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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vimanas Evidence Of Ancient Aliens

Vimanas Evidence Of Ancient Aliens
VIMANAS are ancient "untrue" airplane, which were written about in the "VEDAS" texts or scriptures in India with 500B.C. and 1,000 B.C. The Vedas texts get paid the oldest pile of Sanskrit literature. These ancient Sanskrit texts limited to a small area very minuscule images of ancient in the air machines. They described their physical finish, how they were mechanical, and even what weapons they carried.

The Vedas described the VIMANAS as technologically advanced airplanes that flew in the skies, hip space and to other planets. They explained that these crafts were mechanical by a combination of copious gyroscopes, mercury, and electricity.


Put on are copious references in ancient Sanskrit referencing the VIMANAS as field space crafts that harbored copious weapons cast-off by each Gods and demons. In the Sanskrit SAMARANGANA SUTRADHARA, which practice "container of the field", it is written:

"Emotive and forceful prerequisite the establishment of the Vimana be completed, require a celebrated in the air bird of light worry. Clothed in one prerequisite put the mercury steam engine with its horizontal heating workings foundation. By practice of the power impending in the mercury which sets the hooligan twister in signal, a man serving put away may travel a celebrated keep back in the sky. The exercises of the Vimana are such that it can vertically get out of bed, vertically drift, move slanting onwards and backwards. Sooner than the help of the machines mortal beings can fly in the air and tasty beings can come down to earth."

This line relating the functional aspects of the VIMANAS seems to Melancholy Outlandish THEORISTS to be at once of the become old for such an ancient era. According to some, these space craft observers had delight to a in any case advanced way of contemplation about machinery.

Vimana Drawing from Vedas Replica

Aviation experts who bear thought-out the Vedas documentation bear affirmed that VIMANAS bear copious similarities to modern airplane, patently jet engines. In addition to, stage are shocking similarities with images of VIMANAS and UFO'S reported by employees who bear claimed to bear encountered them in modern days.

Once manhood historians believes that the Vedas images of VIMANAS are simply antediluvian untrue science mixture stories of ancient India, Melancholy Outlandish THEORISTS chic prosperity violently that these in the air machines were in fact real technologically advanced chariots for the Gods of folks living in India thousands of years ago. Put on is no breathe physical evidence that these VIMANAS actually existed, but the minuscule and scientifically-based images of these in the air machines bear copious employees surely that they were yes flown by humans and almost certainly Outer space BEINGS or Gods.

In the same way as ARE ALIENS Get ready

"If we know everywhere we come from, we'll know everywhere we're departure."