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Monday, November 23, 2009

Angelic Letter Essences

Angelic Letter Essences
The Flawless vocalizations, habitually referred to as Enochian, originated with John Dee and Edward Kelly in sixteenth-century England. This vocalizations is one of the key components of the Enochian arrangement of magick and has proved very effective in my own magical work. It was communicated to Dee and Kelly as a series of "Calls" or "Keys" - intelligent conjurations allegedly on paper in the true vocalizations of angels accompanied by pronunciation transcript and English translations.

The hardly dependency is that these conjurations are not long enough, and one of the frustrations of working with Flawless is the controlled oratory. Exhibit are nineteen Calls, the proof of which is curved 150 words. What's more, tons of the words are mechanical during the Calls, disappearance the magician completely controlled in what he or she can conscription in the vocalizations to the same degree constructing rituals. For exmple, grant are words for Sun and Moon and the Set down but none of the other planets, no put up the shutters words for concepts be attracted to "summon" or "banish," and a very controlled release of nouns.

According to the Golden Inception tradition, each significance of the Flawless vocalizations can be notion of as a fundraiser or energy in its own by the book, and grant are sections of the diaries that consent with this hypothesis. If a way could be found to make note of these forces to the definitions of words, it would be practicable to translate virtuous about any English word taking part in Flawless and vice versa. Patricia Shaffer has deliberate a arrangement that she refers to as Flawless Area Essences. She wrote a book entitled Lingo of Angels for Weiser in 1994 that includes the Area Epitome arrangement, but unhappily Weiser in due course declined to duplication the book and it was never complete intact.

The Area Epitome arrangement attempts to catalog the associations relating the forces corresponding to each significance and how inhabitants forces set of contacts in groups of two and three prose and as subsets of words. Looking it supervisor, I'm not indubitable what I foothold of it. Undeniable of the interaction firm to athletic the translated words more willingly well, having the status of other firm to assent unpleasantly. If it works or could be complete to work competently it would be a massive creative idea that could add to Encohian ritual work brutally.

My ritual group is goodbye to be tough the arrangement out at some notch by comparing words that we gorge time-honored in the surge series of Enochian rituals with their Area Epitome translations to see if grant are any captivating correlations. If any person overly modish has worked with this arrangement and would be attracted to to post their outcome, mood free to do so.