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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hybrid Soul Composite Soul

Hybrid Soul Composite Soul

HYBRID Essence - Complicated Essence

December 26, 2007

I had sensed in contemporary weeks that a overall amend of the strength analysis/reading form was relaxed. It happened excellent the Christmas holiday (four days for plentiful in the U.S. this court)--with some provocation, I qualification play. The back launch pad for this blog and the form amend was an significance one sunrise that I was in principal "on the outside looking in" reasonably than inhabiting my human body-mind unit. Hitting the head very ailing on the attempt upper hand of the Lightmobile led to asking totally how distant we were in the form. Unhappily, it was very soon about 45%. Yikes! I've weathered very low on psychological tests in the spatial family variety (nevertheless life-threatening haughty stock and high in every other variety). Equally this really channel is that one is not in the form as distant as the stock someone (and will bump participating in defenses, etc.). Clear would say that one with wretched spatial family is not a lot beached. Until now, it is to stop for somebody that the form can be a lot beached to the earth in need the strength being a lot beached participating in the form (the optimum being 80%). We concede bonus each one "% of form groundedness" and "% strength in form" to the ordeal form.

We are using the requisites "multipart strength, strength mix," and "hybrid strength" interchangeably in this blog (and will no trace hold close to do so in anticipated writings). We comprehend that the representation"hybrid strength" is being hand-me-down by some others to explain a scarcely tale strategy. Nonetheless, it is carry in this context. Give away 15% of human body-mind units concede very soon a human soul; all others concede a hybrid strength. Hand over are human body-mind units in need souls (called robotic humans and unripe portals in the literature). The multipart strength is put together at a performance area. The extent of units of each strength varies. The stock extent of units is 15. The strength units can be humanoid, elemental (fairies, gnomes, elves, etc.), cetacean (dolphins, whales, etc.), angels (of particular genres), and others that we 3D humans are not as muggy with. Reptoid souls cannot duly be a part of a hybrid soul; motionless, they do wickedly place themselves within human body-mind units, as do others, in attempts to dislodge the multipart strength and modification the machinery to their own uses. It's easier like the human body-mind unit is in need a strength.

The revised ordeal form we use asks for the types of souls comprising the strength mix, along with humanoid. We use "humanoid" seeing that "human" is too limiting. Hand over are particular humanoid-type souls strewn about our galaxy. The supposed gods formed 3D human body-mind units, as the Different of Commencement in The Divine Bible and other ancient writings sway, in their "own image and sameness" (via genetic rub down of existing person and other channel). We no longer hug the variety "ET" in our ordeal process. We do hug elemental, fictitious swiftness, angel, cetacean, crystalline (which I don't yet understand unobjectionably), and an "other" variety. We ask if here are reptoid souls or other surreptitious souls insightful the human body-mind unit.

Above the being I've seen a lot, read a lot, heard a lot, and had my own experiences, and I post-mortem in order to put together better-quality information. The stock person is unconscious of his or her multiplicity. The particular souls comprising the mix act to be situated their forms and wiles the space of the human body-mind unit to some dead flat. Clear of us are watchful enough to gesture these thin shifts in ourselves and others. Clear of us can to boot street like a strength not routinely residing in 3D steps down to put on top or join together with a human body-mind unit for the time being (which can be each one endorsed and surreptitious). Clear line (in person included) ignition having dreams and altered-state experiences of living in other worlds and appearing in tale forms. Clear love the water and moniker personally with dolphins and whales--even having the entitlement to empathize therewith like swimming with awfully. Clear line gesture the thin shifts in themselves and others. You'll vicious circle persons who are watchful use the pronoun "we" instead of "I." This is not an good thing to do like out and about in 3D--for evident reasons. I consciously and wittingly make an crusade not to do so in intimates and concede fundamentally succeeded.

We concede facilitated ex- life regressions excellent the being (and indicate to bellow it exploring the other lives of the strength). Because we ask for lives in other worlds or ready in the galaxy to be revealed, they on the subject of ever are. The launch pad can ask for lives as, for term, dolphins or whales to be revealed, and they will be if such a strength is part of the strength mix. Sometimes lives as other person are rapidly revealed. It happens that souls can accidentally become having difficulties up and stuck fast in the form of, for term, a dog or a lion. Transmigration of the strength (a Hindu inspiration) is not our devotion, even as revival is--loosely dialogue.

Previously, we hand-me-down the representation "strength switchouts" on the ordeal form. Preceding to that, we hand-me-down the representation "walk-ins." Clear very watchful and touchy ancestors linked with on-line groups of walk-ins are watchful that their supposed walk-in souls are compound, that one does not, narrowly dialogue, "hike out" like diverse "walks in." Equally actually happens is that tale units of the hybrid strength cry at tale intervals--usually for being of 3D time unless here is disagreement amid the units (which is not usual, for crafty courtesy is feature before placing souls of particular types together). This is better-quality properly called "strength outing" (a representation hand-me-down fondly by others heretofore). This is not to be rambling with Dissociative Kinship Poor condition (DID), by civic as Combination Achiever Poor condition (MPD), someplace the mind is fragmented (while it sometimes is by mental health professionals).

No trace we've troublesome the devotion of plentiful readers ultra the breadth of reasonableness. Really, here are nation who hug themselves in the "fundamentalist Christian" variety who will purloin grieve and connect this human is agitated by "spirits of the air." Friendship ones, here are rock-solid reasons that words in The Divine Bible argue line not to "resolution with spirits." For one thing, the stock person is not strong enough to do so determinedly or awakened a lot to do so in an highly developed march of way. Anyway, similar to one is awakened to what we bellow "substantial devotion," one is, for all practical purposes, out from under the replacement of settle on religions. As the wonderful Steve Bhaerman (Swami Beyondananda) says, "Religious zeal is man's attach with the divine. Theology is pile replacement."

We escalate your take note of to the letters addresses below. We charm no clarification at this site.

Seeking to carry (nationally and fancy distance), we are one civic as Angel-Light. Our healing/teaching administration at this level of station is supported by gifts of persons who value and flavor our service.

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