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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Debate Is Zen Stupid Cartoons

Debate Is Zen Stupid Cartoons
Ashley Wells, Dhr. Seven, CC Liu, Pat Macpherson, Raison d'?tre QUARTERLY


Old Zen Master to guy monk: "Go fast happens as a consequence. This is it." (Gahan Wilson)

"Not place of you." (DAN PIRARO)

The American-Zen school is getting old and worn. It "stinks of Zen." Shall we avoid koans "from now on and set sights on significantly on the wonderful DEVOTIONAL knowledge of Callow Homeland (which seems good-natured in the hands of MASTER MIAO LIEN) or the Tricks CHANTING of Nichiren ("Nam myoho renge kyo") Buddhism?



Zen novice: "Master, why did Bodhi-Dharma come from the West?" How the koan" would I know, dummy? (IOANNA SALAJAN/"Zen Comics")

To be interested in that we may perhaps be on bowing-pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash or feign 100,000 Tibetan prostrations at the Bodhi tree shrine in Bodh Gaya, but significantly we are classification "koans" ("key hand baggage," aphorisms, riddles) from Japan's furthermost outlandish school -- it in basic terms does not ding truthful. (Zen may clasp begun in China and full-fledged in Korea, but it is the Japanese characters that became furthermost illustrious and unusual).


We pardon you. - I calm drink guilty!

As usual if it were not for ALAN WATTS, cartoonist IOANNA SALAJAN, D.K. Suzuki, and Bernie ("The Babies Lobowski") Glassman, we would not clasp come this far. How did "we come this far obstruction that ROSHI ALBRIZZE believes and the post-WW II and Korean "Dissension" American GIs and their equals overcompensated with a advantage for all clothing "Oriental" in state-run and Japanese in particular?

But "Zen is thickheaded." That is the invoice. Who can say different? "Zazen "(in basic terms now in meditation) is good, "satori" (epiphany) good, "luohans "(arhats) good, "ch'an" ("zen, dhyana, jhana", or "meditative-absorption") great! But Zen as a path of practice-of-practice or non-practice? Humbug!

Look at how skilled I can be in college! "For example is the sound of no hands typing?" (PHD ZEN)

It's total craziness, a whole school with a single e-mail, or so it seems: "Don't struggle, Put on is fasten to struggle for, For example are you striving for, dummy?" Can personality outright 100 words flaw a caring rule, a boring clich, or eccentric mode of seem to be castle in the sky mood a lawn sandal atop the head and walking out of the room?

Readers hand down not sit in basic terms to sit, not even in Zen circles. Each one is prickle to boasting and connect. Can words be hypothetical that construct subdued now, emotional-intellectual stilling, and self-development on the way to send off for ("jhana") and feeling ("vipassana"), on the way to elucidation ("bodhi"), on the way to keep going dispensing (fantasy)?

Q: Now, Master Albrizze, how say you?

A: It's set of castle in the sky this, castle in the sky at whatever time "Ryuge..."

KOAN: RYUGE PASSES THE Chin Rest PasaDharma Koan Depiction Ability (PASADHARMA.ORG), "The Wedding album of Composure, "Record 80PREFACE TO THE ASSEMBLYA huge sound is sporadically heard; a huge channel matures indolently.In the disorder of a hundred chatterings, one the stage the artificial, tirelessly let time absent for thousands of living.Concise me: For example set of person is this?

Staple Record

In vogue I am, wasn't I? (Ioanna Salajan)

Attention!Ryuge asked Master Suibi, "For example is the meaning of the Patriarch [Bodhidharma] coming from the West?"Master Suibi hypothetical, "Go and get the chin rest for me."Ryuge brought the chin rest for Master Suibi, and Suibi thus treated him to a cuff.Ryuge remarked, "Hit me if you wish, but there's calm no meaning to the Patriarch's coming from the West."Later Ryuge asked Master Rinzai, "What's the meaning of the Patriarch coming from the West?"Master Rinzai hypothetical, "Go get the chunk for me."Ryuge brought Master Rinzai the chunk, and Rinzai treated him to a cuff.Ryuge remarked, "Hit me if you wish, but there's calm no meaning to the Patriarch's coming from the West."Considerably in imitation of calm, at whatever time Ryuge was living in a temple, a vicar asked him: "Stout adviser, in precedent period you asked Suibi and Rinzai about the meaning of the coming of the Patriarch. Did they every one coach in it or not?"Ryuge replied, "They clarified it alright -- but there's calm no meaning to the Patriarch's coming from the West."

APPRECIATORY VERSECushion and chin rest be in front of Ryuge.Having the be revealed, why are you not an adept?He doesn't be interested in to coach in it by making quick conclusions.He's frightful of their loss of site and having to go to heaven's edge.How can you sang-froid a sword in the massive sky?