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Friday, September 25, 2009

Picatrix The Ghayatal Jjakim Edition In Latin

Picatrix The Ghayatal Jjakim Edition In Latin Cover

Book: Picatrix The Ghayatal Jjakim Edition In Latin by David Pingree

David Pingree defines Magical Practices as those that are dependant on the premise that some natural products, such as stones, plants, and animals, have a direct sympathy with and can utilize the powers of spiritual or demonic forces. These spirits permeate the elements and exist on other worldly realms that correspond to our material on earth. This Understanding of magical practice and theory has a history of influence that can be comprehended within the Picatrix, otherwise known as Ghayat al-Hakim, or The Aim of the Sage.

The Picatrix (also known as “The Goal of the Wise”) is a renowned book of astrological magic, translated for the first time into English by a practicing astrologer (Chris Warnock) and a magician (John Michael Greer). It was written in Arabic around the 10th century, and translated into Latin in the 13th century. The original author is anonymous, but it is quite possible that the book was written in the Arab world of al-Andaluz, which was fascinated with astrology, magic, and philosophy. The fact that al-Andaluz was relatively lax in its observance of Islamic law, which strictly prohibits dealings with magic, points to a fertile ground for a text such as this.

By providing an intricate and highly structured philosophical basis for its actions, Pingree argues that the Picatrix operates under the pretension that all the magical instruction contained therein, regardless of how grotesque the performance or how vile the requirement addressed may be, are approved of and perhaps even involve the power of a supreme God, through the intermediaries of His angels and supportive spirits willing to reach a human practitioner and intercede on one’s behalf.

The fundamental object of the Picatrix is to teach its reader how to ascertain the appropriate astrological time to contact celestial spirits and then “draw down” their essence by inducing them into a talisman created with materials which are sympathetic to, or in other words resonate to, that particular spirit. In this way, the talisman becomes infused with that spirits energy so that the ends of the practitioner match the intention with which the talisman was created. The talisman there on contains the power of the spirit infused into it. This talismanic approach involves rituals, where inducing the spirit is encouraged through the use of various materials including stones, minerals, plants, or animals that correspond to the spirit’s celestial sphere of natural residence. An image, words, incenses, and animal sacrifices that also hold to this Correspondence are utilized at an astrologically determined time.

Pingree highlights the importance of an astrologically sanctioned time. Pingree states that the author of P believed that it was only at those moments, as articulated by the author, that the corresponding planetary alignment would allow the opening for the spirit to be accessible. It would be only in that moment that an opening in the celestial spheres would take place, which would allow a spiritual being to travel through a specific ray and into the talisman. The practitioner, at this astrologically sanctioned time, took great care to ensure as clear a passage as possible from spiritual power to talisman. Rituals would be performed considering not only supportive celestial alignments, but the practitioner went through great lengths to ensure that their participation in the ritual aided contact and penetration. Practitioners did this through extensive rituals of personal purification, involving but not exclusive to ingesting certain foods, wearing of specific garments, burning incense which correspond to the spirit being called, making animal sacrifices, and verbal recitations of sacred words, said at times either in prayer form, or hymns recited in rhythmic repeated fashion.

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