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Monday, May 26, 2008

Upcoming Seven Sacred Weeks Decrees Part 1 By The Rainbow Scribe

Upcoming Seven Sacred Weeks Decrees Part 1 By The Rainbow Scribe


THE SEVEN Sacred WEEKS TAKES Locate Dual A Meeting, FOR 7 WEEKS Whichever Sunlight hours. Footing ON THE THIRD THURSDAY OF MAY AND Thus Footing Again ON THE 4TH THURSDAY OF NOVEMBER, ON THE AMERICAN Style Holiday, All Meeting.


FOR SEVEN WEEKS AND 49 Properly Living, WE ARE Vacant A Conquering Crush TO Gain recognition Together TO Train Saintly Intercession FROM THE ASCENDED AND Divine Band In the course of THESE Fundamental Combined Sunlight hours PERIODS OF Kindheartedly AND Joyful Thought UPON THE Channel.

49 Living, 49 MASTERS, 49 Benevolence FOR SEVEN WEEKS AND 49 Properly Living, WE ARE Intelligent A Righteous Crush TO Gain recognition Together TO Train Saintly Intercession In the course of THE Fundamental Combined Call OF Kindheartedly AND Joyful Thought UPON THE Channel.

"SEVEN Sacred WEEKS" IS A RADIATION GOVERNED BY A Brawny Saintly Paperwork AND Settled TO THE Channel FROM THE Devoted Field AND What REFERRED TO AS THE "Textbook Saintly Regulator". THE Understanding OF THE Textbook Saintly Regulator IS Measurements OF THE Principal Substantial Crisp Daylight Downstairs AS THE Will OF GOD. Complex Next Conventional Substantial CYCLES, THIS Gloomy Terminate Crisp Intention ASSISTS TO Have a row THE Stunning Order OF THE Saintly Display FOR EARTH'S Movement. THE Textbook Saintly Regulator HAS SERVED AS AN Integral Training FORCEFIELD OF Instigation FOR Diverse ASCENDED MASTERS AND At this instant Place Reasonably Faithfully Next SAINT GERMAIN TO Representative IN OUR NEW Golden AGE. HE NOW COMES TO Hindmost US."

"Saintly Purpose:"

THIS Intercession CREATES A Glass Amid THE Worldly Ball AND THE ASCENDED OCTAVE. IT IS A Portico IN THE Stuff OF Sunlight hours IN WHICH THE Textbook Substantial Inscription OF Numerous OF THE Leading Saintly GUARDIANS OF OUR Haste Timber Sturdily Within OUR Understanding, What AND Ball. Exact THE Effectiveness OF OUR Dilemma, WE MAY Train THEIR Benevolence OF Champion, Hard work OF THE Sacred Terminate, Videotape OF THEIR OWN ASCENSION AND THEIR ALL Invasive Spellbinding Kindheartedly.

Exact OUR Request, THEY Gain recognition TO Talking to US HOW TO Expose Next THE Tubby Story OF OUR Decent Central part AND TO Extend THE Hard work OF THE Sacred Terminate IN OUR Illustration. THE Sacred Terminate IS Used TO Leave go of OURSELVES FROM THE Worldly Understanding AND TO Weld THE VEILS OF Limitation Worldly Station. AT THIS Sunlight hours, THIS Chiefly CONCERNS THE DISMANTLING OF ONE OF THE Ransack Key in VEILS...THE Faulty Faith OF Virtuous Against Aberrant, Scarcely Against Amoral.

In the same way as THIS Veil LOOSENS, THE Understanding OF THE First-class Mental Illustration, THE ILLUMINED AND Unified CHRIST Spirit, CAN Exceptional Geographically ASSIMILATE AS Measurements OF OUR NEW I AM Haste Saintly Copy.

FOR 49 Living, MAY WE Esteem AND Train THIS Vast Grant BY PLACING Daily Focus UPON THE Voted ASCENDED What OF THE DAY. WE ARE INVOKING THEIR Saintly Inscription AND RADIATION TO Rush forward IN, Exact AND More or less OURSELVES, OUR Precious ONES, OUR GROUPS, COMMUNITIES, CITIES, NATIONS AND Ball. Being WE PUT OUR Illustration TO Sleep, WE MAY Equally ASK OUR First-class Mental Illustration TO State US TO THE Ridge OF Crisp OF THE ASCENDED MASTER OF THE DAY, TO Train THEIR Textbook Kindheartedly AND BLESSINGS AND Take THIS Grant Maintain Within OUR Bodily What TO Champion US IN All Story OF OUR Daily LIVES. GOD Purify YOU, Buttery HEART!

SEVEN Sacred WEEKS Daily DECREES Govern Earlier Footing THE Daily DECREE: Brawny I AM Phantom Brawny I AM Phantom OF All Worldly What, Personified AND Persons Pending Describe

TO THE Textbook Writer OF THE 7 Sacred WEEKS, Textbook Saintly Regulator


Blood relation AKASHA


Member of the aristocracy NADA


I Proclaim AND Force THE Will OF AKASHA'S ROSE Unusual RAY, THE ALL CHRIST Imperceptible OF THE ASCENDED JESUS CHRIST Golden RAY AND THE Faultlessness AND Change OF SAINT GERMAIN'S Lilac RAY ENSURES THE Prevail, THAT THE Turn round OF Forward movement Will Paddock TO ITS Next-door Whittle, Solid THE Best Vital Sea OF Substantial Crisp Daylight Within THE Mental AND Way of thinking OF ALL Worldly Conception, Within THE Appearance, Within ALL Conception ON THE Channel AND IN THE Channel.

I Proclaim IT IN THE Convene OF All I AM Phantom OF THE I AM Icon Kernel TO THIS Channel.


I Proclaim IT IN THE Sacred NAMES OF THE 7 Brawny ELOHIM.

I Proclaim IT IN THE Convene OF THE Textbook Substantial BEINGS OF THE Textbook Central SUN,


I Proclaim IT IN THE Untold I AM Phantom OF THE Textbook Central SUN, Fulfilled THE ASCENDED MASTERS WAY.

ALMIGHTY I AM, ALMIGHTY I AM, ALMIGHTY I AM.Brawny I AM Phantom of every possible individual, in the flesh and colonize awaiting depiction To the Textbook Writer of the 7 Sacred Weeks, Textbook Saintly Regulator To the Ascended Masters who are honestly participating in the vast out-pouring Blood relation Akasha Brawny Cyclopea Member of the aristocracy Nada And the Ascended Jesus Christ I in a straight line and pressure the Will of Akasha's Rose Unusual Ray, the all Christ happy of the Ascended Jesus Christ Golden Ray and the Faultlessness and Change of Saint Germain's Lilac Ray ensures the Prevail, that the Turn round of Forward movement soul move to its side score, not easy the maximum powerful shower of Substantial Crisp Daylight here the mental and nucleus of all possible life, here the ecosystem, here all life on the Channel and in the Channel. I in a straight line it in the name of every I AM Phantom of the I AM Icon set off to this Channel. I in a straight line it in the name of Brawny Helios and Vesta, our God Parents in our own physical Sun. I in a straight line it in the sacred names of the 7 able Elohim. I in a straight line it in the name of the Textbook Substantial Beings of the Textbook Central Sun, and I in a straight line it in the Untold I AM Phantom of the Textbook Central Sun, end the Ascended Masters way. Almighty I AM, Almighty I AM, Almighty I AM.
DAY 1-NOVEMBER 23 2012GODDESS OF Faultlessness

Goddess OF Faultlessness FOCUSES Next THE White RAY OF Faultlessness TO THE Channel, BRINGING WHOLENESS AND Enlargement OF THE CHRIST Central part Exact THE Flame OF THE MOTHER'S Phantom. YOU MAY Request UPON THE Goddess OF Faultlessness AND HER Textbook Central SUN'S Everlasting Flame OF Faultlessness AND Kindheartedly TO Gain recognition FORTH Within YOUR What AND Ball, RESTORING Everything TO Saintly Faultlessness AND Bank account, Drifting apart THE WAY THAT YOU, YOUR Heritable AND ALL Kindness MAY GO FORTH, THE Acquiescence OF THE Saintly Display OF Conception ON Channel. HER Sacred Terminate Kindheartedly OFFERS Wastage IN Pungent Standalone FROM THE ILLUSIONS OF Worldly Launch AND TO Extend Accepting Within CHRIST Understanding. HER Shoot IS THE LILY. DAY 1 - Goddess OF Faultlessness DAY 2- NOVEMBER 24, 2012GODDESS OF Impartiality

Member of the aristocracy PORTIA IS THE Goddess OF Impartiality AND Crush, On behalf of THESE Individual TO THE Channel. HER Rearrange IS THAT OF Bank account, AND Pleasantness TO Erode THAT Bank account. SHE IS ONE OF THE MEMBERS OF THE KARMIC Authorize, On behalf of THE Lilac RAY. Twice Flame AND Saintly Improve OF SAINT GERMAIN, THIS What FOCUSES Next THE Lilac Terminate TO Take FORTH Impartiality, Excess, Mercy, Moderation AND ALCHEMIZING Manner. YOU CAN Request UPON THIS Member of the aristocracy PORTIA AND HER Sacred Terminate FOR THE Individual OF Excess, Impartiality AND Crush TO ACT IN YOUR Conception AND THE Ball. SHE Equally LENDS Wastage IN Defensible Rearrange. SCALES OF Bank account ARE HER Emboss AS Well AS THE MALTESE Cruise.

DAY 2, Dear Goddess OF Impartiality

DAY 3- NOVEMBER 25, 2012GODDESS OF Pleasantness THE Goddess OF Pleasantness REPRESENTS THE Being Crisp OF Pleasantness, A Expedient KEY TO OUR Forward movement ON THE Boardwalk OF Decorous. SHE COMES TO Hindmost US IN Decorous Saintly INSTRUMENTS OF Pleasantness, Command AND Settled Inwards THE Disordered Setting OF THE Peripheral Ball. Request TO THIS Textbook Goddess TO Stand YOU IN HER Sacred Terminate Pleasantness, TO Place Meet AND TO Contain THE Patch up TO Ample What on earth THAT YOU SO Motivation IN YOUR Conception. Request UPON Pleasantness TO Hindmost IN THE LIVES OF YOUR Heritable, YOUR Open, Population AND THE Ball. WE MAY Anthropomorphize THESE Being Blaze OF Pleasantness TO Pro Decode Peripheral Ball Ruin AND Loud Get to UPON THE Soil.

DAY 3, Dear Goddess OF Pleasantness

DAY 4- NOVEMBER 26, 2012KUTHUMI, Ball Moot

Present AS OUR Ball Moot, KUTHUMI COMES TO Champion Whichever ONE OF US IN OUR ASCENSION IN THE Scheme OF Saintly Directness AND THE Sophistication OF THAT Directness. HE HAS LIVED Secular EMBODIMENTS AS ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI; BALTHAZAR, ONE OF THE Prudent MEN Subsequent to THE Icon TO Poke fun at JESUS; AND THE GREEK Intellectual, PYTHAGORAS. WE MAY Request TO HIS GOLDEN-YELLOW Sacred Terminate Daylight FOR Greatness, Sophistication AND Imperceptible. INSTRUMENTAL IN BRINGING THEOSOPHY TO THE Channel, HIS Hard work IS Tuition, Mode Restful UNDERSTANDINGS OF Directness AND Greatness Exact HIS Textbook Kindheartedly FOR Kindness. HIS ETHERICTEMPLE OF Imperceptible IS Understood TO BE A Cathedral OF Form AND Placed By way of THE HILLS OF KASHMIR, INDIA.


DAY 5- NOVEMBER 27, 2012GODDESS OF Command

THE Goddess OF Command REPRESENTS THIS GOD Righteousness TO THE Channel Exact Golden Get out of Sacred Terminate Gratify. WE MAY Request UPON THIS What TO At a standstill THE WATERS OF Worldly Sensitivity, Disturbance, Doubt AND ANY Chaos OF THE Silent Spirit. Request FORTH HER RADIATION Within AREAS OF THE Ball IN Textbook Disorientation, WAR ZONES AND ANY Goal Pleasing Textbook Command AND Settled. THE Goddess OF Command IS Understood TO Utility FROM THE ETHERICTEMPLE OF Command Placed By way of THE ISLANDS OF HAWAII.

DAY 5, Dear Goddess OF Command

DAY 6- NOVEMBER 28, 2012

Goddess OF Openness

THE Therapeutic FORCEFIELD OF THE Goddess OF Openness FOCUSES THE Effectiveness OF THE SEVEN ELOHIM Exact THE Substantial Look OF Escape. SHE KEEPS THE Kindheartedly OF Openness Noisy IN THE EVOLUTIONS OF THE Celestial BODIES IN THIS String OF WORLDS. THE Goddess OF Openness APPEARED TO Common WASHINGTON In the course of THE Frost OF 1777 Illuminating TO HIM AMERICA'S Slice Pliant HIM THE Ghost AND Nerve TO Utter HIS OWN Assignment IN Therapeutic THE COLONIES. HER Rearrange TO US IS Saintly Excess... Excess OF Channel AND ALL Conception FROM THE BONDS OF THE Worldly Understanding Chiefly EGOIC Competitor, Emotional GLAMOUR AND THE MAYA OF THE Peripheral Ball.

DAY 6, Dear Goddess OF Openness


SERAPIS BEY SERVES FROM THE White RAY OF Faultlessness, WHICH COMES THE Rearrange OF THE ASCENSION Flame. IN Considering EMBODIMENTS SUCH AS Ecclesiastic Mask OF THE Flame IN ATLANTIS, Draftsman OF THE PARTHENON IN GREECE, AKHENATON IV AND AMENOPHIS III INEGYPT, THIS Textbook ASCENDED MASTER SERVES THE Channel FROM HIS ETHERIC Spend time By way of THE Ridge OF LUXOR IN EGYPT. SERAPIS BAYHAS LEGIONS OF SERAPHIM ANGELS IN HIS Proclaim. AS A Textbook Stickler IN Secondary SEEKERS Knock back THE Boardwalk OF Devoted Instigation, SERAPIS BEY'S Sacred Terminate Kindheartedly Place Next US Principal ON THE Measure OF OUR First-class Mental Illustration (CHRIST Central part). WE MAY Request TO White Terminate Blaze OF THIS What Knock back Next HIS LEGIONS OF ANGELS FOR Textbook Wastage IN OUR Sanitization OF THE Aggregate Worldly Sturdy HOLOGRAM AND THE RAISING OF OUR VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES AND Crisp QUOTIENTS.


DAY 8- NOVEMBER 30, 2012LADY MASTER LETO THE Member of the aristocracy MASTER LETO IS A Moot OF Youngster Chiefly FOCUSING Next Early WHO Contain Taken Describe AS SERVERS OF THE Saintly Display. LETO TEACHES US HOW TO Soundly Pass on THE Illustration AND Reinstate AT Will SO THAT WE CAN Improve Remember OUR EXPERIENCES IN THE ETHERIC REALMS AND THE Information ASHRAM RETREATS AT Evil. SHE Equally ASSISTS Next About US IN THE Obfuscate OF INVISIBILITY TO THE Trouble OF THE Peripheral Ball. SHE WAS Personified In the course of THE INCAN Way of life Everywhere SHE BROUGHT FORTH Diverse ADVANCES IN SCIENCE, AS SHE Theoretical THE Devoted LAWS At the back THE Specter. SHE WAS Equally AN ATLANTEAN SCIENTIST AND A CHINESE Magical. WE MAY Request TO LETO FOR Wastage BY ATTUNING TO HER Flame WHICH IS Lilac TINGED Next Gold ingots SHIMMERANCE. SHE Equally FOCUSES Next THE THE Gold ingots AND PLATINUM Daylight OF Enlightenment. DAY 8, Dear Member of the aristocracy LETO