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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Information For Publicists

Information For Publicists Image
Below are answers to frequently asked questions for publicists, along with my contact information. If you have a question that isn't addressed on this post feel free to contact me.

How Did ReviewTime Start?

ReviewTime was founded on December 5th 2008, as a way to share with my friends and family books I enjoy reading. After learning about Book Review Bloggers I decided to give writing professional reviews a try. Since that time I have written reviews for several companies including, Oxford University Press, Thomas Nelson, Zondervan, The Lockman Foundation, Moody Publishers, Bardin & Marsee Publishing, Good News/Crossway Publishers, Word Among Us Press, Broadman ">

Preferred Method of Contact:


Do You Review Other Products Besides Books?

Yes, in addition to reviewing books I also review a variety of products in order to provide helpful articles for my readership. The articles I write for non-book products are in dept reviews showcasing the qualities of the product. In the detailed review I include information on the product, where it can be purchased and when possible helpful tips regarding the product.

Below is a list of products I am interested in featuring on ReviewTime, if your product is not covered in this list it may still be featured.

* Pens
* Organizers

* Prayer Beads

* Rosaries

* Meditation Beads

* Knitting/Crocheting Supplies
* Messenger Bags (luggage, backpacks, purses, or briefcases)
* Craft kits
* Craft Organizers
* Yoga Supplies
* Exorcise equipment
* Video Games

* Electronics

* Desks

Do You Return Review Samples When Your Review Is Finished?

Not unless I have agreed to, ReviewTime is my personal blog therefore the shipment cost would come out of my personal budget. I am sorry but considering the time and effort which go into my reviews I am unable to provide ReviewTime's services without some form of compensation.

What Happens to Review Copies After You've Reviewed Them?

Books: Review Copies are added to my collection, for personal use. Review Copies are never sold, if for some reason I don't like a certain title I may donate it to my local library.

Other Products: Review samples are never sold, or traded. I personally test review samples to ensure quality, durability and reliability. If I am very impressed with a product I will write a follow up review of its performance.

Do You Accept Payment For Reviewing Books and Other Products?

I've never asked for payment and do not plan to. Personally I consider the review copy/review sample and helping my readership find quality products as payment. If a Publisher or Company offered payment I would of course accepted it, but payment is not requested or expected.

Where Do You Post Your Reviews?

Reviews are posted on the following sites, in addition to being posted on ReviewTime.


(If you prefer a review to be posted on certain consumer websites I will be glad to post a review on the websites of your choosing.)

What is ReviewTime's Reach?

Google Analytics has been keeping track of how many visitors visit ReviewTime since June of 2009. If you would like to know more about ReviewTimes reach feel free to contact me with your questions.

* October 1st-31st 2009 -- 1,280 visitors

* September 1st-30th 2009 -- 1,935 visitors

* August 1st- August 31st 2009-- 686 visitors

* July 1st- July 31st of 2009 -- 1,096 visitors
* June 1st- June 30th of 2009 -- 448 visitors

Updates about new and up coming reviews are posted on the following sites

ReviewTime's Twitter Page

ReviewTime's BlogLog Community

ReviewTime's Fan Club

When a New Review is posted a ping is sent to the following sites

* Technorati
* Feed Burner
* Syndic8
* NewsGator
* My Yahoo!
* Blogdigger
* BlogRolling
* BlogStreet
* Moreover
* Bitacoras
* Weblogalot
* SkyGrid
* Icerocket
* AideRSS
* News Is Free
* BlogShares
* Topic Exchange
* Bloglines
* Spinn3r
* Google Blog Search

What Book Genres Do You Feature On ReviewTime?

ReviewTime is devoted to reviewing Christian literature although not exclusively, I am open to reviewing other types of litterateur on ReviewTime. Below are the genres I prefer.

Preferred Genres for Non-Fiction:

* Christianity

* Catholicism

* Spirituality

* Mythology & Folklore

* Gift Books: such as journals, etc

* Prayer Books

* Books about Angels
* Bible Studies, Commentaries, References, or Guides
* World Religions
* Inspirational
* History

* The Strange ">Scripture: Bibles are always welcome for review on ReviewTime, whether they're study, pastoral, devotional, reference, compact, or reader's editions. Please keep in mind that a large part of the review will be devoted to the materials from which a Bible is made. When possible ReviewTime prefers to feature high quality editions such as genuine leather or calfskin bound Bibles. Realizing that this isn't always possible all cover types are welcome. When reviewing Bibles I do not seek to judge the translation, all translations are welcomed. If an edition comes in multiple translations and I am giving the opportunity to choose a translation below is a list of my personal preferences.

Personal preference for Catholic Translations

* Revised Standard version- Catholic Edition
* New American Bible

* Douay-Rheims Bible

Personal preference for Protestant Translations

* New American Standard Version
* New King James version
* English Standard version

Preferred Fiction Genres:

When reviewing fiction if possible I prefer an audio format over bound books. An audio book loaded onto my mp3 player is much quicker to review. Bound books are certainly welcomed.

* Christian Fiction

* Horror (Ghost stories, vampires, any thing creepy)

* Fantasy (Such as the Wheel of Time, Twilight, The Last Appearance, Harry Potter or Dragon singer series)

* Action / Adventure

* Classic Fiction

* Science Fiction
* Short Stories
* Suspense/Intrigue

* Children

* Teen

Please Note: Reviews for fiction material are not as thorough as reviews of non-fiction material. It's ReviewTime's policy to give brief information about the book along with my opinion. ReviewTime is a NON-SPOILER Blog. Reviews for most fiction Titles do not exceed 500 words.

Genres that ReviewTime Will Not Accept

* Romance novels, especially those with overly sexual content (Personally I don't like novels with sexual themes)
* Drama (Personally I don't like novels that make me want to cry)

With In What Time-Frame Are Reviews Posted ? The time frame depends on how many products I have agreed to review at the currant time and on the type of marital I am reviewing. Usually the time frame for posting reviews of Bibles, gift books, and devotionals is with in one month or less. On other types of non-fiction books are usually reviewed with in two months or less. Fiction Titles in audio book format will be reviewed with in the above time-frame. Fiction Titles in bound book format can be very thick and may take 3 months or more for me to read through the book. When reviewing Fiction Titles in bound book format please allow 6 months for the review to be posted. If you would like to see a review posted a on certain date feel free to mention this. When you contract me I will schedule your the review. In most cases reviews are posted with in 1 month of receiving the product in the mail.

What Format Do You Accept for Review?

Preferred Format For Non-Fiction:

Bound Books are preferred, Audio Books are accepted as well.

Preferred Format For Fiction:

Audio books are always the Preferred format for fiction, ReviewTime accepts titles in bound book format as well.

If Our Company Submits A Book for Review Are We Guaranteed To Receive A Review?

All books and products which are personally accepted will be reviewed. As can be seen in my reviews I always give my honest opinion of the products I review, I believe in being honest and fair. If for some reason I feel that my review would be overly negative, I will contact you with my reasons for not posting a review. (Although I haven't run into this problem yet) ReviewTime is written and managed by myself I write reviews because I enjoy writing, personally it isn't productive or fun writing about books or products I view in an overly negative way.

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