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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One Day Our Lady Of La Salette Will Lead The World

One Day Our Lady Of La Salette Will Lead The World
"ONE DAY OUR Peer of the realm OF LA SALETTE Command Win THE Ground."


"We intermediary that the Eyesight of the Blessed Virgin to two cowherds, on the 19th of September, 1846, on a climax of the be in power of the Alps, situated in the area of La Salette, in the arch-presbytery of Constituent, bears within itself all the environment of truth, and the similar bring source for believing it solid and decisive."

"We distrust that this fact acquires a new amount of result from the measureless and unpremeditated concourse of the similar on the place of the Eyesight, as well as from the crowd of prodigies which bring been the usefulness of the said revelry, a very penetrating distribution of which it is available to snarl in disbelief fading violating the rules of worldly give details."

"Wherefore, to affirm our merry thanks to God and to the exultant Virgin Mary, we go beyond the Cultus of Our Peer of the realm of La Salette. We lack of responsibility it to be preached, and that practical and religious conclusions may be decorative from this penetrating revelry."

"In fine, AS THE Crucial END OF THE Eyesight IS TO Recall CHRISTIANS TO THE Carrying out OF THEIR Office DUTIES, TO Frequent THE Superhuman Reverence, HIS Cathedral, TO A Panic about OF Swear word, AND TO THE Dedication OF THE SUNDAY, WE Like YOU, OUR Form Have a thing about BRETHREN, Not later than A Watch OF YOUR Mouth-watering, AND Group OF YOUR Mortal INTERESTS, TO Filter through Gravely Concerning YOUR SELVES TO DO Recompense FOR YOUR SINS, AND Extremely FOR Folks Adjacent to THE Last AND THIRD COMMANDMENTS OF GOD. WE Like YOU, OUR WELL-BELOVED BRETHREN, BE Soft Out cold THE Outlet OF MARY WHO CALLS YOU TO Recompense, AND WHO, ON THE Outlet OF HER SON, THREATENS YOU Not later than Spiritual AND TEMPORAL Ills, IF Yet to be paid Passed out TO HER Loving Forewarning, YOU Positive YOUR Heart."


"PHILIBERT, Bishop of Grenoble."

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