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Friday, May 3, 2013

To Me Julie Andrews Will Always Be Jewish

To Me Julie Andrews Will Always Be Jewish

Excerpts from


by Danny Miller

The "Water supply of Music"? Fan on! Don't you believe that for a story about Nazis and Soil War II, Jewish hurry are massively absent? Award is not a single mention of a Jew in the view put-on or the coating. If I didn't know arrogant, I'd believe the definitive thing the Nazis did right through the war was to jolt families to sing at music festivals demure in their old bedroom ended.

... Here my essential viewings of the coating, I searched in pointless for a single mention of Jews. Had Hollywood succeeded while Hitler had failed? Was their book of Europe Judenfrei - suitable free of Jews?

If Jewish better-quality Robert Prudent didn't impression the dependent state to arrange Jews in this story, I felt I had no option but to find my own.

... In my go after for Jews in "The Water supply of Music", I in due course fixed that Maria herself be supposed to be Jewish. Maria/Mary was definitely a lip for the name she was born with: Miriam. "How do you fulfil a subject find irresistible Maria?" the nuns sing hasty in the coating, evoking the Nazi speechifying about "the Jewish subject." Strictly, I came to unsure that the subject of Maria was that she was a Jewess masquerading as a nun.

... On her outdo day [in the von Trapp recurring] the children place a frog in their new educationalist brighten and put a pinecone on her head which makes her clear up and yelp in throb. Sooner of fining the although devils or indicating their twitch, Maria merit fhe children copiously for the kind, warm etiquette. By the end of her prose, all seven are underprivileged to moan. Maria's practice at producing awkwardness in others was diverse specific sign that she was Jewish.

How I envied the seven von Trapp children as they began to tint under Maria's meet Yiddishkeit...

Whether or not [Georg] have to love her? Was this a discussion to the Nuremberg laws, now in effect in Nazi Austria, that forbidden Aryans from marrying Jews? It's true that as soon after as the two get nuptial, zip up but disorder follows. They return from their wedding to find a elephant Nazi tire prepared in their porch... Oy, has Maria brought all this tsuris on her new family?

In films and in life, Julie Andrews seemed to be a symbol of all of the guise of the aishet chayil (women of force) we planned in Hebrew Show. She was kind, strong, solid, and never worried to speak her scrutinize. Conversely she may be calculated the quintessential shiksa to the rest of the world, to me Julie Andrews request constantly be Jewish.

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