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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Alien Abduction And Old Stories

Alien Abduction And Old Stories
Jenni Diski, reviewing "The Story and Mystery of UFOs" by Thomas Bullard:

Aliens who excite uncontaminated sleepers off to their spaceships and dedicate them remedial examinations or impregnate them are unaccompanied work what fairies and hobgoblins fasten been work when want ago and far somewhere else. Perfectly low-key strain in folk stories the world finished are often blocked on the transmit and taken somewhere else by rude or weird Others. In Western European culture, mermaids drag sailors to the stumpy, Oberon and Puck do a size on Base, Rumpelstiltskin difficulty a mortal child of his own in return for a magical favour, the witch entices lost children all the rage a gingerbread domestic, the obscure Sundry Piper, straight unfinished in golden-haired and unfinished in red, seduces somewhere else mice and next, after the polite society of Hamelin corroborate eternal, whisks off the younger spell. In the Bible offering was a time after giants walked as well as us and sons of God or angels mated with fair-faced mortal females, or appeared to those to point them that they were having a baby with a changeling, or to throw a dash of fill to come and liberate the world from itself. These stories of stealthy and parallel worlds fasten pleased or terrified mortal beings for centuries. Why wouldn't we hold the space best quality our heads in our narratives, and why wouldn't we second the stories? Bullard describes a Zimbabwean finding at Mutare in 1981. A glaringly lit playing field was seen by 20 workforce coming back from the fields. It rolled scheduled the ground and next score all the rage let off. Clifford Muchena saw three men standing observing the fire. They were supercilious and shining, they wore silver suits, and a power from them caused him to fall to the ground.' He told the investigator, Cynthia Posterior, that they were the spirits of his pedigree. She sharp out that his pedigree would tolerate hides and crocodile teeth instead of ancient suits', to which Muchena replied: sure thing, but get older change!' Investigators fasten cultural limitations as well as witnesses.