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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is Freemasonry A Form Of Templarism

Is Freemasonry A Form Of Templarism Cover No.

Like many accusations against Freemasonry, terms are often loosely defined to magnify the emotional attack. What all does "Templarism" encompass? If it refers to a historical link to the Knights Templar dissolved in 1307 then, contrary to the wishful thinking of many freemasons and non-masons, there is no proof of a link and regular Freemasonry makes no claim of a link. If it refers to the accusations made against the Templars that they worshipped a Baphomet, than it must be stressed that the Baphomet plays no role in the practices, beliefs or ritual of Freemasonry. It should also be noted that the only reference to a Baphomet occurrs in 12 out of 231 confessions extracted from the Templars under torture by the Inquisition.

If the term is used to describe a group planning to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, then it can apply neither to the historical Knights Templar nor the freemasons. Contrary to the accusations of such anti-masons as Lyndon LaRouche, there is nothing to link the Fremasons with any purported plan to rebuild the Temple.

Several forms of Freemasonry in Europe which attempt to trace their histories to the Knights Templar are said to practice Templarism, as can be said of the North American concordant body, the York Rite. But "Templarism" in this sense is a promotion of an idealized history of chivalry.

Regardless, none of this has anything to do with regular Freemasonry; neither its history or beliefs and practices.

Those who would accuse Freemasonry of promoting Templarism generally use the term as a synonym for non-Christian, which becomes a synonym for un-Christian, and by extension, a synonym for anti-Christian.

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