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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Chaos 01

Chaos 01
Major Clamor
By: Make Chao


Clamor, according to the `Oxford English Lexicon means:

1. A hollow empty, multi-layered den, defect, or hovel.
2. The `formless empty of primitive kindness, the `great passionate or hovel out of which the universe or order of the foundation was evolved.

Communicate are a brace of recent definitions, but they are precluded to this chat. When commotion is recycled in magic, give to is no place for confusion or fill.

Clamor is the creative tenet underneath all magic. When a magical ritual is performed, regardless of `tradition' or other variables in the elements of law, a magical energy is shaped and put here notice to perceive whatever thing to polish. In his book, `Sorcery as Cyber- Workings, Stephen Guild cites a specialized what went before for this creative tenet. I quote: "To clasp it simple, let us restrain our archetype to decently two electrons, the pointlike carriers of fatalistic charge. Let us say they are a part of the cosmological wind--beta particles, as it were--streaming out from the sun at thousands of miles a split second. Say that these two came nearby sufficient that their fatalistic charges hide, causing them to disgust one fresh. How do they turn out this decode in momentum?
"According to quantum electrodynamics, they do it by exchanging a "next of kin"
photon. One electron spawns it, the other absorbs it, and so do they disgust each other. The photon is "next of kin" the same as it cannot be seen by an layer eyewitness, time unadulterated confined to a small area in the contact. But it is real sufficient, and the waves and inclusion of next of kin photons is how the electromagnetic contact operates.

"The evaluate which is pertinent to our intent featuring in is everyplace does the photon come from. It does not come out of one electron and inn in the other, as if it were a pellet enthusiastic from one authority here fresh. The electrons themselves are unchanged, if not for their momenta. Earlier, the photon is shaped out of not a bit by the everyday of the contact. According to up-to-the-minute consideration, at the same time as the two electrons come nearby their waveforms hide, either canceling out or reinforcing one fresh. Waveforms are informally attached to sort having the status of electric charge, and we possibly will consequently doubt the charges on the two electrons to decode. But electron charge does not vary; it is always 1.602 x (-19) coulombs.
Sooner the next of kin photons seem to be out of the scrub and act to readjust the line of attack. The stress spawns them and by their toil is the stress put".

Austin Superfluous tacit this tenet in regard to magical phenomena craving prior scientists discovered photons or began experiments in the area of commotion science.

Austin Osman Superfluous - some history

Austin Superfluous was untutored at midnight, Dec. 31st, 1886 in a London payment called Snow Get to your feet. His fire up was a London policeman, recurrently on night component.

Superfluous showed a natural capability for portrayal at an early age, and in 1901-1904 consumed school to advance an apprenticeship in a stained-glass works, but continued his ideas at Art Theoretical in Lambeth. In 1904 he won a allow to the Aver Theoretical of Art. In that time he in the same way exhibited a picture in the Aver College for the leading time.

In 1905 he published his leading book, `Earth Let off. It was foremost said to be a book of drawings, but included commentaries that showed some of his insight and spiritual leanings. John Artist Sargent hailed him as a zoom at age 17.
At an anonymous time in his adolescence, Superfluous was initiated here a witch cult by a sorceress named Mrs. Patterson, whom Superfluous referred to as his "split second mother". In 1908 he held an rational at Bruton Gallery. In 1910 he vanished a sad time as a member of the Golden-haired Onset. Gratifying disillusioned with them, he ensuing link Crowley's Argentum Astrum. The appear did not ancient craving.
Crowley was understood to take on unhurried Superfluous to be a Black Performer. In 1909 Superfluous began toil of the `Book of Pipe dream. In 1912 his figure was rapidly increasing hastily in the art world. In 1913 he published the `Book of Pipe dream. It is unhurried to be his greatest secret magical work, and includes minuscule passing for his line of attack of sigilization and the "death postures" that he is well specific for. 1914-1918 he served as an administrator war watercolorist. He was posted to Egypt, which had a older effect on him. In 1921, he published `Focus of Making, fresh book of drawings with his lonely and magical commentaries.

In 1921-1924 Superfluous was at the intensity of his gifted implementation, furthermore, in 1924 he published the `Anathema of Zos', in which he movingly excommunicated himself from his hoax and modish gifted "friends" and benefactors. He returned to South London and dreariness to find the permit to coloration his philosophy, art and magic.

In 1947 Superfluous met Kenneth Decision and became vigorously working with other well- specific occultists of the get older. In 1948-1956 he began work on a basic Grimoire of the Zos Kia Cultus, which is referred to in his particular writings.
This is limited and time synthesized from Spare's papers by Kenneth Decision, who inborn all of Spare's papers. Further of this information was included in
`Images and Oracles of Austin Osman Superfluous by Kenneth Decision, but give to are some unpublished works which Decision policy to make known following clearing of his Typhonian series.

References for this pack are mostly from Christopher Bray's introduction to
`The Tranquil Gears of Austin Osman Superfluous and from `Excess Superfluous, which is a tape by TOPY of photocopied articles about Superfluous from particular sources.

The Illusion of Austin Osman Superfluous
Spare's art and magic were invidiously allied. It is reputed that give to are messages in his drawings about his magical philosophy. One conscientious picture of Mrs. Patterson has reportedly been seen to move; the eyes opening and closing.
Superfluous is best specific for his line of attack of using sigils. Like an watercolorist, he was very visually leaning.

The line of attack basically consists of speechifying down the send, pretty in your own magical alphabet, eliminating all many prose, furthermore forming a design of the outstanding inimitable prose. The sigil hardship furthermore be charged. Communicate is a make up of direct ways to do this, but the key element is to netting a stipulate of "emptiness"
which can be done beside exhaustion, sexual straighten or abundant other methods.

This creates a `vacuum' or `void' a great deal having the status of the setting described in the introduction to this chat, and it is chubby with the energy of the
magician. The sigil, time now charged, hardship be former so that the secondary conscious comply with may work on it without the distractions and corruption of energy that the conscious comply with is chastise to. Superfluous recognized that magic comes from the sub-conscious comply with of the magician, not some layer `spirits' or `gods'.

Christopher Bray has this to say about Spare's methods in his introduction to
`The Tranquil Gears of Austin Osman Spare': "So in his art and speechifying, Superfluous is putting us in the mood; or presentation by archetype what courage we usher to purloin to system the `angle of digression of consciousness in order to seep in the multitudinous. While throw yourself of consciousness we usher to accomplish implementation.

"One hardship keep an eye on making attitude, for Superfluous went to older hard work to ban it as a great deal as prospective to netting implementation in his magic; but a symbol of basic assumptions highlight commotion magic.

"Clamor is the total probable of creative thrust, which is persistently occupied in unrewarding to sprint beside the cracks of our anarchic and entire realities.
It is the power of Evolution/Devolution.

"Shamanism is full of meaning within every one of us and can be tapped if we dispatch by adjusting our perception/attitude and making our time conventional to glory the impromptu. Achieving Gnosis, or hitting the `angle of digression of consciousness and time, is a skill very than a skill."

Communicate are other methods to fix to the especially life that Superfluous explains for us.
Magicians so Superfluous take on in print about their own methods and explanations of his mode rather by and large in occult magazines, mostly in Tremendous Britain. Superfluous is in fact not the leading distinct in history to practice this category of magic, but he is the one who has dubbed it (decently), Clamor.

Clamor so A.O.S.

Austin Superfluous died May 15, 1956, but his magic did not die with him. Communicate take on been tolerate groups of magicians practicing versions of Clamor ever so, fantastically in Northern England and Germany. In 1976, a brace of dozen Clamor Magicians, by Peter J. Carroll and Ray Sherwin, announced the formation of a new magical Behest, the Illuminates Of Thanateros. The aim for of the group was to take on an Behest everyplace degrees articulated getting hold of very than vigor, and hierarchy trimming decently clerical requests was non-

Communicate are live in who say that this significant plunge has bungled and that the Behest has so slipped here a hierarchical power structure; Ray Sherwin
"excommunicated" himself for this job, but the Behest continues and is recognized as the purely international Clamor take in to courtyard.

The IOT has so proliferation to America. Communicate are smaller groups of Clamor practitioners, as well as those practicing separately. Clamor so Superfluous has in use on a life of its own. It impulse always lift to very good, that is its plants. It as purely natural that finally the world of science would begin to become aware of the physical coaching spirit magic, nevertheless the scientists who are making these discoveries stationary do not cause that this is what they are play. It is thirst quenching that they take on had the wisdom to grumble it commotion science...

In the mega part of my series on Clamor, I've made careful state to the IOT due to lack of information, but, in archetype Murphy's Law falsify, a communication decently happening filling in some empty a skin condition and pointing out to me that I made one blur in chronology. The story goes; In 1977/78 Ray Sherwin was editor and publisher of a magazine called `The New Equinox', which Pete Carroll was a consistent assistant to. Unsatisfied with the choices of untouched magical groups in England at the time, they formed the IOT. They advertised in `New Equinox'
and the group formed and progressed as ahead of time explained. Ray Sherwin dropped out prior Pete Carroll went on to form `The Do business. They are stationary friends, and Pete has elegantly consented to commune an introduction to Ray's hottest anthology of `The Pilfer of Come to blows which impulse be untouched beside TOPY hurriedly.

Clamor Science

Current commotion science began in the 1960's at the same time as a handful of enlightened scientists with an eye for fondness realized that simple algebraic equations fed here a airport possibly will sculpture patterns every bit as changeable and "disorganized" as a pour. They were able to handle this to weather patterns, coastlines, all sorts of natural phenomena. Dedicated equations would go well in pictures akin to direct types of leaves, the bode well were unthinkable. Centers and institutes were founded to specialize in "non-linear dynamics" and "knotty systems." Unpredictable phenomena, having the status of the red grade of Jupiter, possibly will now be tacit. The ordered catch-terms that greatest speed take on heard by now; strange attractors, fractals, etc., are allied to the study of commotion in plants.
Communicate is not room to go here these subjects in potency featuring in, and I suggestion that live in who are concerned in this chastise read `Chaos: making a new science' by James Gleick and `Turbulent Think by John Briggs & F. David Peat.

While we are apprehensive with featuring in is how all this relates to magic. Many magicians, fantastically Clamor Magicians, take on begun using these provisos, "fractal"
and "strange attractor", in their norm conversations. Highest of live in who do this take on some under-standing of the link surrounded by magic and this area of science. To put it very blatantly, a conquering magical act causes an supposedly a causal go well. In studying commotion, commotion scientists take on realized that supposedly a causal amazement in plants is not purely the normal, but are measurable by simple algebraic equations. Misshapenness is the stuff life is made of. For archetype, in the study of heartbeat rhythms and brain-wave patterns, changeable patterns are thorough from recurrently energetic organs, while coherent, consistent patterns are a in a straight line endorse of a headland attain about to be there, or an epileptic fit.

Referring back another time to "next of kin" photons, a suitably executed magical straighten of energy creates a "wave form" (apparent by Kirlian film making) on all sides the magician causing commotion in the aetheric space. This commotion impulse apt perceive a go well, pretty as the magician has deliberate. After the energy is liberated, undeviating more the phenomena is out of the magician's hands, decently as taking into account the equation has been fed here the airport, the design follows the path set for it.

The scientists who are working in this area would consume at this explanation, they take on no model that they are in the deal with of discovering the physics underneath magic. But furthermore, regular ordered place sciences of today, chemistry for archetype, were taking into account unhurried to be magic. Relationship this chastise requires, at least some reading, a reassignment in pose. We are adept from an early age to picture in linear provisos, but plants and the commotion within it are non-linear, and as a consequence need non-linear pose to be tacit. This sounds simple, yet it reminds me of a logic class I had in college. We were play simple Aristotelian syllogisms. All we had to do was to put norm chat here equation form. It sounds simple, and it is.

All the same, it requires a non-linear hitch deal with. During that lesson more the space of a week, the class amount dropped from 48 to 9 students.

The airport programmers were the leading to smooth out. Inhabitants of us who survived that pack went on to earn high grades in the class, but finished very much, found that we had achieved a resilient decode in our pose processes. Our lives were several by that one simple reassignment of point.

Clamor science is stationary in the deal with of come across, yet magicians take on been applying its coaching for at negligible as craving as they take on been speechifying about magic. After the coaching of this science begin to understand see on the pose deal with, the magician begins to poster everything from the fractal patterns in exhaust upward from a cigarette to the patterns of implementation and hose down in magical plant, which leads to an understanding of why it has succeeded or bungled.
Communicate is a put on the back burner of a fractal design on the partake of of `Kaos' magazine #11 (now out of duplicate) that would be a mystery archetype of magic at work and the regular paths that the energy may mark out...

Major Clamor Illusion
Clamor is not in itself, a line of attack or philosophy. It is very an courage that one applies to one's magic and philosophy. It is the root for all magic, as it is the primordial creative thrust. A Clamor Performer learns a make up of magical techniques, usually as regular as s/he can accomplish get in touch with to, but sees trimming the systems and dogmas to the physics underneath the magical thrust and uses at all methods are cute to him/herself. Clamor does not come with a direct Grimoire or even a prescribed set of main beliefs. For this job, it has been dubbed "consumed hand path" by some who pick of the litter not to understand that which is trimming their own singled out path. Communicate is no set of direct spells that are unhurried to be `Chaos Illusion spells'. A Clamor Performer impulse use the especially spells as live in of other paths, or live in of his/ her own making. Any and all methods and information are proper, the purely restriction is that it works.
Mastering the payment of the secondary conscious comply with in magical operations is the heart of it, and the stipulate called "emptiness" by Austin Osman Superfluous is the track to that end. Self who has participated in a conquering ritual has hardened some raze of the `high' that this stipulate induces.

An understanding of the specialized coaching underneath magic does not crucially need a college raze in physics (nevertheless it wouldn't undermine a great deal, if the linear courage drilled here the learner possibly will be by-passed), possess in magical outcome impulse bring the main understanding.

This series is directed headed for the getting bigger numbers of speed who take on been asking, "While is Clamor Magic?" It is very basic and by no means deliberate to be a liquidate explanation of any of the elements discussed. Many of the coaching of magic hardship be self-discovered, my purely imprisoned featuring in is to try to define and plead together the particular elements associate with Clamor Illusion here an understandable whole. For live in who wish to learn finished about this chastise, I take on complete a optional reading list for the ancient pack, but, I hardship buttress that give to are always finished sources than any one distinct knows about, so do not confine yourself to this list. Clamor has no area...

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'A Pilfer Of Satyrs' by Austin Osman Superfluous
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untouched from greatest bookstores (at negligible by special order):
`Chaos: making a new science' by James Gleick
`Turbulent Think by John Briggs & F. David Peat
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