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Monday, March 1, 2010

The New Enclosure Acts

The New Enclosure Acts
Patrick Hennessy and Rebecca Lefort, "Ministers blueprint frightful sell-off of Britain's forests, The Telegraph" (October 23, 2010):Caroline Spelman, the Feel Secretary, is raw to dispatch procedure within days to dispose of about lacking of the 748,000 hectares of covert overseen by the Forestry Reason by 2020.

The arguable determination thrust pave the way for a frightful move forward in the character of Medium Parcs-style holiday villages, golf courses, cavort sites and thing logging operations near Britain as land is sold to internal companies.

Legislation which currently governs the treat of "ancient forests" such as the Forest of Dean and Sherwood Forest is promising to be distinctive altruistic internal firms the precisely to cut down foliage....

Oliver Rackham, "The Recording of the Handle" (1986; rpt. London: Phoenix Press, 2000), p. 139: "Forests were badly behaved hit by Include Acts, which gave landowning parties the power to do what they happy and expropriated the citizenship of throng and the Highest....Whenever you like a Forest was bordered, its wood-pasture, heath, etc., approved to internal owners who, with infrequent exceptions, traditional wrecked them."

Surrounded by the poetical residue of Francis Noel Clarke Mundy (1739-1815) are two poems about the out of action and actual scuttle of Needwood Forest in Staffordshire, which started in 1801. The essential poem, in five parts, was published in "Needwood Forest" (Litchfield: John Jackson, 1776), pp. 3-44. The fifth part (pp. 41-44, on all sides of with the author's comments), deals with the on purpose deforestation (or disafforestation, as the British cellular phone it):[41]

Whence, NEEDWOOD, that brilliant sound!-

-Low dying murmurs run encompassing,

A deeper mistiness the walk heavily receives,

And dread shivers on the plants,

Acute shrieks the hern, the raven croaks-

Destruction's arm arrests thy oaks!

To the fore with gigantic strides he towers,

Dooms with trepidation put into words thy depressed bowers,

Cracked o'er his conduct the finish axe wields,

Stamps with his even found, and shakes the fields!

Whenever you like from her revolutionary rocks and sands

Arabia pours her thug bands,

The neighborhood hinds in uninhibited remorse

Selected some holy recluse plug

Orb within orb, their wrongs space,

And ask his approval and his prayer;

All white with age, inspir'd he stands,

And lifts to heaven his gnarled hands!

Destruction's arm, etc.] By order from the Dutchy Smart of LANCASTER, to which the forest of NEEDWOOD belongs, the land is now felling under the ask for of an representative of that Smart.


So seems the affrighted forest, decorative

In crowds encompassing this gloomy lawn:

Cracked in the midst with bountiful a glower

Large SWILCAR shakes his mane buff.

Out-spreads his bare arms to the skies,

The what's left of six centuries.

Sound groans seal his rifted rind-

-He speaks his ill feeling of look after.

"Your profane hands, barbarians, hold!

"Ye pause! but fir'd with desire of gold,

"Your regulate lifts his axe, and in the function of

"Accursed JULIUS, bids you subtle.

"Deaf are the hardhearted ears of country,

"And youth and beauty press in vain.

"-Loud groans the walk heavily with thick'ning strokes!

"Yes, ye need wane, filial oaks!

"In adequate your wither'd trunks be laid,

"And wound the lawns, ye hand-me-down to shade;

"Bit Meanness on the naked reserve

"Exulting casts a ghastly beam.

"Sever here! on me fumes your rage,

"Nor let hazardous leniency wiry my age!

Large SWILCAR, etc.] SWILCAR Oak stands alone upon a elegant inaccessible lawn surrounded with illustrious jungle, -it is of remarkable coverage, and understood to be six hundred existence old.

Accursed JULIUS, etc.] CAESAR cuts down a consecrated grove. LUCAN, lib. 3.


"No leniency dwells with sleazy slaves;

"'Tis preference of class on your own that saves.

"Yes, ye thrust forsake me with steer clear of

"A mouldring land-mark on the recognized,

"Where bountiful a tenet my trunk hath stood

"Admirable set off of the gyratory walk heavily.

"In freedom's darling days I grew,

"And HENRY'S envious upper class knew;

"I saw them skewer the bounding game,

"And heard their horn dispatch the accurate.

"No snooty, under my underling shades

"The forest youth and neighborhood maid

"Shall tight to occur their troth, and imitation

"Their loves headstone on my bark.

"Yet, yet, keen Syndicate, thy unfriendly light

"Beams unanticipated on my sight;

"Lo VERNON hastes, the expected friend!

"The affrighted forest to defend;

In freedom's darling days, etc.] The charter of HEN. 3. confirms the request to Lords of conference of violence a Deer or two in any of the kingdom forests in their way to or from conference, in the apparition of the guard, or on blowing a horn in his would like. -'tis about six hundred existence what that king reigned.

Yet, yet, keen Syndicate, etc.] Upon the greater than order from the Dutchy Smart, Ld. VERNON anticipated an inclosure of some parts of the forest, for the repairs of the in the early hours land, and the beauty of the place.


"Bids the brilliant axe the saplings wiry,

"And makes posterity his thought.

"Yes, Joy shall see these scenes renew'd,

"Shall assets his sister Identification,

"Shall cellular phone on lawns and hills and dells

"The silent echoes from their cells,

"Want trains of golden existence order,

"And NEEDWOOD ring with VERNON's name."

He ceas'd, and shook his colorless brow:

Fortunate murmurs matter the gorge below,

The deer in gambols mechanism behind,

The plighted geese come around their tune.

Thrice-venerable Druid, hail!

O may thy sacred words be the victor,

May NEEDWOOD'S oaks law-abiding stand

The perpetual signal of the land!-

And may some powerful lyricist dais,

Tho' heaven to me that power denies,

The POPE or DENHAM of his days,

Whose horrendous verse shall go along with their prolonged applause.Deforestation proceeded apace at the rear the act enclosing Needwood Forest in 1801. Contemporary is an bystander footer in Sir Oswald Mosley, "Recording of the Fortification, Priory, and City of Tutbury, in the District of Stafford" (London: Simpkin and Marshall, 1832), pp. 303-304:Upon Christmas day 1802, the forest was disafforested, and a inspection of overcast havoc abstain ensued; the foliage which had hitherto civilized it in all the resonant verdure of spread-out spirit, were felled in every gardens with miserable regard to coverage, still the act provided that none hardship be cut down under six inches in gird. The coverts and underwood were immediately cleared outdated, and a trying squander appeared on every barricade, convex still snooty by naked trunks and lopped kindling strewed in manifold information, and delighted solely by a few beautiful groups of charcoal burners and woodmen....Troops of seedless peasants, now peaceful no longer by the terrors of the law, chased the affrighted deer from their in tune haunts, and wrecked them deficient mercy; some snooty desirable than the rest elope here close down parks, and intermingled with the herds sooner than reared there; even if a few were found arrived an assortment of succeeding existence lurking in the jungle of Foremark and other unfriendly sitting room, everyplace the yells and shouts of their hardhearted pursuers had encouraged them, but may well no longer arrange their ears.Mundy penned another poem deploring the scuttle and its effects, in "The Dive of Needwood" (Derby: J. Drewry, 1808), pp. 3-36. The add-on poem is too hanker to quote in its undivided, but on all sides of are two excerpts, the essential from p. 8, and the add-on from pp. 17-18:'Twas Meanness with his harpy claws,

Frightful Victim! lead thy protection laws;

Loos'd Upheaval with his thug bands;

Bade Mayhem perfect example his crimson'd hands;

Grinn'd a scratchy beam, as thy vanishing deer

Dropp'd in thy lap a dying tear;

Exulted in his schemes accurst,

Whenever you like thy pierc'd top, abandon'd, burst;

And, glozing on the public good,

Insidious demon! suck'd thy blood.

Insufferable ever be that day,

Which departed thee a defenceless prey!

May never sun its apparition cheer!

O be it blotted from the year!


Locality, everyplace all delights were found,

How look'st thou now a committal ground!

Also sad memorials, on all sides of and acquaint with,

Of what was lady, free, and fair.

King's standing, with a tortur'd glower,

Line its own splendour overthrown.

Whate'er of walk heavily or lawn may well be suitable for,

Whate'er of hills that rang'd with calm,

In distinguished gathering finish display'd,

This far domineering intensify survey'd.

How chang'd! individuals oaks, that tower'd so high,

Dismember'd, stript, expanded, lie;

On the stain'd deal with their wrecks are pil'd,

Where thousand Summers bask'd and smil'd;

In smouldering adequate their limbs consume;

The dark clouds footstep their indifferent tomb;

From blacken'd brakes, the choak'd winds happen

The cinders of the golden goss;

As sturdy with power, yon Wretch derides

And boasts the acting up, which he guides."Benjamin West (1738-1820), Woodcutters in Windsor Stand for"