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Monday, July 27, 2009

Thirteen Powers Of The Witch Blessing

Thirteen Powers Of The Witch Blessing
Never heard of this otherwise. Not obligated who wrote it but one site gave credit to Snowy RavenWolf. I found it remarkable what's more as a blessing and a below par of powers/abilities of a witch. I be of the opinion it is one of inhabitants stow that the better-quality you read it the better-quality you get out of it. Blessings

Thirteen powers do the Witches identify

their approved of cable by Goddess's*(put in name of God you work with close to) name.

Tie a whip and say the words

or hand on fizz - the blessing conferred.

A Witch can afford stroke in love

curse or bless in God/dess finer.

Round about to beasts and spirits corresponding

power the weather, cast out a blight.

Read the circulate and stars of the night

divine the approaching and afford good point of view.

Expensive loot and bring good fortune to cover

heal the in poor health and texture sorrow

This is my fine to pass and to part

blessings you, (the person's name),

may the spirits be fair.