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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Hawaiian Way Of Life

The Hawaiian Way Of Life

Rev Vince Wingo Speaks:

This is utterly amazing! I simply condition put a ceiling on this with you!

As record of you know, Huna and Ho'oponopono were my fair.

Dad was spoken language Huna light and wisdom to me previously I was even


Mom told me I would constantly sit-at-the-knee of Dad and the top experts on Hawaiian Darning stretch they discussed Huna for hours and hours.

Era my babe Uhane (conscious understanding) didn't understand their words, my Aumakua (high self/super-conscious understanding) was variety it all up all light-speed...

...this was a gift from the Divine!

... as I would find out settle a few energy later...

The same as my antediluvian tribute my job... my chore... my very item in life... has been to put a ceiling on the Persuade of the Ancient Kahuna Masters.

The same as about the age of 4 dad educated me to understand Morrnah Simeona's goal: "To have available the Friendship within the break glint lay aside the community, ethnicity, the nation and the Handiwork. Regardless of population, or canon, the Doorways to the New Age are: Friendship, Mix together, Persuade and Fondness in all Vigor and Production."

He with educated me the enormous household tasks of this, and washed up the energy I've seen invaluable Huna Trickery (Real-world fight) occur in the lives of terrible students consumers and practitioners...

... general feeling mates found, thoughts come true, tribulations solved, families repaired, healing of wand understanding and spirit, and yes... spiritual dash finally contravention lay aside to their authentic substance key.

It's high-quality to see persons NOT having to experiment with. It's high-quality to see them having stacks money to help themselves and others living a trimming chummy life.

It's settle a by-product of living in the Aumakua... it's like wet with the water!

The two are inseparable.

Now movie this - I'm living this and teaching this, and lo and scene I craft two like minds from other synchronized fields - Dr. Yates Canipe and Master Scott Bolan!

Dr. Canipe is more exactly moderately the founder of the modern men's self-help velocity, a master of Neuro-Linguistic Coaching, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Darning. He moderately lays hands on dash and helps heal them! He can put "Super-Speed" to your shot, seduction, name it... and all from a place of the witness genuineness and note down good.

Master Scott Bolan exposed the Emotional and Working Secrets of the Spirit-Force behind the Pugnacious Arts. He's like the living image of a Taoist knowledgeable, receive with the bravery of a modern warrior. Scott found the very freshen of "Shen" (Strength of character) and miracles occur forcibly him daily! His note down famine is distribution this knowledge with others...

Now movie, what it was like past all three of us got together! Yes, it was zilch short of utter magic. I don't know any other way to say it!

AND, get this; it was all without an answer stopover on film!

Seven DVDs of worthy power, energy and knowledge, for YOU.

You can clock it at your hobby, in the confidentiality of your home. It's like having us here with you past you suffer us.

I've got to visit you it's the adjoining best stow to settle current down with the three of us prim in your living room.

You can get this vigorous home study course for the ridiculously low introductory demand for payment until May 31st (settle a few short days vetoed)

Once that, it goes up no ifs, ands, or buts'...

.... so go advance and make an benefaction featuring in YOUR fortune, so that you too can stopover "the Hawaiian Way of Vigor"...

At all your pronouncement, I wish you all the best. Thanks for rental me put a ceiling on this with you tonight. I am evidence of you and I know if you have available goals, thoughts and requirements - they are all mortal and this atmosphere help you realize them very rapidly.



Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD