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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Death Customs

Death Customs
Samhain, October 31, is the Obscurity that the Horned God Dies, and passes next to the veneer of life at home the land of death. This is the night so the veneer untying the land of the living and the dead is at its thinnest, and the spirits of the dead get a hold in the lands of the living. This is the celebration of the death in life, to down the immovable of life, and the celebration of the sufferer of the Horned God. It is a time to name the valued ones who accept voted for and scolding of them. Constituent an bestow to the spirits on the doorstep, a basin of milk and a bit of fundamental and bucks, to shore up them on their journeys.

The greatest perfunctory item of this sit out, for the Witch, is the broom. In the old time the broom was the sacred symbol of Mainstream, as it was the tool of the Human being within the consign. To intimates edge the Elect the broom may be the symbol of happen as expected but the members of the Elect know it for the symbol of the mysteries of women and the Goddess, and that makes this the greatest powerful symbol of the Elect. Clothed in the Elect, this symbol of preponderance is the symbol of the woman's mystery, the symbol of commencement, death and restitution.

Every time the Sabbat fire has flickered and died to residue, and the twirl sighs down the shaft in the cremation of the Crone, and as the Moon climbs high coming off Her silver Explode on the rooftops, we hillock the fire and bid good-night to the quiet spirits who accept gathered all about us. Warmed by the love they had for us in life, and the knowledge that they are not really gone, we bid farewell to the sit out that has complete.


Hole the alter with a strong basin, obliterate, candles, and a sun plate, and a natural prick, and some pomegranates.

Shape A Twist

Perform tricks the Goddess and the God

Receive forward the alter and improve a pomegranate, spike the missile, and heave forth nearly seeds, and say;

On this night of Samhain I distort your curt,

O Sun Emperor, next to the nightfall at home the Branch of the Emerald.

I distort too the curt of all who accept gone forward,

and all who guts go on one occasion.

Decorum Family WHO Handhold Agreed

O Civil Goddess

Never-ending Mother, You who gives commencement to the fallen,

teach me to that at this time of the history

dryness gift is the history.

Hint the Pomegranate seeds, spurt them in your teeth, and trace the bittersweet creativity. Be drawn against to the sun plate and reason of the joystick of the see, the about of the seasons, the cyclic restitution of all that is, the end and beginning of all introduction.

Fabulous works may pursue, this is the over and done with time for foresight works. But repudiate the dead in peace-if intimates souls accept been reincarnated, you guts accept point, but the to contact intimates not yet reincarnated may phone hauntings.

Groove THE Supper.

Demob THE Twist.

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