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Friday, November 20, 2009

Why Cannot A Brother Appeal From A Master Decision In Lodge

Why Cannot A Brother Appeal From A Master Decision In Lodge Cover He can, but not to the lodge; only to the Grand Master or Grand Lodge. The Master is strictly charged and sworn to uphold and promote the peace and harmony of his lodge. Without complete authority he cannot assume complete responsibility. It is, therefore, the Master's prerogative to begin or terminate debate; to rule on all questions; to control the deliberations of his lodge (within the framework of the by-laws-a Master cannot, for instance, legally open his lodge before the time set in the by-laws, or conduct business at a special or called communication not set forth in the call). If any brother could appeal from the Master to the lodge, the lodge would control the Master, not the Master the lodge. The Master is not only a presiding officer (as is the president of a club) but is literally master of all proceedings, discussions and actions of his lodge, provided what he does is within the framework of Grand Lodge law and the by-laws of his lodge.

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