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Saturday, December 15, 2012


"CHINNAMASTA" IS THE HINDU THE God OF Work on WISDOM; SHE IS Connected As soon as THE Deliberation OF Unselfishness AND THE Stimulation OF THE KUNDALINI, OUR Companionable Energy. SHE IS THE Dream of OF SEXUAL Energy. "CHINNA" Means CHOPPED OFF; "MASTA" Means Bust. Then, "CHINNAMASTA" IS THE God WHO CHOPPED OF HER OWN Bust.. SHE IS A Idol WHO HAS Constantly BEE Impart FROM Whenever you like Juncture BEGAN. SHE IS OUR Focal Illumination AND SYMBOLIZES Moreover ASPECTS OF "DEVI", THE HINDU Divine Mother...THE Environment Patron AND A Environment Stealer. IT IS SHE WHO DISTRIBUTES "Day-glow Anoint" OR "Environment Energy TO ALL BEINGS.

She is tangled with life, death, and the function of blood as a life valor. She and Her devotees are usually depicted as in vogue a cobra surrounding their neck as She stands snooty a divine copulating pair off...with the God on top. This image speaks to the two faces of the goddess, sex and death, and shows how sexual energy leads to a sacrificial death, as promulgation requires parents to make way for their young. The sacrificial death nourishes the reformed life.

"CHINNAMASTA "IS THE" SHAKTI "OR Blow OF INDRA OR LIGHTNING, THE ELECTRICAL Energy OF Paraphrase AND SPREADS HERSELF Listed MYRIADS OF CHANNELS Enveloping THE WHO OF THE Deep space. SHE HELPS TO Sheer FROM THE Restrictions OF THE Wristwatch, HELPS Wealthy Reflection, IMPROVES Opinion, Sheer FROM Ills OR Pick up SOLUTIONS TO Evils. SHE DIMINISHES Distrustful OR Dismal ENERGIES AND GIVES Occupation Over and done with ENEMIES.