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Sunday, September 20, 2009

What Is A Cowan And What Is An Eavesdropper

What Is A Cowan And What Is An Eavesdropper Cover "Cowan" is an old Scotch word, meaning an ignorant Mason who put stones Together without mortar, or piled rough stones from the field into a wall without working them square and true. He is a Mason without the Word; the Apprentice who tries to masquerade as a Master.

The eavesdropper in ancient times was that wouldbe thief of secrets who listened under the eaves of houses (there, was often a space between wall and roof, for the purpose of ventilation). Because to hear he had to get close to the wall under the eaves, he received the droppings from the roof if it rained-hence, eavesdropper. In modern times the eavesdropper is that bold man who forges a good standing card, or finds one and masquerades as its owner; the man who has read a so-called "expose" of Masonry and tries to get into a lodge, in order to ask for charity or help. He is very rare, and few tilers have ever met him! The cowan, however-the Fellowcraft or Entered Apprentice stopped for cause, the one-time member in good standing who is now dropped for one cause or another-these not infrequently try to pass the tiler.

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