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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Occult Secrets Revealed In The Us Dollar

Occult Secrets Revealed In The Us Dollar Image
Have you ever looked at the One Dollar US Bill? If not, that is okay, most people have not properly, if you have a look at it carefully at the one dollar bill you will see there is many connections to it, freemasons and occult symbolism.

The symbology leaves clues to its original past, its history and its link to occult groups. It also possibly reveals the connections between the US, secret occult societies such as the freemasons and the use of occult symbols of that time and use on money.

After all, money by itself is a powerful symbol of power being money, but to also add ancient occult symbols of power to it as well, that makes it even more of a symbol of power as a world currency.

One of the most prominent symbols on the note is the All Seeing Eye.. "( In the image above you can see the symbol of the all seeing eye in plain view, this is taken from the One Dollar US note. )"


This symbol is a old symbol that can be traced back all the way back to Egyptian mythology and the Eye of Horus.

It also appears in other religions such as Buddhism, where Buddha is also referred to as the "Eye of the World" throughout Buddhist scriptures and is represented as a trinity in the shape of a triangle known as the Tiratna, or Triple Gem.

In more modern times in relation to free masonry this symbol is suggested to represent the all seeing eye of God and is a reminder that a Mason's thoughts and deeds are always observed by God. Typically, the Masonic Eye of Providence has a semi circular glory below the eye. Sometimes the Eye is enclosed by a triangle.

(Above Image - The All Seeing Eye Seen around the World, this is three examples. )


The Eye symbol as seen in the image above of the US Dollar is surrounded by the words ANNUIT CoePTIS, which translates to mean that -- He approves undertakings, and NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM which translates to mean -- New Order of the Ages. So when put together it could mean this simply that he approves undertakings, ( most likely indicating god, which god depends on how you translate the symbol ) in the new order of the ages meaning the beginning of the United States. The Eye itself sits proudly, dominantly and glowing above a pyramid which by itself the pyramid is a symbol linking to the gods. On the pyramid is 13 steps which most likely represents the United States original 13 states and the future growth of the country.

Also as can be seen at the lowest level of the pyramid it shows the year 1776 written in Roman numerals. So in conclusion it suggests with this occult symbol that the All Seeing Eye, which could be seen as God, favors the prosperity of the United States since that year of transition.

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