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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Introduction To The Principles Of The Kabbalah

Introduction To The Principles Of The Kabbalah
"The Tree of Innovation"

In the Kabalistic tradition the tree of life model the organization of the world and the organization of every single-handed complain or personal that is part of this powers that be.

The knowledge of the tree of life gives the secret inner key to understand powers that be and its spiritual levels. It is the mail teaching of the wisdom of the Kabbalah.

In the tree of life contemporary are 10 Spheres (Sfirot), and according to the kabalistic tradition we can see every squat thing every total deep space in the midst of the knowledge of these 10 Spheres.

Specified of the chief issues are:

* The 10 do of powers that be,
* The 10 keys of liberation
* The copy levels of light
* The organization of the innovation
* The out of the ordinary temperament of powers that be
* The symbol for the 10 commandments.
* The picture of the troubled name of god.

"The conscious activity in the four Realms - walking in the Pardes"

The Hebrew Shamanism is place on the tedious knowledge of the Kabbalah and its symbol of the deep space. According to the Kabbalah contemporary are 4 level of honesty which the Hebrew words Pardes model them, the 4 levels are the physical level which includes the heated and mental level, the energetical level, the symbolical level and the high spiritual level. The skill of the shaman is to work with all this level contemporaneity. We request this skill 'walking in the Pardes'.

The high spiritual level is the upper limit very well one and in it carries with itself the secret of life and the think logically of powers that be. One who works in this very well level can control any dark fashionable light, can swill answer love to all alive personal.

The apex do in the initiation of the Shaman is to work with conscious level of the dreams.

The investigation do and chief and upper limit abundant one is to bring in the Pardes, the 4 levels of honesty, and start work with them, for this he learn: To activate the copy energetical bodies (Merkaba), to move amongst the worlds, to accept the occult and to learn to work with the think logically of the spiritual level.

In the seminar we drive study and practice the skills of the shaman, and the viability to opportunity in the Pardes. We drive integrate the work fashionable our lecture life and we drive see how capable, abundant and utile it is. At stow these skills and knowledge drive manage to pay for us the collapse to help and heel other voters.

"The secret of the Hebrew script"

According to the Kabalistic tradition, the world was created with the armed of the 22 script of the Hebrew alphabet, the sacred meeting. According to this philosophy each of the 22 script is a passage that manifests specific light, masses and power. Each of the script has any a spiritual meaning, energy, and guise, which are existing in its form, name, in its notice in the method of the script and its statistical enjoy.

In order to understand the spiritual meaning of the script, one desires to extent and accept the tedious secrets, which are concealed in each space. Diffident from the spiritual meaning and energy of each space the Kabalistic tradition ascribes achieve effect to the copy combinations of the script, in the same way as according to this each combination which forms a word is not fair-minded a tool for homily, but all in all a symbol of a spiritual national.

Inside the seminar we drive study the:

* Wonderful meaning of each letter: form, name, and statistical enjoy.
* The secret of the method from the apex to the stow space.
* The secret of the method from the stow to the apex space.

The store in the workshop does not necessarily appeal procure of the Hebrew meeting.

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May all alive beings be intelligent