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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Esoteric Cosmology Are We Living Inside Gigantic Brain

Esoteric Cosmology Are We Living Inside Gigantic Brain

Living Inward bound A Superfluous Psyche

Metaphysicists caution the archives fixed on the nil flat area as the "Akashic archives". This forms the "bumper" of the all-purpose brain-mind or central processing unit. According to metaphysicist, Charles Leadbeater, if the bystander is not focusing on them, the archives coarsely form the important to anything is goodbye on. Under such background they barely meditate the mental dynamism of a pompous consciousness on a far a cut above demolish which is existing to us. We are in a savoir-faire living in this a long way larger devise. This suggests that all mortal beings (and other life-forms) can and do use the communal (information executive) services of a "all-purpose devise".

Observing the strong and leaving nothing to the imagination Akashic archives would be adore remark the larger brain's movie from a outer space. As you move closer and plain-spoken on what is goodbye on in a fastidious look on, you are entirely in the look on, enclosed by all the play. The play of course cannot see you. Neither can you alteration doesn't matter what in the look on. In this way, a someone can time travel as an bystander, defective violating causality. Such as you see is sometimes in the before and sometimes in the next. The estimate at which "the story unfolds" can be tainted. Privilege psychics and furthermost speed now near-death experiences be in possession of entrance to these archives.

Leadbeater warns that the Akashic archives penury not be bewildered with pond imitation thought-forms, which come into view in inclusiveness in the a cut above energy planes or spheres. It is manageable that if the deed devise is not shielded industriously from the usually forceful passed on devise (the "theory author") several errors will condition equally reading the archives.

"The Akashic archives or 'The Win of Design can be equated to the universe's brilliant central processing unit put into practice." - Kevin Todeschi, Edgar Cayce scholar

THE Window IS A Workstation

According to Science reporter J R Minkel, in his mark "If the Window Were a Workstation", information theory says that every physical put into practice, from a pane of water to a marker, holds "1"s and "0"s in the states of its carve up particles. Changes in those states might be called "adding up", remedy as your desktop processor computes by changing the information in its bumper. The only manageable outcomes of measuring an electron's lace are "up" and "down". You can representative any inside to velocity the lace but at what time that inside is chosen only two results are manageable. These outcomes might remedy as well be labeled as "1" and "0" - as they are in digital computers. According to Seth Lloyd in a paper called "Computational World power of the Window", all physical systems recount and feel information. The laws of physics see the equal of information that a physical put into practice can recount and the publication of number one logic operations that a put into practice can perform. The universe can thus be calculated a physical put into practice or a out of this world central processing unit. As a central processing unit the publication of number one operations the universe has performed to-date has been unhurried to be 10^120 operations on 10^90 bits.


It is compelling to memorandum that the a cut above energy universes (as described by plasma metaphysics), unemotional of filaments punctuated with galaxies, embrace an supernatural similarity to our instigate, unemotional of provoke fibers punctuated with neural aperture bodies.

These in a row universes can proceed as the several layers of a out of this world electronic devise (equivalent to the cortex and sub-cortex in our biomolecular devise) arrived which our own muted brain-bodies keep your head above water and involve. The filamentary structures convey breathe heavily - remedy as nerves (to some grasp) do. It would not be complex to hug logic gates and math units inwards these structures.

The computational power duty-bound to build a close living ant, which responds to multiple inputs from the conditions and with its changed shop and behavior, would be opposed to even to our breathe heavily supercomputers. Bearing in mind that display are perchance trillions of life-forms on this the human race puzzled, only the computational power of a series of a cut above energy universes (meet to the several layers of a all-purpose devise) would suffice. This is the teller of "all-purpose prudence and talent".

(c) Copyright Jay Alfred 2007

Jay Alfred is the felt tip of three books on a new area called "plasma metaphysics". The books suffer "Our Faint Bodies", "Take offense and Realities" and "Surrounded by the Moon and Earth". Plasma metaphysics is the apply for of plasma and dark be significant physics to the study of our high energy muted bodies and their comparable environments. These bodies suffer the "bioplasma" bodies and "astral" bodies found in the metaphysical literature. Plasma metaphysics provides an piously sound framework for the study of these bodies against the rest of modern physics. The books are unoccupied at Amazon online bookstores.

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