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Friday, December 28, 2012

Gypsy Prayers Chants And Affirmations

Gypsy Prayers Chants And Affirmations
Thank you to the Blood relationThank you to the BoonThank you to the Livelihood Spiritwithin all equipment.-oOo-AbracadabraTrinka FiveGypsy MagicComes Active-oOo-Taking part in IS THE LORD'S Plea IN THE GYPSY Slang OF TRANSYLVANIA:Miro gulo Devel, savo hal ot'e ando Cheros,te avel swuntunos tiro nav;te avel catari tiro tem;te keren saro so cames oppo puv,sar ando Cheros.D'e man sekhonus miro diveskoe manro,ta ierta mangue saro so na he plaskerava tuke,sar me ierstavava wafo manuschengue saro so na plaskerelen mangue.Ma muk te petrow ando chungalo camoben;tama lel man abri saro doschdar.Weika tiro sin o tem,tiri yi potea,tiri yi proslava akana ta sekovar.And present-day is the English Translation:My gorgeous God,who art nearby in Heaven,may thy name come hallowed;may thy settle come hither;may they do all that thou wishest upon earth,as in Heaven.Offer me to-day my broadsheet bread,and release me all that I cannot pay thee,as I shall release other men all that they do not pay me.Do not let me fall here evil desire;but seize me out from all dreadfulness.For thine is the settle,thine the power,thine the gloat now and ever.-oOo-May God help us!May no hitch come up to to me in the thoroughfare,and may no one purloin anything from me.AND IN TRANSYLVANIAN GYPSY IT IS:Te vas del o Del amengue;te n'avel man pascotia ando drom,te na hoden pen mandar.-oOo-Go with God!Pop in with God!Go, for God's sake!Pop in, for God's sake!By God!OR AS A TRANSYLVANIAN GYPSY WOULD SAY:Ja Develehi!Az Develehi!Ja Develeskey!Az Develeskey!Heri Devlis!