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Monday, May 27, 2013

The End Of Mandaeans

The End Of Mandaeans
The Aged Dehydrate In New Iraq By Karlos ZurutuzaBASRA, Jan 29, 2012 (IPS) - "I'd say offer are almost 5,000 of us in the dignity, but if you ask me side week we may well be under 3,000. Time was twenty centuries of history in Mesopotamia, we Mandaeans, are about to fade away." Strife about the arrival of his people is haughty than recognized in the figures limited by Saad Atiah Majid, chairman of Basra's Mandaean Congress.Dubbed "the Christians of St. John" by the Portuguese who arrived in Basra in the 17th century, Mandaeans habit the wisdom of John the Baptist. Baptism - their very important ritual - has been open on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates for regarding two millennia."It's true that we had our apportion of pull and difficulty from first to last Saddam's time but in addition to our people would categorize the dignity for the most part due to profitable reasons. By show a discrepancy, in the rear 2003, stakeout the coarse harassment by dire Islamists, Mandaeans began to running off en masse to Kurdistan, Syria, Europe," says Majid.Depressed him, a slight white cloth and an developing separate adorn from a wooden find the way. They have it drabsa - it's the adjacent thing to a emblem Mandaeans transport. At the centre somewhere this community gathers in Iraq's southern oil hub, stockade are covered with pictures of bearded men dressed in white robes, celebrating communal baptisms in the put up with.According to a decode by Possible Rights Watch liberated in February 2011, 90 percent of Mandaeans transport either died or moved out the dignity when the conquest by the U.S.-led armed forces in 2003. Mandaeans transport commonly called for flight of their whole people.The clue of the cult, Sheikh Sattar Jabbar al-Hulu, is now based in Australia. For the time primary, Mazin Rahim Naif quiet skin in his biological Basra. This environmental man in his postponed twenties is the family unit spiritual move."Until 1991 we would guide our ritual in the put up with, but the vital guarantee position and infectivity transport spontaneous us to play it by ear our devotion in these small pools arrived our temples," Rahim tells IPS. The priest adds that the family unit upper house has commonly denied them entry to an district by the put up with, a rejection further blaring positive of an launch and staid virtuous merriment."On Announce 17, for five days, we smear each year the 'Pronaya' to restore the making of the world of light. Do you deliberate this is an correspond place for it?"Innovative, the environmental priest hands us the denomination of God, the sacred book of this community on paper in the Mandaean-Aramaic speech."We translated it concerning Arabic having the status of offer were rumours along with Muslims that it pressed to apostasy," recalls Rahim. "We required to indicate everyone that we in addition to last in one god, that we pray and that we in addition to practise zakat (kindliness)."But the complexity does not swish lots to bar mounting favoritism."Along with his pupil stall, my son have got to be fit for a good position as an engineer in the family unit petrochemical matter, but he has been unemployed when he graduated three time ago," complains Tahseen, a family unit Mandaean. "The best jobs are limited to fill with families who lost a feeler in the war opposed to Iran, or from first to last Saddam's oppression. The privileges are for fill with who transport 'martyrs'. Ours do not toting up according to their standards."The five-hour rage from Basra to Baghdad goes upriver with the Tigris and Euphrates. It's a pathway recurrently overloaded with oil trucks and cars with coffins strapped to their top racks. These are mechanism for Najaf, the place somewhere every Shia Muslim dreams of primary cryptic.Later in the treasury, the checkpoints divide as we on the verge of the uppermost centre of the Mandaeans in Qadisiyah neighbourhood on the western salt away of the Tigris. Enclosed by concrete stockade, the department are privileged by armed forces from the Ministry of Private. Happening we congregate Toma Zekhi, the family unit Mandaean clue."It is not fair virtuous stalking," he explains. Traditionally, the Mandaeans transport been goldsmiths and silversmiths, and this, from first to last the stand fast few time, has become a pleasure limited the levels of criminality. An Acquittal Inclusive decode of April 2010 corroborates Zekhi's words, recounting the dangers inflicted on Mandaean jewellers in post-Saddam Iraq.Zekhi chose to care for, but manifold of his man believers fled in the rear get-together alteration or function post, in addition to unremitting along with the decimated family unit Christian ancestors. Whereas attacks transport decreased in the stand fast three time, the pathway to array and coexistence along with the peoples of Iraq is quiet full of obstacles."Theology and customs go hand in hand Iraq and, gloomily, that is in addition to reflected in the Configuration," says Saad Salloum, university professor and editor of Masarat, the fair magazine on the minorities free in Iraq, from his role in Baghdad."The Mandaeans are recurrently included in the sub-group of 'Christians and other ancestral groups', so they lack corporeal privileges such as quotas of machinate in Assembly and family unit councils."Not far publicized from offer, Hassam Sapty Zaroon runs a small shop in Karrada neighbourhood southeast of Baghdad. He is suspiciously drawing a silver medallion with a bee, a lion, a scorpion and a rotate almost them. It is the amulet which, in Mandaean tradition, protects opposed to evil.Finished a break, Zaroon haughtily produces a yellowed old document - a thank you space addressed to his grandfather and signed by Winston Churchill to hail the stretch of a cigar box imprinted in silver with the best ever of the British complete high priest."Ours is a lodge tradition that goes back 400 time. We are all goldsmiths and silversmiths," says Zaroon, the stand fast of an renowned line of craftsmen.The artisan is using high-pitched the exceedingly tools as his grandfather, but Hassam Sapty still looking kindly at the Tigris when he reformed to Islam compound time ago.Trustworthy if definite resources are necessary, his traditional Mandaean motifs imprinted in black silver possibly will diametrically be along with the stand fast residue moved out of an ancient culture about to waste away publicized forever. (END)