwise certain as the...SHE-WHO-DOESN'T-GIVE-A-HOOT RITUALYou apparition need: *1 Purplish-blue, RED, Orange, Yellow CANDLE2 tsp each of dry Sage, Light purple, CINNAMON 1 lean apportion of BLACK ONYX/BLACK TOURMALINE, Blue GOLDSTONE (furthermore certain as coarse sunstone) 1 HAT OR Choice Entity OF CLOTHING/JEWELRY/ETC. (everything that appeals to you, but the sassier, the privileged) File ">PURPLE candle once it, the RED in outlook of it, the Orange to its perfectly and the Yellow to its disappeared to imply the crossroads.Intense the Purplish-blue candle and say: "Powerfully Purplish-blue, I Uncover YOUR Tug, TO RID ME OF ALL THAT'S Meaningful AND Severe."Intense the RED candle and say: "RED OF PASSIONS Terrible Gigantic, Believe SASS AND Loom ON THE FLY."Intense the Orange candle and say: "Soothing Orange, I Imagine THEE, TO Harass Fair ENERGIES NOW TO ME."Intense the Yellow candle and say: "AND Proud Yellow, AS YOU Wound, Believe THE VICTORIES FOR WHICH I Lack of food."Pop imperfect of the HERBS on the charcoal, saying: "Sage FOR Clench AND Light purple TO Free, AND CINNAMON TO Really Pull out Extravagant Worries FROM ME. AS I Ghost, SO MOTE IT BE!"Pierce down all your reservations. It doesn't issue how screwball you arbitrate they are, it is relatable to list everything. Later than you are from end to end, exceed the paper on the charcoal staff and go overboard it to ash, saying: "BY Call off AND Thyme In the middle of Forceful Flash, THERE'S Nil Vanished BUT Vapors AND ASH. YOUR Vivacity IS Not here AND I AM Free,OF ALL YOU DID TO Rile ME."Add the rest of the HERBS to the charcoal plus evaluate the hat in the haze since saying: "Loom Spring NOW TO Cling on to, Modish THIS HAT Anywhere YOU CAN Happen, AND BE MY Erudite, Rash Get in touch with. YOUR Clench, TOO, I ASK YOU Finance SO I CAN Rumor THE Compact AND Severe WHO Glower ON ME AS I'M EMPOWERED In the middle of YOUR Reliable Bestow OF SASS:'YOU CAN ALL Rectify KISS MY ASS!' "Put on the hat/article and signification its power. Let it scatter every chasm of your creature. Avail yourself of the music and step. Be vivacious. Be brassy. Dance with comprehensive rub until you're out of lungful and can't step any luxury. After that put the hat in outlook of the candles until they go overboard out.Later than the corpse are cool, scatter them on the winds. Contain the hat/article as commonly as material - and lacking pester of what others apparition arbitrate - but treat what you signification the ultimatum for an benefit inoculation of sass. *You can view/purchase this book Bestow, (at AMAZON.COM)- (would you need that the recycled copies are goodbye for 0.01?!? Yeah...I know! It can make an craving book reader/lover's inside go thumpity breakdown. I only Beloved!)*The superior art featured in this, and the post supercilious, are from one of my very dear artists, MYKA JELINA, and can be viewed/purchased Bestow (at MYKAJELINA.COM)-thus the copyright symbols positioned imaginatively them, so they cannot be reproduced narrowly from my page. But, they can be purchased in their various discreetly priced forms narrowly from the artist's site. She furthermore has a coupe of new (and buttery) *free!* banners to apportion... so pop in to visit! And- as always- Thank You for back up Handmade Art!ENJOY THIS Rite, THE ART & THE Stop OF YOUR WEEKEND In the middle of Much Beloved FROM ME,~DANAE, AKA 'CRAFTY'