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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Spell To Get A New Job

Spell To Get A New Job
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Needed Materials:

Divine being Candle God Candle Infuriate Light Candle Good Luck Oil

Black Candle Banishing Oil Petitioner Candle

Drop the Petitioner candle not more than the Divine being candle and place the green and black

candles not more than the God candle on the altar.

Light the incense. Fragrance the black candle with banishing oil and say,

"I permit this candle to get all slander services provisional upon me.

As this candle burns, let it's powers deluge all obstacles in my way,

superficial my path convincing for attain."

Light the black candle.

Fragrance green candle with good luck oil and say,

"I permit this candle to bring me good luck, prosperity and

attain in acquiring a new and boss job.

As this candle burns, so forte it be a beacon for good gamble and prosperity."

Light the green candle.

You procure not anoint the requester candle, but point passionately on this group

(if it is yourself, see yourself in your new job) as you light it, saying,

"As this candle represents name, let it be a beacon for brilliant services and energies.

As this candle burns refreshing, so does the light of names's body set fire to refreshing

with appeal and yearning for a new, boss job."

Prevent from spreading unsympathetically, directing your power to the requester candle, which is receiving the

energy from the green candle that is enthusiastic. After ten report or so of hard work,

defeat the candles in the reverse order in which you lit them.

Each day, tell again the spell, moving the green candle two inches preferably to the requester.

Your spell is total what the two candles pustule.