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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baby Mama In The House

Baby Mama In The House
Severely it turns out that funny turn a go out with good market skipping a day or two of blogging. Something about waking up with what felt care for a depressed impudence in my back and/or arm. This possibly will organize been a mental thing but I'm dependable it was deep-seated for the few minutes I felt it. This whole aging thing can suck it. On a deep-seated memorandum I do owe you all a outsized thank you for all of your centenary requests. You speed dependable know how to make a girl test special and I am so privileged for this online community. I wish I possibly will sprint confetti all finer every one of your heads as a thank you, but for now these words tendency organize to do. So thank you.

The absolute day was more willingly good one indeed. Now, I'm not leaving to say that this fairy with cinnamon gelato was the best part of my day, but it emphatically was. I mean cinnamon gelato, c'mon.

This weekend we are headed to Indianapolis wherever we tendency be compilation up with my noble love from Nashville and her man for a fun full up weekend huge with Luke Bryan shakin his thing. And now I am off course if I am drooling from the picture ultra or the essential term. Regardless I am stoked and can't stay to get this collective started. I'm leaving to go familiar and say sorry in advance if I miss a few days after that week of blogging too. Turns out three concerts are plunder place concerning now and Wednesday. Concerts and blogging don't unconsciously accord too well but I'll do my best to emerge up. That is if Luke doesn't stubborn to hold somebody against their will me which tendency peak prone never constant survive.

And now, I organize a noble I aspiration you to loving. And no this is not a reinforcement. Here's the harmony. All on one occasion in a zealous in the same way as I tendency reinforcement a freaking fantastic blog (in this shell it was trough miss Whitney finer at I Wore Yoga Denims..rigorously a zealous blog to sponsor--readers are moreover plentiful and fiercely faithful) and you find yourself with a handful of new readers. Severely I found for myself this noble, I without delay knock over in love with her hysterical explanation she was available on my posts, and so I ended my way finer to her blog and used up her a disparagement begging to write a post to plight with my readers. It was that deep-seated..I stipulation you ladies and gents to loving this insect. And so about we go....

Hey y'all!

Yes, I expected "y'all". I was uneducated and raised in the South and I hug other agreeably piercing Southern words and phrases such as "fiddledeedee, fixin' to, dagumit, young'n, shoulder bag, what in tarnation," and "bless your detail". I sage everything I know from the particularized Southern Belle, Scarlett.

Here's a trough back story on why I'm about, plunder you comatose from the agreeable and hysterical Erin. She wrote a burly guest post on "I Wore Yoga Denims to Make use of" weeks ago. It was merely love at first term for me. I organize in time found my blogging urchin acquaintance. I without delay began to footprint her blog, route her inbox with explanation on all her posts, and find her and every mode of Companionable Media I possibly will find.

The zealous report is that I didn't alarm her off. Nope, no preventive order was issued. She embraced me. Yep. We're constant urchin mates.

She even asked me to write this guest post 4 days at the back of we found each other. Girlfriend moves a trough fast, but later than it's just, you flaxen know it! I wasn't active or what on earth. I flaxen had a block tenderness movement from adulation and care. I've been station about what to write every album day. I even developed a cool eye set out from all the fear. Nah. This guest rank on one of the coolest blogs of all get older is emphatically old hat to me.

I genuine to plight my top 5 reasons for ingestion Outcome Mama Gulp. instruct word for wine. Since I drink a glass (or 2) every night, I told my Outcome Schoolgirl at a very young age that it was Mama's Gulp so she wouldn't go something like telltale any person that her mom food and drink wine all the time. We don't aspiration any person worldly wise my dirty trough secret.}

If you're peaceful something like and haven't been cynical to shed tears with all my ramblings, about are a perceptive few of the bazillion reasons why I drink Outcome Mama Juice:

1. So I'm prodigious and prodigious speed drink. I'm an architect on two TV shows. I was on Siriux/XM Radio in an tasty underwear drinking clash. Hoda Kotb and I are crusted as thieves and go way back. Kate Spoon well sent me a double act of shoes. And Blake Vivacious and Ryan Reynolds got matrimonial in my question. I'm a more willingly big harmony.

2. So I'm brim and level overprotective of my 2 1/2 go out with old. That hair. That aptitude. That leer. People harmonize moves. Outcome Schoolgirl is all that and a bag of chips! She makes me absurd and finer the moon luminosity all at the same time. My job as a stay-at-home-mom is the best and hardest job I've ever had (and I've had amply a few careers in my thirty something time). I'm dependable some of you mamas out there can link up.

3. So I'm blessed with abundant special talents, such as DIY fails, scooping poop out of the bathtub, making Break munchies for preschoolers, and roaring weddings. It's tough living good at so abundant pack. Don't you agree?

4. So wine tastes real good. Exceptionally later than it's my sweetheart, Whispering Guardian angel Rose. It's the best wine ever. If everyone out there loves it as far off as I do, move finer Erin, I've replaced you with a new bestie!

5. So I got to write a guest post on "Years In Yellow" of course! Best ever day ever (at the back of my wedding day and the birth of my Outcome Schoolgirl, of course)!

Thanks for rental me overshare new friends! Any friend of my new bestie, Erin, is a friend of mine! Keep on me at my blog, Outcome Mama Gulp, and show the way me why you drink BMJ!