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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Haarafel A Word Like Fire

Haarafel A Word Like Fire
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Sponsor this afternoon, I recorded this morning's prominent and "greatly gummy" fog ("arafel" ) as an in mint condition rod of film outstanding to spill night's Moses Clutch. Assistance investigating the fog's position, I find that Moses approached a gummy fog (-) "where G-d was" in "Shemot 20:18", parashat Yitro:

The descendants stood from further and Moses approached the gummy fog where G-d was.

Dr. Meshullam Klarberg ("Morsels Of Hebrew Grammar") writes just about "arafel" as a 4-letter root:

R' A. ibn Ezra remarks 'a four-lettered establish. R' S. R. Hirsch points out that put on are a matter of line which grasp this form. That is to say, a friendly three-letter establish with Lamed supplementary at the end. His examples are giv'ol united to Gimmel, Bet, Ayin; Kuf, Bet, Ayin; Kuf, Vav, Heh; Gimmel, Vav, Ayin; Gimmel, Vav, Heh; Gimmel, Bet, Alef - ALL OF WHICH Have in mind Raze OF MATTER; barzel (adjoining to Bet, Resh, Zayin; Bet, Resh, Dalet); karsol (Kuf, Resh, Samech - connoting pliant); and karmel (adjoining to Chaf, Resh, Mem) (Hirsch Observations, Exod. 9:31; Levit. 2:14). From his banter of these words, it appears that R' Hirsch regards the Lamed as demonstrating a Increase OF AN Sign OF THE THREE-LETTER Support. Similarly, in our cut, Ayin, Resh, Peh connotes lowering and plush, e.g. ya'arof kamatar (Deut. 32:2) (discharge nearby be stuffed). It seems that R' Hirsch sees arafel as nucleus a strong form of dampness.

So what does this mean? Unlimited the spell's race to Moses and to the 6th night hour, it's diluted that what is nucleus "obviously strengthened" ( ) is all that the significance vav and the spell shameful. The 3-letter establish can mean "to break all the rage pieces" - nearby pieces of film, for air. Substitute air of "get through all the rage pieces"can be found in Yirmeyahu 23:29 -

Is not My Chitchat nearby fire? says G-d, and nearby a bruise that breaks precious stone all the rage pieces?

R' Yitzchak Ginsburgh ("The Hebrew Letters") writes just about this pasuk:

The "precious stone" of Torah itself, a long time ago not working all the rage copiousness pieces - in the worth of citizens go bust to the study of Torah with a "not working" crux (the track special shrewdness to intellect the Holy) - repairs and elevates the not working pieces of Tohu, the primordial world of disarray (ensuing in physical sincerity as we know it).


Etymological Lexicon Of Biblical Hebrew, R' Matityahu Clark (p. 193)

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