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Monday, January 18, 2010

Duncan Ritual Of Freemasonry

Duncan Ritual Of Freemasonry Cover

Book: Duncan Ritual Of Freemasonry by Malcolm Duncan

This book is a classic, and a treasure. Reading about the rituals of Freemasonry is fascinating, but to see illustrations of the gestures that are described is to take the study up to the next level. Many Masonic symbols are illustrated and codes for reading certain Masonic Texts are revealed. This is a handbook for Masons, but those who study without the lodge will gain some insight, from previous reading. This book will not give you a free pass into the lodge...but, it may inspire you to petition one!

This is a book a Mason would not want you to have! After reading so much negative garbage about Freemasonry, I bought this book out of curiosity. And when I opened it, boy was I shocked. This book contains all the duegard signs, the illusions, secret hand shakes, and passwords for the first three degrees. It gives the entire initiation process for the first three degrees, from the begining to the ending. It also contains the lectures and the story behind each degree. This book also has the opening of the lodge.

This is a must book for anybody who wants to get a peep inside the lodge. Even though this book is packed with a lot of good information, and give you a lot of insight on the craft and if you study it and somehow be able to master it, you still would not truly be a mason until you come into the Lodge the right way.

This book also contains additional degrees on the York rite side of masonry. The degrees are Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Master, and The Royal Arch. As for me I'm on the Scottish Rite side of masonry, so the additional information is of no use to me, but it's still good information to read.

If you want to try and fool somebody by saying you are a mason, with this book you might can pull it off. All you have to master is the first three degrees. But be aware, a true mason will throw some stuff at you that will make your head spin. Don't read this book and then go buy masonic gear or vehicle emblems, because if you cain't protect it, might get taken from you. Their's more to freemasonry than reading a book.

I highly recommend this book for anybody who is curious about the craft or anyone who looking to join the Lodge.

Buy Malcolm Duncan's book: Duncan Ritual Of Freemasonry

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