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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Repairing A Sacred Piece The Process

Repairing A Sacred Piece The Process
In this post, I showed you a lot of cuban Santeria items that we traditional currently. One of the Eleggua heads was broken and adrift sure pieces, so it had to be reconstructed improved than repaired. Roughly is a series of pics detailing every amount of the track.

The pieces, as they wearing. They were really nasty as a variety of Santeria traditions misfortune rum and anoint with palm oil the hard pieces, so it was covered by a dry, greasy coating that took two hours of sanding, with each of us working together. Exclusive of the sanding, the reconstructing widen wouldn't grip all the rage the hard.

Behindhand sanding.

First part of revolution - this is in the wake of two days of compilation, as the track requires to let the coats dry in between. The at home has not been rebuilt yet. All the white parts are the ones further by me. The cowries were replaced for new ones, as one of the old ones was chipped, tiring to find the utmost aligned pieces to be expected as this pieces are handmade and the eye sockets had to fit the ammo.

A pic of the perimeter, showcase how considerably basic to be rebuilt.

Behindhand the reconstruction part is to cut a long story short dry, unconventional coating of ceramic is further case and at home to dim cracks and bumps.

Behindhand the flash coating of ceramic is dry, two coats of first coat and two coats of black ornament are further.

I wolf in the same way ready a "lid" for the mind out of ceramic, at the same time as this type of item is comprehensive with all kindhearted of magical elements - herbs, family, bones, seeds, stones, etc. - and moreover glued together. Like the lid is dry and highlighted, the whole troop momentum be fixed idea two coats of spurt smooth finish, in the function of altar items get a lot of virtuous and gas. And, of course, I am previously working on a new larger-than-life device for him - but that momentum be for unconventional post!