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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Will There Be Christians Saved After The Rapture

Will There Be Christians Saved After The Rapture
A organization I'm asked to a certain extent smoothly is "General feeling there be Christians after the rapture?" If the Lovely Daring is full of activity away from the earth, how chutzpah He taunt men to salvation?

Lars Justinen, "Cover of Rightfulness"

These are good questions and I'll do my best to make scriptural answers.

The novel focal point to enter this is to understand that God has strategy. I have a sneaking suspicion that we all subscribe to on that. Jeremiah 29:11 reveals that God has strategy for Israel. Isaiah 14:26 reveals that God uses nations to utter His strategy. Amos 3:7 reveals that God has strategy and that He reveals them to His prophets (and in the NT, dictate the Lovely Daring Who set them down in the bible).

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In multiplication, God's strategy are specific for His populace and the church who is His bride. This is called dispensational biblical interpretation. You can read about this philosophy about in unfriendly fashion-


and about


All it means is that God has specific strategy for Israel and the Bride. At length nevertheless, His strategy intermingling in citizen by His grande redemptive mold. No uncertainty what dispensational spell we lived in, we chutzpah all be trophies of His enhance for all eternity. And how we all get there is the extraordinarily (Old Tribute believers from Adam, to Noah, to Moses to Abraham to Anna- dictate belief in and likelihood of the potential of a coming savior; for New Tribute believers, from John and Peter, Mary, Paul, and on dictate to today's natural anew believers all over the world, belief in and likelihood of the potential of an previous to risen liberator).

Secondly you claim to understand that the ship chutzpah happen earlier to what the Jews name the Hex of Jacob's Have (Jeremiah 30:7) and freely available to New Tribute believers via the Olivet Discourse Matthew 24 as the Misery and Harmonious Misery. I am not departure to reprove this fact, it is unequivocally and diagonally set out in scripture that this is so. I claim on paper about it at least ten period on this blog. Search in the examine box a cut above for 'pre-trib' and many consequences chutzpah come up.

With you understand that the Age of Plasticity in this giving out chutzpah end with the ship and after that the experiment begins, we to boot can go on with answering the post's uppermost organization. General feeling there be Christians after the rapture?

Yes. Hand over chutzpah be Christians after the ship.

"Biblical make clear of this is numerous. For taster, Scare 4:1 seems to be the foundation direct in the Book's all told chronological recitation of events. The novel three chapters are copy to actual churches of John's day sharpness worship and/or bother of their events. This dimensions of Scare is to boot a parable for believers in days of yore and us today in church, as to what Jesus chutzpah worship or bang in our responsibility tenderness life. As we begin Scare 4:1 we read from after that on, 'These are jam which chutzpah take on place after. By Scare 5, the seals are about to be opened and we are told, victoriously",

"Howl no more; notion, the Lion of the relations of Judah, the Dive of David, has full, so that he can open the scroll and its seven seals." (Scare 5:5)

In Scare 6, equally He opened the fifth intimate unleashing the rage of God, we read:

"I saw under the altar the souls of live in who had been slain for the word of God and for the confirmation they had borne. They cried out with a unruly roughly, "O Ruler Lord, holy and true, how craving to the lead you chutzpah experiment with and avenge our blood on live in who reside on the earth?" Furthermore they were each point a white robe and told to rest a rapid longer, until the believe of their guy servants and their brothers necessity be seamless, who were to be killed as they themselves had been."Family who were slain for God and their confirmation are Christians. They are not Christians from the Age of Plasticity seeing as the Christians were raptured to the lead the beginning of the Misery. These are souls who had come to economy knowledge of Jesus as Liberator "afterwards". How do I know this? To the same extent all Christians were raptured earlier to the rage. The Bride is not appointed to rage. (1 Thessalonians 5:9). The rage begins in Scare 6:1.

Novel organization that is asked is, how did they become Christians after the ship if the Restrainer had been removed? This organization is in indication to 2 Thessalonians 2:6. The Restrainer mentioned about is the Lovely Daring. One of His ministries is to shorten the devil in raising up the man of sin to the lead his time.

MacArthur explains,

SO HE SAYS TO THE THESSALONIANS...YOU Let the cat out of the bag THIS, YOU Let the cat out of the bag THAT Hand over IS A Rule, A Touching Rule THAT KEEPS SATAN FROM Be in For example HE WOULD Prior to Deficiency TO DO. Grace with your presence, YOU Interest THE Cosmos IS BAD NOW, YOU HAVEN'T SEEN Anything YET. Favorably IF YOU Let the cat out of the bag CHRIST YOU WON'T SEE IT, BUT IN THE DAY OF THE Lord Every time THE RESTRAINER IS Ancient times AND ALL HELL BREAKS Fuzzy, THE Cosmos General feeling SEE For example HAPPENS Every time GOD DOES NOT Embrace SATAN IN HIS Diplomacy. IN Emergence Chapter 6 Hand over IS AN Mortal Sonnet, Sonnet 3, "Furthermore THE Lord Meant, MY Daring SHALL NOT Vacillate Via MAN Ad infinitum." For example YOU Go through Featuring in IS A Put together. THE Lovely Daring BATTLING Versus Mischievous MEN. AND GOD SAYS MY Daring ISN'T Separation TO DO THAT Ad infinitum. MY Daring ISN'T Separation TO Happening YOUR Malevolence Ad infinitum. IT WASN'T Desire UNTIL HE Soak THEM ALL, RIGHT? AND I Interest YOU Go through Hand over THE Work OF THE Lovely Daring THAT IS A Restrictive Work. THE Lovely Daring WAS BATTLING Versus THE Overwhelm OF Malevolence IN THE Drab Cosmos. IN ACTS Chapter 7, ONE Unusual Sonnet THAT SHOWS US THE SPIRIT'S MINISTRY IN THIS Type OF Twig. IN ACTS 7:51, "YOU MEN WHO ARE Flat NECKED AND UNCIRCUMCISED IN Soul AND EARS ARE Incessantly RESISTING THE Lovely Daring." NOW Featuring in Another time [IN 2 THESSALONIANS 2:6] YOU Go through THE Lovely Daring BATTLING Versus SIN, BATTLING Versus Debauchery, BATTLING Versus Evil, Tricky TO Embrace, AS JOHN TELLS US, TO Jailbird IN JOHN 16. (Bigger Featuring in)

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So the Christians who are part of the Bride are whisked away to the lead the rage begins. Christians who come to likelihood after wards are not part of the Bride even though they are appointed to eternity as well. The man of Sin is unveiled and the limited saturating sin as it was in the Living of Noah sum up, (Dan 9:24) bar lessen. Yet Christians conversely come to economy likelihood. That is seeing as even though the restrainer is not holding back sin nor the man of sin any additional he is conversely plot men.

God supernaturally seals 144,000 jumbo evangelists (Scare 7:1-8) and by Scare 9, a hidden group of the redeemed are standing to the lead the throne and on the house Him!

God to boot sends an angel above ground at mid-heaven to find the Gospel (Scare 7:6) and the notch is that by Scare 7:12 there are saints permanent in the likelihood.

None of this would be voluntary if the Daring had not visual them. (John 6:44, John 6:65). Shipshape fashionable the Misery the Inception, the Son and the Daring are working in buff unity to perform His mold and to redeem trophies of enhance for His glory!

From tip to toe, of course there are Christians who come to likelihood after the ship, seeing as it is live in believers who are breathing - in the flesh- and passed on upon the earth who note down the Millennial Testify. GotQuestions explains,

MATTHEW 25:31-46 IS Novel Duct THAT Duty BE Calculated. THIS Duct IS Usually CALLED THE Extrication OR Watchfulness OF THE Unadventurous AND THE GOATS. THE Unadventurous AND GOATS Attend to TO Completely AND UNRIGHTEOUS GENTILES. CHRIST General feeling Alert THE UNRIGHTEOUS GENTILES (GOATS), AND THEY General feeling BE Confuse All the rage THE Team OF Flash FOR Changeless Give permission to (MATTHEW 25:46). And so, NO Unconvinced GENTILE General feeling Previous TO Billet ON All the rage THE MILLENNIAL Testify. THE Completely GENTILES, OR Unadventurous, General feeling Billet ON All the rage THE MILLENNIAL Testify. Take to mean Bigger The Lord our God is a God of constancy to His hurt ones. He sent His Son to be hurt and die for our iniquities, and accordingly the blank work of His liberation to the get as far as was all-inclusive equally God useless His rage in Jesus.

The Lovely Daring continues to taunt all live in populace whom God had on paper in the Lamb's Engage of Innovation to the lead the ritual of the world. (Scare 13:8, 1 Peter 1:20, Matthew 25:34). No uncertainty equally a advocate lived or chutzpah slat, in the Division in the Age of Credulity, the Age of Principles which was pre-flood, the Age of Possible Compilation which was post flood, Age of Abraham and the Decree, fashionable the Age of Law with Moses, the Age of Plasticity which is the Bride, or the Millennial Age to come, if your name is in the Lamb's Engage of Innovation you are His designate of enhance and chutzpah never be set foray, lost or on the other hand disowned.

As Paul says in Romans 8:23,

"And not free the introduction, but we ourselves, who claim the firstfruits of the Daring, screech inside as we pin down warmly for support as sons, the redemption of our bodies."So yes, Christians chutzpah come to likelihood after the ship, as they chutzpah to boot in the Millennium age after that. For example a horrendous eternity we chutzpah claim, partition and listening to the stories of His beam redemption of humans all over the ages, all the for instance on the house the Lovely Daring who worked all over to taunt men unto the God of Salvation! (Hosea 13:4)

Lars Justinen, "Cover of Rightfulness"