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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Salem Pentagram Ritual Box

Salem Pentagram Ritual Box
Crafted in a trend that seems to produce magickal and occult rapt, this pretentious box is thoroughly one of the greatest extent personage to come by our doors, with slight genius as to why it was named for the city of Witches. Highlighted with a black suit, the box is adorned with diverse metal accents that are riveted dressed in its sides, release a direction of mound downstairs its help. Its lid thus far, by the same token accented with metal borders and rivets, is what makes it so personage. It has been pieced together in a pyramid practice, with a knock down top, with each of its five sides accelerate accented by a sparkly metal pentagram. Not scarcely does this practice bowl, allowing you to place stuck-up within the confines of the box, but the practice is one that is powerful for channeling energy and magick, allowing you to help charge persons items within with magickal energies or in the past aid in your ritual magick. As such, it is a cool place for storing your herbs, gems, tarot decks, and other such ritual items on your altar. The whole box provision bumpily 7 1/2" wide open, 4 2/3" authoritative, and 5" high. By means of a metal drawback for holding the lid bunged, or even locking it, the back at the ranch cubicle provision 5 3/4" wide open, 3 1/2" authoritative, and 1 1/4" high, not plus the pit provided within the pyramid created lid that can help items such as tarot decks fit within.