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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What Is An Emergent And Moon Lodge

What Is An Emergent And Moon Lodge Cover What is a "emergent lodge"?

Any regular lodge called for an emergency at a special communication by its Master. The purpose of such a meeting must be stated in the call, whether it be for an emergent degree on an elected candidate-as on one who has received sudden orders for foreign service-or to consider an emergency requiring lodge action, or a sudden call for a greater amount of charity than the Master is willing to spend Without lodge authorization.

What is a "moon lodge"?

In the early days in this country many lodges met "on or after full moon," or "on or before full moon." Transportation was poor; roads were rough and difficult; getting from home to lodge was often a problem. Having the light of the moon made such Journeys safer and easier. Many old lodges refused to change their dates of meeting even when the necessity for lunar meeting tim';s had passed. But many Grand Lodges have legislated the "moon lodge" out of existence by insisting that their lodges meet upon definite dates, and others of the old moon lodges are gradually giving up that distinction in favor of the more Practical settled date. Only a few hundred moon lodges still exist in this country

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