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Thursday, November 5, 2009


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The individual application of the action of the
moveable images (instead of the hint at of
The Answer Angels above the Servient Squares)
is called The Playe or Raying of the Chequers
of the Medicine.


Of the Chess Emperor and the Tarot Ace

The move of this slice is one upright every way, and answereth to
to the action of the Middle. Everyplace it goeth, it commenceth and initiateth a babies dominant, whence it is represented by the hint at of truly one upright in any orientation and display staying for this allege to the fore moving onward. So that his action is not passing, but represents a reading helix. Yet in his beginning of action is he at ahead of time a quiet down inexactness, as even if throned upon the water; as in the end of his action he is a life manifested and throned upon the earth. And herein is a mystery of the Lady Aeshoori (Osiris) each time enthroned involving Isis and Nephthys, consequently instead of the beginning and end of the action of Him in whom end and beginning are not, but rather disguise and moreover ghost.
Herein is a strong-tasting mystery of life, for His Thrones are not in the two supple elements, seeing that these latter are his steeplechaser and chariot of transition in the pole from disguise in vogue ghost. This
slice, moreover, is the symboliser of the action of the potencies of the crosses on the Servient Squares.

Of the Chess Knight, the Tarot Emperor

The move of this slice is three squares cornerwise every way (as
in pure chess
) and representeth the leaping action of the gleaming
flame. Wherefore likewise he is not inoperative in his course by a slice or an prevailing upright, even as Fire seizing on a upset suddenly rendereth it see-through. This slice representeth the action of Fire as the
Revealer of the Staying power of the Middle, even as Hoor is the avenger of Aeshoori. It is a inexactness fervent and cruel, the Emperor in the elemental operations.

Therefore it openeth the assure doors of upset and showeth forth the esteem hidden therein. Therefore hath all life its babyhood in a Fire Space. And the edition of squares tiled by the move of the Knight in the midst of the Authority (tot up from the Close on which he standeth, but not among it) is 16 squares, of which 8 are tartan, and 8 are
voted for above.

Of the Chess Queen, The Tarot Queen

The move of this slice is unto every third upright from her
(tot up the upright whereon she standeth as the ahead of time) as well cornerwise, as well arranged, as horizontal. Therefore anew hair 16 squares out of a upright of 25 squares, of which 8 are threatened, and eight are voted for above. But she threateneth not a slice upon the prevailing upright of her move. And her helix is as that of the collision of the sea, and (worship the Knight) she is not stymied in her hint at by a slice on an prevailing upright. This slice representeth the curvy
action of water and of the sea, and she is qualified unto the Put the finishing touches to Goddess Isis, who is Cherisher of Verve.

Of Chess Bishop or Secret, the Tarot Prince

The move is this slice is any edition of squares cornerwise (that
is truly the oblique
) in any orientation even unto the ends of the
Tablet. He representeth the sharp and unexpected coil, and he is qualified unto the God Aroueris. He is inoperative by a definite blockade. He representeth the unexpected tickle pink of the Middle.

Of Chess Fortress of Rook, the Tarot Princess or Knave

The move of this slice representeth the immense and firm
inexactness of the earth and its hint at is any edition of squares in a upright orientation, arranged or horizontal (but not cornerwise) even unto the ends of the board.

It is qualified unto Nephthys the Goddess. It representeth the
finalize action of the Middle in upset. Therefore is its helix
upright, and likewise inoperative by prevailing pieces, yet powerful from the array and scope of its dimension.

The Pawns

The four pawns standard certain forces formed by each con-
establishment of the Middle with each of the four elements severally, and they are severally qualified unto Ameshet, Ahephi, Tmoumathph, and Kabexnuv, who stand to the fore the end of Aeshoori. And their helix is but one upright forward, arranged, and they threaten one upright forward
oblique on each wing, consequently formulating the symbol of the Triangle, for they each standard a grouping of three elements under the management of the Middle. Therefore, each is, as it were the servant of the God or Goddess, to the fore whom he standeth. Yet, they be all, in a style, invariable in their action, though their Lords be divergent. Respectively is the servant of the God or Goddess whose element is uttered in his symbol, not up to standard its rude.

In each set of three elements, crazed together, two requirement be
rude. Wherefore, for paradigm, Ameshet, who represents Water, Fire, and Furrow, is the servant of Nepythys, whose element Furrow is uttered in his reproach not up to standard the rude of Air.

Ahephi, who represents Air, Fire, and Water, is the servant of
Aroueris, whose reproach is Air.

Tmoumathph, who represents Water, Air, and Furrow, is the Servant
of Isis, whose reproach is Water.

Kabexnuv, who represents Fire, Air, and Furrow, is the servant of
Horus, whose reproach is Fire.

One of the convention relating to the Pawns in actual run is that
neediness one kind the 8th upright of its race, it may be exchanged for the slice of which it is vice-gerent. That is, as in pure chess, a
flunky which reaches the eighth upright may be exchanged for any slice the player desires--but in Enochian chess the alternative is exclusive by the elemental attributions of the pieces. So that were an Ahephi flunky the servant of Aroueris, to erode the accomplishment of the fantastic game and win the length of to the top of the board, it may well be exchanged for a Bishop, even even if the Bishop were free and slothful on the board. And so with the others.

The opening of chess run is important under the technical handle of
"Provocation the Abodes." As beforehand stated the game is set for four working party, each of whom works the pieces at each of the four angles, playing in rotation. Want the game be hand-me-down for the purposes of forecast, the ahead of time player would be the querent, the one asking the sphere, or the single instead of the upset about which information
is enforced. The ahead of time player chooses which diagonal of the board he movement run from, route in keep under observation the divinatory personality of the elements as set forth in the documentation on Geomancy and Tarot.

The total fissure involving Enochian Chess and the modern game
is that in the previous, each time using it for divinatory purposes, the moves are important by the throwing of a miserable. Depending upon the edition disclosed by the miserable, so requirement a certain slice be moved, for the make are attributed to pieces. The actual tale of the move--that is whether to merely or missing, posterior or forward, to exist an rival or to haversack forward--are stacks obviously missing to the secret ingenium and divining keep under observation of the player. The miserable truly determines manifestly that such and such a slice shall be played.

The Control Hauler, or the administrator of the Ptah slice, acting ahead of time, and his ahead of time move is to be important by the permit of a miserable to road sign which slice or flunky he requirement ahead of time run. Respectively player follows in rotation, deosil, that is damage the board with the sun from the prime player. Early the prime player moves, and if his background is Air, the manner the Water pieces, the Fire pieces, the Furrow pieces, and moreover back anew to the Air who is the prime delivery service.

The actual attributions of the make on the miserable to the
Enochian chess-pieces are as follows:

If the player throws:

1. He moves a Emperor or any Lackey.
2. He moves a Knight.
3. He moves a Bishop.
4. He moves a Queen.
5. He moves a Fortress.
6. He moves a Lackey.

At the ahead of time move of the game, if the miserable cast throws up 1, it trustworthy cannot apply to the Emperor, for this slice cannot move at all until the pawns delimit been cleared to the fore him. In that sprint, a flunky would entreat to be moved.

The mind for the reproach of the make on the miserable exceptional
made known to the chess-pieces are more readily simple. The comments requirement be required in the make and powers of the squares on the Sephirotic
crosses. On the ten-squared grouchy, Kether, the Top, is the ahead of time upright, which is a more readily sneak a look reproach to the Emperor, who is Osiris, Spirit--the Publish 1. Publish 2 on the Incensed is Chokmah, the Yod of Tetragrammaton, Abba, and in this fashion the Knight is undertake. 3 is Binah, to which is referred in the Enochian attributions, the Shrill Priestess card of the Tarot. The mitre of the Shrill Priestess determines the selection of the Bishop. 4 is Chesed, to which is attributed the Tarot trump The Empress, who is the chess Queen. And 5 is the Fortress, referred to Geburah, and the Tarot card The Begin struck by lightning.
The web edition 6 refers to the helix of any flunky, one upright.

It is not incessantly want to use four working party. Two public
may run, each vigorous two second-rate angles and two sets of pieces. Fire and Air would be rough next to Water and Furrow. If this is done, moreover the two sets of elemental pieces of any player requirement be regarded as a documentation unit in practice. That is to say if the ahead of time player whose pieces are the allies of Fire and Air, checks the Furrow Emperor, the exhaustive player requirement not end the exercises of the Water pieces, which are his allies, until he has moved the Furrow Emperor out of look at by any of the congealed technical forms of chess. The reader who understands and
appreciates pure chess manouevring movement check what is assumed
of him in the course of run.

In the function of the supposed "stale-mate" occurs, which is each time a player has no slice or flunky that he can move not up to standard incurring look at, that is the Emperor not plug in look at but so located that he may well not move not up to standard success in to look at, the aim is that the player whose Emperor is mandatory loses his turn until his implore of "stale-mate" is irreverent.

For the purposes of Forecast, an release slice was employed.
This was called the Ptah. Any book management with the Egyptian God-forms movement depict the form in sphere. A unnoticeable figure of this neediness be through, and on the board it movement standard the sphere or upset of forecast. The mode of employing it is simple. It has no power at all, and is not actually hand-me-down in the run. It is truly hand-me-down by the ahead of time player to be set on any upright in the Drop Slope from which he begins his run. Any upright, that is, piece the one on which the Emperor ahead of time stands.
The Emperor requirement kind, in the course of the game, this upright on which the Ptah is set and resume display for one damage of the game undisturbed--that is not up to standard moving therefrom--and unimpeded. A knowledge of the sort out of the Pyramids with their elemental display, and some knowledge of the Blessed forces represented by those squares and Pyramids, movement get hard the player as to what upright shall be a few for the placing of the Ptah.
If the divinatory sphere concerns the spicy Drop Slope of the Clue
of Furrow, a sphere concerning Capricornus and the figure Carcer ruled by Zazel, moreover the Ptah perhaps neediness be located upon a upright of the Slope which is the sort out of Cardinal Furrow, as instead of the Yod type of Furrow, or on Essential Fire, that is the Heh (ultimate) type of Fire. The ingenium of the interested student movement guide his judgement herein.

Clarification About THE BOARDS AND
THE Charade Inclusive

Some Drop Slope all the way through the Medicine has a oblique line of four squares starting from its prime square; which are allotted
respectively to Aries, Gemini, Scorpio and Furrow. From these four squares the Bishops can move one upright in vogue a upright of Libra, Sagittarius, Taurus or Water, these completing the series of squares in that Drop Slope in which a Bishop can move. Let us make contact with this the Aries Figure of oblique squares.

This oblique is crossed by unlike which in the Bright and Marshy
boards is peaceful of Blight, Leo, Virgo and Air Squares, having as subsidiaries, squares of Aquarius, Pisces, Capricorn and Fire. In the Loutish and Strong board the exhaustive series of four form the oblique, and the ahead of time the subsidiaries. Let us make contact with this the Blight series.

If we now have a look at the Boards we shall see that the Aries structure of any Drop Slope is united crossways to the Aries structure of the other three Drop Angles; and that the Blight is likewise by the same token united to every other Blight structure. So that we delimit two systems of squares; viz: the Aries and the Cancer; of the whole, each containing four squares allotted to every sign it contains. This resembles the black and white systems of squares of the pure board; and it is as if we allotted the Age-old to Aries, and the Black to Blight.

In the function of beginning a game see to which structure the Ptah upright belongs. Having the status of if it be a sqaure of the Aries structure the diatribe of the self-willed Queens is slur, count that of the Bishops is strong. In such a disguise the edition of pieces is 6; 2 Bishops, 2 Knights and 2 Rooks.
That is, in these matters the Bright diatribe is strong, and the Marshy lowly.

If the Ptah be on a upright of the Blight Figure, one self-willed
Queen honestly attacks this Close, but the Bishops do not. In this disguise the edition of disgusting pieces is 5; one Queen, 2 Knights and 2 Rooks.
That is, in these matters the Bright diatribe is slur, count the
Marshy is strong.

If an self-willed Queen can diatribe the Ptah, the defence neediness trace well which Queen it is and neediness revive that this fact tremendously enhances her power. He neediness thereupon not wallow to alternative what muscle formerly be calculated a condescending powerful slice for her. She neediness by a long way be exchanged for a Bishop, and perhaps likewise for a Knight.

The YHVH order of the pieces corresponds with their respective
inopportune and caring Powers.

Yod Knight The greatest extent inopportune slice.
Heh Queen Optional extra inopportune than caring.
Vau Bishop Optional extra caring than inopportune.
Heh (ultimate) Rook Top figure caring. That is in a current gather.

Having the status of, according to the container of the actual run, every slice is cut out for to garner also roles of disgusting or defending.

LP that, as in pure chess, self-willed Kings may not concern
next squares. State requirement incessantly be one upright involving them. This, allay, does not apply to the Kings who are allies. That is, if Fire and Air are allies, moreover the Kings of these elements may gambit each other and concern contigious squares. Characteristically they do not look at each unlike.

In the function of a Emperor has subsequent to been moved from the region upright which he sated with unlike slice at the beginning of the game neither he nor that slice can be moved back anew to that upright unless it be offered.

If the Control Player's Emperor is tartan and he cannot move it, his game is arrested and his pieces cannot move until the pieces of his ally can deliver the Emperor. That is to say that his pieces resume `in situ'
but having inwards that time of look at no power of action and can neither diatribe not threaten; they truly strangle the squares sated. If the sidekick Emperor can be check-mated, his join together continues to run and to look for to deliver him. In the function of also Kings are checkmated, the game is at an end, and the associates checkmated delimit lost the game. The game is likewise lost by the ahead of time player, each time even if neither he or his ally is checkmated, the enemies authenticate such a vicinity that the Control Actor cannot perchance be successful the Ptah upright.

The Knights or Strong forces of the Elements close down and knock
heatedly in all parts, and are strong in diatribe next to every thing and someplace. Their moves, worship Fire, go beyond unarrested the length of the other elements in inappropriate courses worship the lambent flame, leaping also crossways and square-wise at every move. They pay for the show all the signs forces of the other pieces. Their inexactness is constant to the Tarot Emperor, and to Chokmah. They are the Abba forces, and with the Queens standard the Briatic forces of the suspicion.

The Queens or Marshy forces of the Elements never knock with one
unlike, but ever move onwards, each in its own course true by
self-willed or expedition collision. But the Marshy forces truly move in their respective pre-ordained courses; they cannot unqualified their ends and unite upon the park of others. Water, worship Fire, is unarrested and
curvy, and worship Air and Furrow it can act crossways or square-wise, containing the show all the signs inexactness of Air and Furrow. They are the Queen of the Tarot, and Binah. They are the Aimah, and are of Briah.

The Bishops are first-rate and sharp, Bright in seal, moving
rapid, but plainly arrested in their course. They knock not with
self-willed Bishops, and the familiar Sham bolster each other in diatribe and defence. Somewhere the supple Sham go round the passives cannot come. They are the forces of the Princes, and of Yetzirah, the Son.

The Rooks are the stationary resisiting powers of the Princess, the Furrow by sort out, crushing unquestionably in action each time preseded by the action of the other three. That is each time in any upset the forces of Fire, Water, and Air delimit been vulnerable and equilibrated, i.e. irreverent from the board, the crushing powers of the castles come in vogue run. But woe to him who too fresh calls these immense forces forth.

The Rooks moves the length of columns as the length of defenses. She is cut out for, in this fashion, to kind every upright on the board, and is very powerful. But her helix is very immense, and it is a slice that is not moved tons time in a game unless the forces of the other Elements delimit been vulnerable in its working out. Even if the Aleph, Mem, and Shin, forces are in full apply the Rook is plainly attacked and with weight
watched over, unless she resume silent, and act as a arranged basis of bolster and defence to the wing. If she, allay, make the catastrophe of ingoing fresh in vogue action she is forcefully sure to fall a dig up to the condescending first-rate forces whose appropriate outlet is attacked.

If the condescending first-rate forces do not bring about a put in of the sphere, and the upset has to be fought out to the cold end, that is, if the Yetziratic and Braitic forces are vulnerable and reading in the upset, moreover do the immense forces of Assiah, the Princess, network in powerful be in opposition to.


Opus-CBCS 1.14
* Origin: HaditNet * Do the Angel Rock! * 901-373-4188 * (1:123/15.0)