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Monday, December 3, 2012

Comparing Apples And Bad Apples Push Polling For Jesus Part Three

Comparing Apples And Bad Apples Push Polling For Jesus Part Three
Deep Opportunity in India not in favor of the US, according to Pew

I speculative about the further Pew Look into Inauguration record on "Sweeping Precincts on Religious studies" from one of Jason Pitzl-Waters' frequent "Pagan News of Note" updates from end to end at his Bizarre Scene blog. The thing that directly stumped my eye was that the record claims that India is one the last chairs on earth in the past it comes to holier-than-thou warrant. India is ranked junior than, or at best blurry from, Iran, but "holier-than-thou standardize" walk the streets setback women who do not conform to medieval dress-codes. India, a ramble democracy with correct guarantees of holier-than-thou warrant and a heap history of holier-than-thou diversity and considerate, is ranked a great deal junior than China, a severe muscle with no pretense of warrant of any generous, let deserted holier-than-thou warrant.

On the other hand, the Pew study ranks the Associated States as along with the paragons of holier-than-thou warrant in the world. While focussing on what it refers to as the "Hindutva movement in India, which seeks to define India as a Hindu nation," the researchers at Pew appropriately balk at the fact that a powerful Christian fundamentalist movement exists right current in the Associated States. Abundant of these fundamentalist Christians unaffectedly declare that the US is ahead of a Christian nation (or maybe a "Judeo-Christian" one), and they vow to clash to store up it that way.

Abundant American Christians, not upright "evangelical" ones, what's more acquire that all other religions are upright so numerous variations on "devil worship", an rationale originating not from modern-day big-haired televangelist, but from "immediate Clerical fathers" such as Saint Augustine. And most American Christian denominations are "damnationists" who raise the damaging rationale that all non-Christians could do with be condemned to eternal suffering. And show is at least one muscle, North Carolina, which scandalously bars (in its Constitution!) from discretionary department "any group who shall give up the for instance of Almighty God." [I got that from the Bizarre Scene, too: current.]

The Pew researchers what's more inferior to need at home account actual holier-than-thou diversity (short which holier-than-thou warrant is purposeless). The Associated States is one of the least piously diverse chairs on earth, with less than 5% of the populace adhering to any religion other than Christianity (according to Pew's own information). In India, on the other hand, nearing 20% of the populace belong to a panache of minority religions, among Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism (stats engaged from current). Pew's own test on "holier-than-thou diversity" in the Associated States tends to fuss nearing completely on rotate varieties of Christianity, not on correct holier-than-thou diversity. But in the past it casts its numerical stare on India, Pew does not see the incredible habitat diversity of Hinduism.

Reasonably the most appalling aspect of the Pew record is its enslavement on the alleged US Commission on International Deep Opportunity, an buy familiar with right-wing activists from groups be keen on the Federalist Advance, the Hudson Edge and the Southern Baptist Requirement. Natural sections of the Pew record have moral been cut and pasted from USCIRF loll. This is particularly true in the past it comes to sections of the record about India.

The Pew researchers actually wake up to have been head over heels in love with India, which is mentioned 24 get older in the record, far spare commonly than any of the other nations what's more private as "very high" in terminology of their "limits on religion". Saudi Arabia, a terrestrial that evicted or killed all who refused to emancipate to Islam thirteen centuries ago (by the declare order of the founder of that religion), and which allows zoom holier-than-thou warrant to this day, is mentioned merely 14 get older. China, a nation engrossed in a genocidal push to spread out one of the serious undergrowth of the Buddhist religion, is mentioned merely 15 get older. Iran, one of the most unaffectedly theocratic nations on earth, is mentioned a water 12 get older. Egypt, a nation but a group can be technically put to death for converting from Islam to Christianity, is mentioned 9 get older.