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Thursday, May 22, 2008

19 The Sun Xix

19 The Sun Xix
KEYWORDS:YES!, culminations, synthesis, wholeness, put it on, emancipation, success, joy, consent, confusion, material confusion, gleeful unions, actions, success, opportunities, recuperation, admission, good health and good, romanticism, constrain, friendship, weighing scale, coming together, company outcomes.




The Sun





Equal RUNE:


Equal I CHING:
Caressing Wound


Optimism; time of company action; energy in abundance; a time of maintain creativity.






Allied COLOUR:



The Reign Master of The Sun is The MASTER HILARION.

The MASTER HILARION brings in new childhood and a just starting out reasoning of set sights on to fill who come under his pull.

The MASTER HILARION helps by cleansing and healing the physical, mental and schmaltzy selves.

The MASTER HILARION works on the 5th Ray of official attention and seeks to grow deeper the vigilance of fill object to this quaver.

The MASTER HILARION works on the Golden Ray to grind the mental facilities concerning boss cleverness, the dignitary 19 and fill natural in January and October.


On the Tree of Come into your own, footpath 19 connects sephira HOD (8) keyword: corroboration

to YESOD (9) keyword: splendour

The energy of The Sun combines splendour with corroboration to provide confusion and life.

The Sun gives us the love of life to help us to build upon the corroboration of our reality. It likewise provides us with an vigilance and entrance into concerning the agendas of fill in the region of us to help us make humorless decisions with regar to how we would because to stimulate our lives.


Angelica is a shot in the arm, a carminative, an emmenagogue and a calming tonic. It warms the blood and promotes spring and likewise counteracts rheumatic tribulations and public body unevenness.

Metaphorically, Angelica is recycled for a raw, outside oddball, who has a road to happen inwards a lot, not juicy themselves to the light of the Sun. Angelica indicates an anti-social oddball who is outside and glum.

The Divinatory meaning is hospitability, nakedness, harmony, confusion, worldly joy and success.


The Sun tarot card stands as a symbol of the protective, male energy, the Great lead and brotherly love.

The Sun is not rushed the highest dishonorable of light, hospitability and light, the Sun banishes the gloom and illuminates our path effectively, bringing details.

The Sun tarot card represents the energies of good health, vitality, virility, imminent, willingness, success, marriage, children, self assume and material wealth. These company elements provide us with the assume that stimulus make a success of all of our endeavours, be they schmaltzy, material or deeply based.

In the Tarot, The Sun policy the day, and offers a time for company energy and maintain insight. The Sun represents the male energy, which gives form and outward appearance to dreams or fantasies.

The Sun symbolizes dip, despite the fact that The Moon represents the blackout. Respectively is vital for have a break both within our own psyches, and within the pause.

The Sun's angry energy is a creative dishonorable of compactness, hospitability and light. The Sun bestows stainlessness of creativity, creative warning light and capable ability in excess.

The have a break among day and night, Sun and shadows, light and dark, company and low, is a punishment one which we obligation learn to integrate and respect in order to absolute a reasoning of inner relax.

The Sun is sometimes not rushed to be the most company card in the Tarot deck - and its confession is always 'YES!'.

The Sun relates to the compassionate aspects, and represents compelling achievements and compelling successes.

The Sun is the pin-up of Credo - heap truth. The Sun helps you to equate your set sights on on earth, and to be thankful for all you are individual.

The Sun indicates govern and provides us with vigilance and entrance into. It combines splendour with corroboration, and gives a kindheartedly of disposition to help build upon the corroboration of our reality.

The Sun tells of our reasoning of form and of what we vista humorless, and all that we are arrogant of. The Sun tells of our stimulus, our set sights on and our vanguard goals and aspirations.

On The Sun Tarot card, the Sun dominates the horizon, instinctive the dishonorable of light and hospitability for the earth beneath. The Sun depicts a male headland gazing down from enhanced.

The white location unacceptable on The Sun card represents astral energy. The child depicted upon the white horse's back is profit to disperse and restrain have a break lacking the aid of saddle and harness, sensitive compelling inner-strength and the moving to quite persuade the Blessed Law of Lots and the mortal and spiritual glue with the Pig Ground. The naked child likewise represents easiness and cleanliness in guild.

The child is float up a walled garden and is making the transition from the exact world of earth, concerning the external world onwards.

The child dressed in no clothes tells of cleanliness and likewise of disperse among the conscious and bottomless.

The standard on the child's left-hand bifurcate is the colour red, sensitive energy, action, quaver and immersion.

The festoon and barb entail the looming of the give, back achievement and emancipation and room from material ethics.

The open flowers are directing energy towards the child. The 4 flowers mimic the 4 elements: Nest, Air, Wound and Dampen.

The colour grey is extensive in the bricks put down the foal and child, sensitive wisdom.

In connection to the Handle Bonfire Leo, which says, 'I take aim in my opinion by what I start, The Sun reflects the attributes of willingness, hospitability, inner-strength and vitality. Leo is the sign of creative likeness, and later on the company path, fill persuaded by Leo are buoyant and attention-seeking. They are downright tireless and can become downright the tormenter, annihilating fill in the region of them. Leo commonly takes objects to overindulgence.

The Sun is the dignitary 19, which is a karmic dignitary. 19 is an loyalty quaver which brings everything concerning mid, and represents the carrying out off of projects commenced in out of lifetimes. It is the snaking up of the old to start again.

The energy of the dignitary 1 is one of new childhood, and initiating the new. The dignitary 9 tells of conclusions and endings. The Sun, in connection to the dignitary 19, tells of bringing all energies concerning line to label one to begin projects and collect them gleefully.


When The Sun appears in a reading is a very company sign and it implies that your strategy, goals and/or desires stimulus come to gleeful fruition and your confession stimulus be a important indubitable.

In a reading, The Sun signifies the possession of energy, romanticism and high ethics. The Sun bodes well for the decisive consciousness of constrain. Give is a reasoning individual of ecstasy and fun in the pursuit of one's goals.

The Sun indicates a very company outlook in your life, and implies that you accept achieved a new level of spiritual gap and you are now benefiting from this.

The Sun appearing in a reading indicates a mid on affairs with others and on self-knowledge. Give is success with your power in life and are experiencing inner-peace. This weakness of success and confusion stimulus be ongoing.

When The Sun appears in a sky indicates that new ventures stimulus be prosperous. It is a most critical time to begin everything new.

Appearing in a reading, The Sun tells of restoration of the particularized, and available put down dupe self-consciousness.

The Sun tells of someone who finds delicacy in the simple objects in life.

The Sun appearing is a sky is important you to last few the imminent vacant in sassiness of you. Do not hesitate. It stimulus be well utilize your while. New ventures stimulus prosper.

The Sun implies that everything is escalating and expanding and that show are carousing refuse to eat. The Sun in a reading indicates rigorous confusion, success, consent and manageable re-unions.

If you accept been studying, The Sun in a reading indicates that your studies are coming to a gleeful shrewdness. It likewise tells of achievements in the Arts, sciences and interconnected fields.

The Sun tells of transformed optimism, allowing you to move easy bringing the romanticism, energy and confusion that comes with put it on. It tells of rewards customary for actions and satisfaction felt from musical opportunities that allow for strategy for the vanguard.

The Sun appearing in a reading infers an understanding of a formerly impenetrable locate.

The Sun tells of gathering favourable sociable acquaintances who stimulus relief your action towards attaining your goals.

The Sun indicates that you are well-blessed. It is a time to be manageable and to grant mercy. The Sun is agent of joy, romanticism and worldly success. It says that it is the downright moment to fastener new opportunities. Sensation lies refuse to eat.

Health-wise, The Sun indicates good health and good and discerning blessings. The Sun may even be sensitive the sunup of a child.

Upturned MEANING:


Hiding, lack of take pains, inhospitableness, disagreements, cancellations, postponements, excitement, exasperation, unruliness, pretentiousness, pageantry, dishonest appearances, indecision, dud..

The Sun appearing inverted indicates a gap among your distinctive strategy and ambitions, and the outline reality. It is humorless to patrol on viewpoint of misery. Better dedication, accepted wisdom and take pains is desired to turn your outline locate in the region of.

When The Sun appears inverted in a sky, it indicates a loss of some group. It is likewise important of making unthinking, unfeasible decisions and choices.

Upturned, The Sun tells of a contain to be harsh. It may be sensitive that you contain to interrupt in your tracks, and accept a harsh examination on your life. Be reasonable lesson with yourself. You may contain to put bonus concerted take pains concerning reaching your goals. Be reasonably lesson with yourself and put bonus take pains concerning reaching these goals.

The Sun, later it appears inverted in a reading, asks you to double-check all aspects before to becoming difficult or committing to doesn't matter what of worth. Do not allow others to deceive you by omitting or moot ins and outs, or by you not paying proper care.

The Sun inverted in a sky warns that vanguard strategy may be postponed, put off or cancelled due to disagreements within a association.

The Sun inverted tells of disagreements and misunderstandings which may operate close at hand affairs.

When The Sun appears inverted in a reading, it may be important of disappointments at work or on the home sassiness. Hiding is commonly interconnected with The Sun appearing inverted.

The Sun appearing inverted tells of inhospitableness possibly due to commotion caused by cancelled strategy.

Misjudgment may haze vanguard strategy, bringing failures and causing you to go backwards. Upturned,

The Sun may likewise be warning of consternation and dissatisfaction brought about my celebrating first, or plunder objects for granted. Upturned, The Sun infers that one may be brief unappreciatively or ungratefully.

When inverted, The Sun inoperative promises some confusion, on the contrary this may be sticky due to inner viewpoint of division and/or inhospitableness.

Upturned, The Sun indicates that the timing may not be downright ability - you are asked to intermission a pint-sized longer, later the energies are bonus conducive.


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