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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Popular Occult Symbol The Cross

Popular Occult Symbol The Cross Image
In a previous post i went over some popular occult symbols.. In this post i wanted to create more discussion on a very common a popular occult symbol that is not easily recognised as a symbol of power and that symbol is the Cross.. Some may refer to it as the CHRISTIAN CROSS OR CATHOLIC CROSS, each of which is the same.. Now let's ponder on this symbol of power..

The cross means so many different things to many people.. It can mean protection from negative forces, it can mean a spiritual connection to energy or in christian beliefs it can represent a connection to god.. All of which are occult properties and powers (occult meaning hidden powers).. You may be thinking, hey wait on a minute, what's this guy writing about," occult properties and powers".. Just read further and you will see what i mean..


First of all the cross is a symbol that is is linked to a belief, this is the basis of real magick and the occult in a nutshell.. To believe in something strong enough to create a desired positive or negative outcome.. I don't care how anyone looks at it, this is a form of occult, meaning the study or belief of what is hidden or cannot be seen.. Hidden truth or hidden power..? You decide..? If you are a christian or catholic please do not be upset, be understanding of my point..

One of the uses of the cross in history was to ward off negative forces, maybe even demons and to protect ones spirit from bad forces. Hence the reason it is placed usually on a necklace to protect the heart and the center of our spirit. Like any symbol its power is from how one perceives it. If it is a strong focus in your life it will be more effective. If one does not believe in it but wears it, really it is just another form of jewelry..

" It is how the Cross is used that gives it power.."

So in conclusion a symbol like the Cross is another powerful symbol of power. So many people around the world wear this powerful occult symbol.. In fact for any cross jewelry seller it may be good business.. hmmm? Only joking..

"What do you think of the Cross as a symbol of power..? Do you wear a cross and if so why..? Is it for religion or is it another belief and do you believe in its power it bestows upon you..? Please comment below.. Feedback is appreciated.."

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