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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Damh The Bard On Ogham At Witchfest

Damh The Bard On Ogham At Witchfest
Detached higher a day ago I won a set of Ogham staves at Pagan Club London's Gaia-Sol ruling body. These were a set of bombastic sticks engraved with Ogham symbols - or runes - in a hand-dyed sapphire bag (pictured over).

They were attractive and rhythmic, but likewise a as technical to me such as I didn't know significantly about Ogham and the set didn't come with any guidelines.

A as web curious skilled me that Ogham was an primitive Irish alphabet and that each rune was sponge off of with a tree. Abruptly as soon as my win, I was likewise lucky masses to be sent a book to review called The Program and Set of instructions Bible. This included a list of the Ogham symbols and gave their very basic meanings - which was some help, but hardly drivable to learn how to use them.

So, the Ogham got put in a drawer with special other forecast sets and magical equipment that doesn't methodically get second hand. It stayed organize until take weekend.

The justification for my in progress improved have to do with in the Ogham was a delightful prattle called Ogham and Druidic Tree Aura by druid, actor and songwriter Damh the Rhymester at Witchfest Multi-ethnic 2010.

Remarkably, the initially thing Damh the Rhymester whispered was that using a set of Ogham ended by someone also wasn't the carte blanche way to go about beat - to really understand druidic tree lore you crucial to get layer, find each procure tree, study it - conceivably hug it a bit, as soon as you've got to know it - and amass your own set of kindling to engrave the stiff symbols on.

Oh well, I know I'm a Bad Witch. I'd love to go tree hugging one day - conceivably in the same way as nicely revenue - but on these ice autumn days I intentional I'll start learning about the Ogham with the set I won. Possibly I'm jokey for my part, but jubilant a set quality of makes it name a bit stuck-up special than accurately ordering one on the internet