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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Historians Put 17Th Century Witch Trial Diary Online

Historians Put 17Th Century Witch Trial Diary Online
By Michelle Martin Reuters LONDON - A 350-year-old pad which ID the trials of women convicted of witchcraft in England modish the 17th century has been published online. The pad written by Nehemiah Wallington, an English Puritan, recounts the accident of women accused of having contact with the devil at a time some time ago England was embroiled in a go off local war.

The document reveals the document of a witchcraft trial imaginary in Chelmsford in July 1645, some time ago specially than a hundred suspected witches were serving time in Essex and Suffolk according to his description.

"Divers (lots) of them enthusiastically and not up to standard any forcing or threat liberally significance that they bother complete a treaty with the Devill," he wrote.

"Som Christians bother been killed by their meanes," he further.

Of the 30 women on trial in Chelmsford, 14 were hanged.

Wallington moreover recounts the experiences of Rebecca West, a suspected witch who confessed to undeveloped with the devil some time ago she was tormented to the same degree "she found her selfe in such robustness of excite and be unsure that she would not enure (filch) it againe for the world." Her nod spared her.

Carol Burrows, who managed the notebook's digitization, on Thursday told Reuters that Wallington's journal was principal to the same degree of its contacts to the local war.

"It's a idiosyncratic description and it tells us a lot about the time - they were stressed grow old," she whispered.

"It's in English and it's very easy to read so it's departure to be of allure to the dominant familiar as well as scholars," she further.

The keep a record is one of Wallington's seven in existence notebooks. The woodturner wrote 50 journals about religion, the local war and witchcraft trials modish the course of his life.

A unit at the Academe of Manchester's John Rylands Dense for Heritage Imaging and Warehouse Burden passed on two weeks photographing the pad unfriendly at Tatton Foyer in Cheshire so they may possibly make it not in use online.

The pad can be viewed free of charge at