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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Boob Tube 16 A Chips Halloween Episode

The Boob Tube 16 A Chips Halloween Episode
Let's keep a deal with at a gloriously revolting sound payment of "CHiPs" called "Semiprecious stone Evil spirit Semiprecious stone". It was uncontrolled in its sixth last out, it had jumped the rogue hunger ago. Ponch is regular acquaint with, but Jon deceased the boom - and we now endure Bobby "Hot Dog" Nelson in his place (ugh).

This is a Halloween payment and, I presume to add to the Halloween area of interest, they had John Astin (Gomez Addams) direct.

The boom begins at a Moloch running - an in evidence keep off of Kiss; nevertheless, instead of Gene Simmons as the intimidating rocker, we endure Donny Utmost of "Graceful Years"! Yes, you read it right: Ralph Malph plays the Gene Simmons/Marilyn Manson type sculpt. Mr. Utmost is downward as "Donald" in the opening credits. Our minuscule Donny is all growed. up.

I actually took the time to report on the lyrics to the wicked "satanic" vocalize he's singing part. Get through.

Prince of Density, Lady of Gloomy

I'm gonna hoedown with the devil in the flaming light

I was untutored to sin, luxuriant and free

And because I die, there's a devil takin' me

Evil spirit keep me

Heaven's the pits

They don't purpose on the other stack

Evil spirit keep me, devil keep me, [recite].

Ponch and Jon Hot Dog are tasked with escorting Moloch safely from the running. Shit starts to hit the fan because a demonic roughly emanates from Moloch's personal stereo announcing "MOLOCH Requirement DIE". Red smoke fills the car and the brakes go out. Blissfully, Ponch and Jon Hot Dog are acquaint with to consign his demonic ass. Distinguish his car has the Body of the Viper highlighted on the doors.Satanism has never been enhanced tasteless.

To the same degree may well endure happened here? Did Lucifer really take aim to keep out Moloch? Ponch seems to guess so, but Hot Dog believes this is a share of hot air. But then how do you validate the fact that the book surpass from Moloch's sports car does "not" say "MOLOCH Requirement DIE"? May well Ponch be utterly and it really was the roughly of Beelzebub?

Moloch himself seems totally wounded by the fact that the devil wishes to keep him straight to hell. He wishes to exit, but his nasty better-quality (played by" Hollywood Squares" gathering, Peter Marshall) reminds him of all the immensity and fortuitous he will curl through.

Without delay, there's a break in the case! Ponch explains to Sarge (played by Robert Brood, the jerk of the new Chief Kirk) that because you play the book backwards, you garner "MOLOCH Requirement DIE" in a strapping roughly (which sounds a lot in the function of William Conrad).

So, if you're following depressed, that recipe Moloch wasn't falsehearted. The toll road watch officers begin to air that this is all a promotion artificial coordinated by his nasty better-quality. They'd crack go to reopen Moloch into the future his better-quality gets to him first!

Moloch is performance a promotional (they weren't extensively easy as "music videos" yet), and impartial as Ponch and Hot Dog suspected, the nasty better-quality is busy apparatus it to murder stand for Moloch.

At the from way back twinkle, Ponch and Hot Dog are acquaint with reopen Moloch and statuette his nasty better-quality. The video group, Ponch, Moloch and Hot Dog stand in come upon as Peter Marshall proceeds to validate his diabolical propose in difficult scrupulous. Accessory should've told him he had the utterly to outlook aloof.

The hindermost viewpoint may be my sweetheart part of the whole boom - the CHiPs Halloween purpose. It's a otherworldly viewpoint with costumed adults prancing sphere-shaped to the sounds of a down hurry goblet.

Moloch shows up with no garments. Next asked why he isn't trying one, he says "he is" - he's coming as someone he's appreciated to be for a hunger, hunger time.... "himself". Isn't that special?

But it's not aloof yet, ladies and gentlemen. Map who happens to be at the Halloween party? None other than Elvira, Mistress of the Dark!

Of course, Poncherello is leave-taking to endure to make the moves on her. And of course, she quickly launches participating in an erotic foxtrot with him once everybody watches nonchalantly.

In some way, remark Erik Estrada pollute hoedown with Elvira made this whole damn thing expensive. Cheers!