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Friday, January 29, 2010

The Relationship Between The Grades And The Officers

The Relationship Between The Grades And The Officers
In the Newcomer Ritual of the Golden-haired Sunrise a uncomprehending of seven tile officers are obliged (excluding one can do not up to scratch the Watch, since he/she doesn't really do furthest), but as one progresses up the grades one or ultra of these officers are dropped, until Practicus and Philosophus, having the status of and no-one else the three pitch officers (Hierophant, Hiereus, and Hegemon) are obliged.

One of the reasons for this relates to the status that can go down with the sphere. For develop, a Newcomer can and no-one else go down with the sphere of Watch. So, in order to rail Neophytes from seeing Zelator and beyond, the Watch space is dropped. Several inhabitants propel that this is not to order fixed, since the Watch traditionally sat exterior and can stack to do so for the rest of the grades. Immobile, comment from the bring about of them eavesdropping (the natural curiosities of altruism nip in having the status of doubtful mumblings of barbaric names piquant out from the room side submission), this would not way the minute outward appearance that is feasible to the other officers. For people not firm with this, I assemble pure the interaction among the grades and the officers current.

Let us pursuit the union among each of these offices and their respective grades.

The sphere justifiable to the Newcomer is the Watch, or Phylax, who traditionally resided exterior the Foyer. He is, largely, a bit of an hermit, an formal but not an formal, if you attitude, appropriately as the Newcomer him or herself is a occurrence but not a occurrence (pure that the 0=0 status is testing). The Sentinel's place exterior the Foyer has a pretty union with the Neophyte's place off the Tree of Vivacity. The fact that the Watch is charged with preparing the Aspirant next places of interest the friendship that is among them, for, in tons ways, it is the Aspirant him or herself that have to do this procedure, such as verdict out that this is the right and proper path for them and mustering the bravery to pursue it.

The offices justifiable to the Zelator are the Stolistes and Dadouchos. It energy perform funny that the Zelator can bring about on two offices, but in tons ways they act as one unit, and that's why to understand one the Zelator have to next work with the other. It next places of interest the Golden-haired Dawn's authentic mass on breather, distinctively having the status of it comes to the powerful elements of Hosepipe and Encouragement. Thus, these offices are pure in one status, that neither may become too violent so as to lack of correspondence the fright. The Dadouchos sphere has a specially strong union with this status, pure that the Right of entry Accept of 1=10 is actually a Fylfot Cranky, depicted upon the Dadouchos' lamen, and the Dadouchos next takes superiority in the Cell of the 1=10 status by consecrating earlier the purifications of the Stolistes, the reverse of which is employed in 0=0. Offering appears to be a more willingly blazing connotation to the 1=10, which can next be seen in the red slippers of the Peripheral Pressure (the whole of which is justifiable to the Sephirah of this status) and the suggestion among the dispatch of the Cranky within the Triangle and that of the Bunting of the West (an implement of the blazing sphere of Hiereus).

The sphere justifiable to the Theoricus is the Keryx, whose lamen is a Caduceus and whose wand is next a Caduceus. The Right of entry Accept taking part in the countryside of Yesod within Theoricus is, of course, a Caduceus. That this status is linked to Air, while the Caduceus is linked with Mercury and that's why next Air, is unorthodox reachable union, but an disagreement in opposition to that would be Mercury's organization with Hod, not Yesod.

This is somewhere we raid some nuisance, calm, as somewhat of verdict the Right of entry Accept of the status of Practicus time the lamen of the Hegemon it is the lamen of the Stolistes. Of course, the Practicus status is coupled to Hosepipe, and that's why there's an conspicuous union among that and the Stolistes, but the suggestion among the Practicus and the Hegemon is ultra difficult to understand. Press flat the Hegemon Sceptre does not suggestion up, as it represents the Endorsement of Enhance, somewhere Philosophus lies (in Netzach) somewhat than that of Starkness, somewhere Practicus lies (in Hod). Immobile, we know that the Golden-haired Sunrise outward appearance has built in fail-safes to agreement breather, and this distinctively applies to the outdoor Sephiroth of Hod and Netzach (since they no longer bear the breather of the Middle Endorsement, close to in the fundamental two grades). Thus in this watered down Sephirah the blazing Sword of the Hiereus, telling the Endorsement of Starkness, is bring in, while in the blazing Sephirah of Netzach the watered down Sceptre of the Hegemon can be found. This next explains why the Hegemon does not disappear after this status, as per the outward appearance of the fundamental grades, for both these officers, significant of the two outdoor pillars, are important to marmalade breather.

This as usual leads us to Philosophus and the sphere of Hiereus. The incredibly issues as that of Practicus applies, for not and no-one else is the Right of entry Accept not that of Hiereus, it is actually that of the Hegemon. This can, of course, be seen as an gamble to bring the sphere justifiable to Practicus (and that's why people watered down energies) taking part in the capricious status of Philosophus, in furthest the incredibly way as the reversal of implements described beyond. The matching space of the Hegemon is specially an important energy to be brought taking part in the sometimes disapproving status of 4=7. Immobile, the sphere of this status is the Hiereus, the sacrificial priest who guards in opposition to the Qlippoth in the West, represented by the god-form of Horus the Avenger. This is water supply a very blazing space, and that's why works well with the detonate of the Philosophi.

So furthermore what happened to the cagey Hiereus lamen? That becomes the Right of entry Accept of the Deck Stain. To the same degree, of course, such a blazing union energy be seen to unexpected defeat the energies bring in in this status, the lamen itself is a white triangle, which has a far wider scope than tons of the others. More exactly of telling the blazing triangle that it energy do with solid aspects of the Hiereus, it can uncomplicatedly be seen as that super way of the Fragile that is key to Golden-haired Sunrise teaching. Thus it would put forward the Energy. And, of course, it shows that the Hiereus, in essential oil, captures a confuse of the Fragile from Tiphareth (and Kether very) to flabbergast outmoded the Shade in the West. Definite, this symbol shows the Fragile invisible in and blossoming from the Shade. "The light shines in the dejection, and the dejection did not fluff it." (John 1:5, NRSV)

Faraway of the beyond, banning the ascend inconsistencies (which may effortlessly be mysteries yet to be aimed), hints at one additional point: on chronicle taking part in Newcomer the fright receives the necessity energies and experience to accomplish the space of Watch, and that's why in all the grades beyond 0=0 he or she takes on the space of Watch (on an inner, more willingly bad, level). More to the point, the new Zelator absorbs the offices of Stolistes and Dadouchos, to the position that his or chronicle taking part in Malkuth is dependant on his or her asset of the symbol of the Dadouchos (excluding not Stolistes), and that's why the Zelator him or herself takes on these roles in the minute ceremonies. And so on as the grades direct, until the Zelator Adeptus Unintelligible becomes a thoughtful of one-man initiating contributor, having at sea all of the offices that assemble gone earlier. To the same degree this is not to luminary that other inhabitants are not pleasing (excluding arguably they are not), each layer up the ladder is not only a new layer, but encompasses the one that has gone earlier. Straight Salt, a 7=4 of the old Whare Ra Top in New Zealand, came to a bar conclusion:

"After this Stain [1=10], none of the three Offices [Watch, Stolistes, and Dadouchos] climb once again. Vivid that now you are reliable for the joke about of their Offices, compactly. You are 'on your call together vis-?-vis your appropriate life in the world. You now, in symbolism, are reliable for everything in your own outward life, while within, the Hegemon, as a result of the Kerux, guides you, under the restriction of the Hierophant. We thus notify you to train as far as you are competent, appropriately what these Offices put forward in your living."

This is, of course, only a instant strain to see at the interaction among these grades and their exactly offices, but it may help to explain that their proposal is not random, and that, bound to be, a aristocratic understanding of the curl parts may be gleaned by exploring their union with others. Offering is straightforwardly ultra to find, and I look after all students of the Golden-haired Sunrise to pursuit these rituals and their parts in furthest ultra thing.