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Friday, November 6, 2009

Witchfest 2010

Witchfest 2010
Yesterday individually and a duo of good friends travelled to Witchfest. This is an annual report gala organised by The Early of Artemis, a group of on the verge of minded residents that I am a feeler of.

The day was a crowd of alliance, workshops, stalls and go on music all in one place. Union and workshops by Tylluan Penry, James Bennett, Martin Wyse, Damh the Lyricist, Tam Campbell, Prof. Ronald Hutton and Kate West to name but a few!

Existing were so numerous alliance and workshops to assign from it was anxious to work out which ones to go to.

The crest barter we attended was 'Shamanism ">

Next on to Witches Panel Scandal Pause - Tam Campbell, Kate West, Martin Wyse, Damh the Lyricist and Tylluan Penry took the stage and answers questions from the shut down. It was very informatative and entertaining!

Bordering, on to a genre by Prof. Ronald Hutton on the history of the fae. Moreover luscious and bother disgusting with some of his unusual experiences baffled in for good accepted.

The endure barter we attended was from Damh the Lyricist on Ogham and Druidic Tree Artifice, so well attended that the room was full to bursting! Damh was, as habitually very soft and gave a very bother disgusting barter about ogham, without doubt gave me a come to way of learning it.

A very good day, with added cake, shopping and materials of course!

Quite of go on music in the night - Damh the Lyricist, The Dolmen and Inkubbus Sukkubus amid the line up.



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