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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Anthropology Of Religion Quotes On Pnw Shamanism Initiation

Anthropology Of Religion Quotes On Pnw Shamanism Initiation
" McIntyre Jorgensen, Gracefulness Miri. "A Next of kin Test OF NORTHWEST Shore SHAMANISM". College circles of British Columbia Aspect of Anthropology and Sociology, 1970.

ON THE Beginning AND Exercise OF SHAMANS:

"The spirit powers of shamans were acquired wholly objectively (THE SHAMAN DID NOT Habitually Allow HIS Spirits BUT ACQUIRED THEM Without prejudice IN A Single Track), and were anxious with family members such as sickness, the ability to see of the movements of game, the discovery of witches, or the trickle of weather which were of state rather than race rank." (P.14)

"The novice was commonly twenty-five to thirty in advance he attentive what, some were out of the frame forty, and others never achieved affect. [...]A man might redeploy power to his son but the son would unflustered take in to train for it and the power '"would not be as strong as the fathers"'. [...]Exercise had the effect of weakening the bonds which tied the individual's vitality and incentive to the largest part, so they might '"travel"' tubby distances to '"penetrate scarce the veil of the usual world to the mystic realm of the without being seen"'." (P.31-32)

"Delight in THE Assume Bodyguard Aura POWERS, AND IN Contrast TO THE Pastoral INITIATIONS, SHAMANISTIC Beginning WAS Commonly, IF NOT Endlessly, Single. Bad buy OF SHAMANISTIC Persist Possibly will BE Sought after OR Unasked for." (P.110)

"This supply is sensational for the way it indicates the put on to which shamans knew of each other and cooperated with each other and for the way in which it suggests that latent shamans depended on the aid and teaching of other shamans. [...]It likewise suggests that nevertheless here was negotiate and quarrel involving shamans, here was no indispensable draw to a close remains involving shamans in stipulation of tribal or band business." (P.112)

Mayne, R.C. "FOUR Living IN BRITISH COLUMBIA AND VANCOUVER ISLAND: AN Source OF THEIR FORESTS, RIVERS, COASTS, Gold ingots FIELDS, AND Cash FOR Colonization". John Murray: London, 1862.

"Folks who take in themselves been visited by some hidden sickness, and take in recovered; or also take in been, at some time in their lives, initiate to maximum jeopardy, but take in escapee unhurt ["..."] for it is held that, taking part in the group of students of faint away, shadowy power and diplomacy were vouchsafed them; and likewise, by their improving, it is ample that they take in proudly resisted the efforts of bad medicine, or the evil niceties of some malevolent years."

I wish I might own the opening work, but unluckily it is a thesis and cannot be purchased. One day I'll imprint the whole work so it isn't lost to time. I imagine it gets scanned dressed in UBC's digital library film set, but I don't see that appearing in any time sometime. It is, hands down, the best route on the spirit work and shamanism of the Nationalized tribes of the Pacific Northwest Shore. The with best work to get your hands on if you take in an apprehension in this arm is the thinker work "Indian Healing: Shaman Ceremonialism in the Pacific Northwest Toda"y by psychologist Wolfgang G. Jilek.

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