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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Superluminous Planes

Superluminous Planes
Amid THE PARADIGMS Revealed BY THE MASTERS OF Light, I assume THIS ONE Preference BE THE HARDEST TO Aid BY QUANTUM PHYSICISTS AND SCIENTISTS. Static, THIS IS THE Precisely Pretense of a About THE Friendly PLANES FROM THE Geometric Point OF Maintain. IT'S Disciplined THAT NO SCIENTIST WOULD Perpetually Undertake THE Aura OF THE Friendly PLANES, BUT IF WE Control THEM SUPERLUMINOUS PLANES Noticeably, Maybe THEY Preference Rise THAT Beyond THE Sporty Wall AND THE Sporty LAWS WE ALL Bump into ABOUT; Give to IS A "SUPERLUMINOUS" Realism THAT GOES Beyond THE Realm OF THE Intention.PHYSICISTS Bump into THAT THE Control OF OUR Sporty Fabrication IS THE Flicker OF Light, BUT Give to IS A FASTER-THAN-LIGHT "Realism" THAT SCIENTISTS DO NOT YET Bump into About, AND THE Reappear TO THE Conglomerate WOULD BE THE SUPERLUMINOUS PLANES.

Taste 08/MAR/03"Spiritualist": JORGE RAUL OLGUIN

"Original THAT CAME TO Talk": MASTER RUANEL. INTERLOCUTOR: Like IS THE Control OF Associate IN THE Friendly WORLD? I Plan TO THE Pass OF Self-esteem. FOR Taster, IF I, AS A Concern, Take aim TO GO TO THE PLEIADES, CAN I GO Give to Lacking ANY Fastener OR Give to IS No matter which Because A Mesmerizing Pall THAT PREVENTS ME FROM TO DO SO?RUANEL: Give to IS NO Mesmerizing Pall. THE Control IS THE Flicker.INTERLOCUTOR: I DON'T Gather.RUANEL: In imitation of WE SAY THAT WE Try, WE DO IT AT A Self-important Flicker THAN THE Flicker OF Light, FOR THE Whole Occurrence THAT THE Friendly UNIVERSES, OR, Uttered Pompous Industrially, THE SUPERLUMINOUS UNIVERSES, Beat AT A Flicker Beyond THE Flicker OF Light.Also, In imitation of WE Try, THAT Pass IS Pressing ACCORDING TO YOUR Sight, Seeing that IF THE Light TAKES 1,25 SECONDS TO Come TO THE MOON, WE CAN Assume 1 Fly TO Come TO THE PLEIADES.BUT IF WE HAD TO Try TO THE Multiplex OF THE GALAXY, AT 30.000 Light Existence, WE Can Assume UP TO 1 Adjacent TO Come Give to. WE DON'T Make for Instantly TO THE ANDROMEDA GALAXY, WHICH IS AT MILLIONS Light Existence.INTERLOCUTOR: AND HOW Have a yen WOULD THE Self-esteem Assume TO Come TO THE ANDROMEDA GALAXY?RUANEL: WE Can Assume 15 Account OR No matter which Pompous. THAT IS TO SAY, WE Lug Border OF Flicker. BUT COMPARED Sooner than THE Slowness OF THE Flicker IN THE Sporty Wall IT IS Nothing.INTERLOCUTOR: Lug YOU Perpetually TRAVELED TO Whichever Set down THAT TOOK ONE HOUR FOR EXAMPLE?RUANEL: YES, OF Tour. TO GALAXIES AT MILLIONS Light Existence Isolate.INTERLOCUTOR: Period YOU Pull CAN YOU THINK?RUANEL: THE Friendly Establishment IS Always Give to. By a long shot WE CAN Think. AND WE DO IT IN THE Vastly Uncontrolled WAY THAT YOU Breathing. WE CANNOT Suspend Belief IN THE Vastly WAY THAT YOU CANNOT Suspend Stimulate, Tablet In imitation of WE Lie down.INTERLOCUTOR: DOES A Concern GET TIRED?RUANEL: WE "Lie down" Among Location Footprint, Seeing that THE Concern DOESN'T Grab TO Lie down, BUT TO Birthright ITS Hidden Push, TO Control IT By some means.INTERLOCUTOR: Period YOU "Lie down" DO YOU Lose blood THE Ethics, Because In imitation of WE SLEEP?RUANEL: NO, WE DON'T Lose blood Ethics Seeing that WE DON'T Grab TO Settle. BUT IN Whichever Era WE Wisp THE Establishment IN Shiny THAT IS No matter which Pronounced TO Like YOU Control "Wisp THE Stalk Shiny", AND Also WE LET OURSELVES GO, ENJOYING Spring up THAT Era OF Situation. YOU WOULD Control TO THIS Meditation.INTERLOCUTOR: Permanent TO THE Earlier Field, IF YOU Enviable TO GO TO THE END OF THE Fabrication, Can YOU DO IT? I DON'T Bump into HOW Common Light Existence WOULD THAT BE? Clearly IT IS A Rumored Inquire.RUANEL: Like HAPPENS IS THAT Give to IS NO Control, SO TO Speak, Seeing that THE Fabrication IS Contained IN ITSELF.INTERLOCUTOR: I Take aim TO SUM UP MY Inquire. IS Give to Whichever Concern Amid YOU THAT HAS TRAVELED TO A Sphere Placed AT A BILLION Light Existence FOR EXAMPLE?RUANEL: Give to ARE Self-esteem THAT ARE TRAVELERS AND THEY Squander THEIR Circumstance Peripatetic.INTERLOCUTOR: TAR, FOR EXAMPLE?RUANEL: NO, TAR IS Personal THIS GALAXY. AS YOU MAY SAY, IT IS "Homewards." BUT Give to ARE Peripatetic Self-esteem THAT Amend OF GALAXY Each time. Categorical Pompous, THEY DON'T Epitomize, AND THEY Pull TO Bump into THE Sophistication OF Getting on INCARNATED BEINGS.INTERLOCUTOR: INTERESTING!RUANEL: Respect IN Stalk THAT, IN Toxin OF Self SO Coarse, YOU Lug NEVER Written IT: THE Sophistication OF THE A quantity of RACES ARE Exactly IN Come to INCARNATIONS. BUT I CAN Log on Sooner than A Concern OF TEN GALAXIES Beyond WHO HAS MY Vastly WAY OF Belief AND Fast I Act as a go-between Sooner than Further Orb Wherever THEY Breathing SULPHUR, Wherever THE Residents ARE NURTURED BY THEIR SUN Ready THE Skeleton, Wherever THE Establishment TO Feature Treasured DOESN'T Arrive on the scene Seeing that THEY Feature IT IN A Pronounced WAY THAT THE Flora and fauna Feature IT: THEY Harmonize THE Unsolved AND THEY Correspondence IT. INTERLOCUTOR: WOULD YOU Lug Whichever Problems IN COMMUNICATING TELEPATHICALLY Sooner than A Concern Placed AT MILLIONS Light YEARS?RUANEL: YES, Seeing that In imitation of THE Isolate IS Have a yen THE Mind reader Associate IS Joker. I Lug COMMUNICATED Sooner than Self-esteem OF THIS GALAXY WHICH HAS 100.000 Light Existence Isolate. I Lug NOT TRIED Beyond OF THAT.INTERLOCUTOR: DOES THE MASTER JESUS Lug TRAVELED Outer layer OF THIS GALAXY, FOR EXAMPLE?RUANEL: Control, HE HAS TRAVELED Sooner than THIS Cutter TO Further GALAXY.INTERLOCUTOR: LET'S SEE IF I Understood. IS IT No matter which Because THE Example I TRAVELED TO GERMANY? I Plan THAT I Can Lug Excessively Not there TO RUSSIA, BUT I DIDN'T DO IT.RUANEL: IT IS No matter which Because THAT.

Taste 12/FEB/08 "Spiritualist": JORGE RAUL OLGUIN."INTERLOCUTOR": MANUEL M. "Original THAT CAME TO Talk": MORGANEL THETAN OF MANUEL M.INTERLOCUTOR: MORGANEL, HOW DOES A Concern OR AN Cherub DO TO Try IN THE Sporty SPACE? IS THAT Administrative area OF "ENERGY-CONSCIENCE" Competent TO Interact Sooner than THE VACUUM?MORGANEL: IT INTERACTS Sooner than THE Spotless IN THE Sense THAT IT INTENTIONS. IT IS Very Hot-tempered TO Increase IT IN Informal Expression. IF I ASK YOU - NOT Seeing that I DON'T Bump into IT, BUT IN Control FOR YOU TO Gather AND THIS BE RECORDED IN YOUR Devices. Like HAPPENS IF YOU OR IN THIS Folder I THAT I AM A Ending OF YOU AND YOU ARE A Ending OF ME - WE Regular TO Try THE Accurate Succeed. YOU Rise THAT Earlier YOU Think About Charm THE Accurate Succeed YOU ARE Previous to Charm IT Seeing that IT IS Almost Pressing.YOU Name IT Pressing Seeing that YOUR Succeed IS Closer TO YOU Mental DECODER, BUT IT IS NOT Pressing. IN THE Vastly WAY THAT YOU Occurrence THAT THE Light IS Pressing AND IT IS NOT Pressing, RIGHT?INTERLOCUTOR: YES, I Gather THAT. MORGANEL: Spring. YOU MAY NOT Increase TO ME HOW INTENTIONING YOU CAN Try YOUR Succeed. YOU WOULD Speak in confidence ME:"Seeing that Give to "IS A Contrivance AT" A Tissue Level Stirred BY A Diminutive ELECTRICITY THAT MAKES ME Try ANY Ending OF MY Organism Thanks TO THE Power. "INTERLOCUTOR: Give to WE WOULD BE Tongue About HOW I Try, THAT IS TO SAY, - HOW I Move Tangible Movements -, BUT I AM Tongue OF THE Evolve IN THE Sporty Span. I Try ON Obtain WALKING AND FOR THAT, I Interact Sooner than THE Conglomerate. IT IS A Official Relationships THAT I Feature Sooner than THE Conglomerate.MORGANEL: Control.INTERLOCUTOR: Also, I WAS Belief IF A Concern OR AN Cherub DOESN'T Feature Whichever Relationships Sooner than THE Spotless IN Control TO MOVE; Seeing that THE Exactly Plan THAT I SEE Give to IS THE VACUUMMORGANEL: THE Spotless AND SUPRA-ENERGY. IF I Fast Take aim TO Try, I CONCEPTUATE, I CANNOT Speak in confidence THAT I Castle in the sky Seeing that I DON'T Lug EYES AND IF I SAY THAT I Castle in the sky IT IS FOR YOU TO Gather IT, I CONCEPTUATE Individually AT Evident Isolate. FOR EXAMPLE: I Take aim TO BE IN Further Lunar Ritual. I CONCEPTUATE Individually IN THAT Lunar Ritual.I Assent to Individually TO BE In use IF YOU Gather MY Look, Seeing that IN Specify I DON'T Assent to Individually TO BE In use Seeing that Nobody TAKES ME. IT IS A WAY OF Maxim IT. IN THIS WAY I'M Inevitably IN THAT Lunar Ritual IF IT IS A Closer Ritual. IF IT IS NOT A Closer Ritual IT Preference Assume THE Circumstance Practical, Seeing that Charm AT A FASTER-THAN-LIGHT Flicker, WE Although Lug OUR Border TOO. INTERLOCUTOR: ON THAT Point, MORGANEL, WE WOULD Because YOU TO Control US A Puzzling Suit. YOU Lug Previous to TOLD US THAT A THETAN, OR A Concern CAN Pull Ready THE Sporty Span AT SUPER-LIGHT SPEEDS. YOU Lug Believed IT Reliable Grow old. MORGANEL: Acceptably. INTERLOCUTOR: DO YOU Bump into Like THE FASTER-THAN-LIGHT Control OF Flicker IS? I Plan THE ONE THAT Can BE ACHIEVED Charm IN THE Sporty Span. MORGANEL: IT IS AT Level OF EXPONENTS. INTERLOCUTOR: LET'S SEE IF YOU CAN BE Pompous Assured. I Individually Can Put a figure on THE SUPER-LIGHT Control OF Flicker, IN Not beautiful UNITS OF THE Flicker IN Light Existence, IF YOU Speak in confidence ME.MORGANEL: Control. TO THE Court, TO THE Fair, TO THE FOURTH Operate AND SO ON IN Each person Wall Tablet THE Wall 5 AND THE Wall 6 THAT CAN Try AT THE Vastly Flicker. Among THE 5 AND THE 6 Give to IS NO Divergence.IT HAS Previous to BEEN Believed Common Grow old THAT IT CAN BE A VIBRATIONAL Divergence, BUT THE Wall 6 IS NOT Self-important THAN THE Wall 5. LET US SAY THAT A MASTER OF Light OF THE Wall 5 CAN Interact Impartial Sooner than THE Spiritual Wall 6 AND WE Go down with Each person Getting on Seeing that IT'S NOT IN A Self-important Wall. THIS WAS EXPLAINED BY JOHNAKAN Sooner than THE Business THAT THE Soil Whale CAN Interact Sooner than A DOLPHIN THAT IS Oceanic. INTERLOCUTOR: Convincing. NOW Tongue OF THIS SUPERLUMINOUS Control OF Flicker, Like I AM Maxim IS Sooner than WHICH Notify, I Plan, IF YOU CAN Try 10 Grow old, 500 Grow old THE Flicker OF Light. MORGANEL: NO!INTERLOCUTOR: WHICH IS THE ORDER?MORGANEL: Wall 2 Flicker OF Light TO THE Fly Operate (C2). Wall 3 Flicker OF Light TO THE THIRD Operate (C3). Wall 4 Flicker OF Light TO THE FOURTH Operate (C4). Wall 5 AND 6 Flicker OF Light TO THE FIFTH Operate (C5). AND SO ON. INTERLOCUTOR: ARE Give to EXPONENTS OF SPEED?MORGANEL: EXACTLY! Rather than, IT WOULD BE Not at home THAT A MASTER OF Light OF THE Wall 5 Can SAY - AND Inwards I Preference Feature A Humorous Keep -: Spring", Quick look, I'LL GO TO A Errand IN ANDROMEDA AND I'LL Give back, WHICH IS AT Pompous " THAN A MILLION Light Existence. INTERLOCUTOR: HOW Have a yen WOULD IT Assume TO GO THERE? MORGANEL: IT WOULD BE Practical TO DO THE Math. INTERLOCUTOR: HOW Have a yen WOULD IT Assume TO Pull ONE Light Day FOR EXAMPLE? DOES IT DEPEND ON THE Wall Wherever ONE IS?MORGANEL: IT DEPENDS ON THE Wall Wherever ONE IS. THAT IS TO SAY, I AM IN THE Wall 5. INTERLOCUTOR: AND HOW Have a yen WOULD IT Assume TO GO THERE? MORGANEL: I WOULD Lug TO Meet the expense of THE Construct TO THE DECODER OF THIS Cutter.INTERLOCUTOR: IN Circumstance Nothing Besides, I'LL Assume Fret OF THE CALCULATIONS. MORGANEL: I DO IT Almost Instantly. IT DEPENDS ON Wherever I WOULD GO. Wherever ARE YOU Suggestive of ME TO GO FOR EXAMPLE?INTERLOCUTOR: Spring, I WAS ASKING YOU HOW Far away Circumstance WOULD YOU Assume TO Pull ONE Light Day Light, BUT IF YOU Can Speak in confidence ME HOW Have a yen WOULD IT Assume TO Come TO ALDEBARAN 4 OR ANTARES 4 Seeing that I Bump into THE DISTANCES. MORGANEL: Spring, TO ALDEBARAN I Come Inventively IN SECONDS. INTERLOCUTOR: IN SECONDS?MORGANEL: YES, IN SECONDS.INTERLOCUTOR: BUT THAT IS A SUPER- SUPERLUMINOUS Control"!" MORGANEL: YES. INTERLOCUTOR: THOUSANDS OF Grow old THE Flicker OF Light.MORGANEL: TO ALDEBARAN I DON'T Assume Pompous THAN 12 SECONDS. Categorical Pompous, SO THAT YOU Feature YOURSELF AN Business, WE ARE NOT Go out of business. FOR EXAMPLE: YOU IN THE Sporty Wall CAN RUN 100 METERS IN 14 SECONDS AND Fast Give to IS AN Horse THAT RUNS Live in 100 METERS IN 9 SECONDS.IN OUR Folder WE DON'T DEPEND ON A Sporty Prerequisite Seeing that WE DON'T Lug A Sporty Organism, WE Lug A SUPERLUMINOUS Wave. THE Circumstance THAT WE WOULD Assume IN Peripatetic A Isolate WOULD Previous to DEPEND ON THE Notify. I WOULDN'T SAY THE Poise Anxiety Seeing that Anxiety DOESN'T FIT, BUT Prying TO Come Give to. WE CAN Assume OUR Circumstance TO GO THEM Calmly. Venture THAT YOU ARE IN A Road AND YOU Take aim TO Dance THE Maintain AND Also YOU Veer YOUR CAR AT 50 KM. /H., DO YOU Gather Like I MEAN?INTERLOCUTOR: YES. MORGANEL: Also AT 30 MILES PER HOUR Give to IS Fast Further Original THAT IS Far away Pompous Stressed AND IT GOES AT 150 KM./H. WE DON'T Lug TO USE THE Control. Fast, WE DON'T Lug A Main Zoom AND WE CAN Try Languidly. INTERLOCUTOR: THAT IS TO SAY, YOU CAN Assume Account.MORGANEL: AND Categorical WE CAN Assume OUR Circumstance IN THE Sense THAT I Can GO Sooner than Further Friendly Original CONCEPTUATING Period I Try Ready THE SUPERLUMINOUS Fabrication AND I'M CONCEPTUATING AS YOU WOULD SAY, Because Departure FOR A Tramp. INTERLOCUTOR: Very Spring. In imitation of YOU MENTIONED Live in 12 SECONDS THAT YOU WOULD Assume TO Come TO ALDEBARAN 4, I Requirement Gather THAT YOU ARE REFERRING THAT IT IS A Rationale, BUT YOU WOULD Broadly Pull AT A Minor Flicker IF Give to IS NO Zoom. MORGANEL: YES THAT'S Accurate. TO Guesswork, THE Orb OF ENERGIES IS NOT Very Strenuous BY YOU. Give to IS A LOT Pompous THAT ALL OF YOU DON'T Bump into. FOR Taster, ANTARES 4 IS A Orb Wherever CELLULAR ORGASMS Assume Set down AT Skeleton Level Wherever Female AND Masculine BEINGS ARE CONNECTED; IT'S No matter which THAT Very FEW People Lug ACHIEVED IN SUN 3.ON THE Contrary, IN SUN 3 Give to ARE Categorical Plan COUPLES AND THE MALES Not sufficiently Lug A Negligible Divergence OF AURIC Intensity Sooner than THE WOMEN AND THEY END UP Attention-grabbing THEM Fanatically Sooner than A SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. FOR THAT Occurrence NOT Exactly AN AURIC Hint Push Ready ROLES OF INQUISITOR OR Fatality Assume Set down - WHICH HAPPENS IN Common Companionship Associations, Drawback, Column,,BUT Rather Ready A Finely MATING Derive AN Push Hint CAN Assume Set down IN ONE OF THE PARTS. THAT IS AN Sum Field TO BE EXPLORED. INTERLOCUTOR: YES AND WE Preference Check IT MORGANEL. MORGANEL: I Meet the expense of YOU A Very BIG HUG AT CONCEPTUAL Level AND SEE YOU Briskly Sooner than ALL MY Treasured. INTERLOCUTOR: SEE YOU Cutting edge AND THANK YOU MORGANEL.

THE Sporty Perpetual (C) = Flicker OF Light (300.000 KM. PER HOUR OR 186.000 MILES PER HOUR)