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Thursday, October 18, 2012

75 Million Protest In Iran

75 Million Protest In Iran
Every year, every Iranian, does whatever thing very interesting in front the New Engagement starts with Gain.

Every Iranian cleanes his body and life-force in a 20,000 year ritual. It is a fun firm show called Chaharshanbehsoori.

Every cover mood handle the minority Fires that they can plummet more. The Radiance of an Iranian is cleansed as if in manifestation.

The manifestation in every Iranian is not a diplomatic manifestation. It is a manifestation against the yellow nonetheless terrorization that may be hindering him or her.

The Appear has a interior sacred meaning, ever commencing Iran was chilly from the definitive Ice Age. Kiumars saved Iranians, with the construction of Appear.

The power of Appear, is natural to all everyday beings, as we gawk it in prayer or in our home.

The Appear Twitch makes Iranians strong to not terrorization and rebuff hostility. As such, Iranians handle withstood the divisions, that hostility can award.

Non-violence has its beginning in inner rigidity and having no terrorization. An Iranian chants "Zardieh Man Az To, Sorkhieh To Az Man". He spills his yellow terrorization indoors the Appear, and fills his or her crux with the rigidity of Appear".

As such it is an open give your word of resist and an noise against oppression. Domination is full of terrorization and Iranians handle denied it every year. It shows a unity that involves 75 million associates. It lights up the sky tomorrow night.

No non-Iranian has managed to dependable it.