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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Anglicans Have New Us Home In Catholic Church

Anglicans Have New Us Home In Catholic Church


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VATICAN City (AP) - Pope Benedict XVI named a married past Episcopal bishop Sunday to C.E.O. the initial U.S. organizational manner for disaffected Anglicans and Episcopalians who oblige to fraud the Roman Catholic Religious.

The Rev. Jeffrey Neil Steenson, a birth of three and Catholic examine, fortitude lead the Regular Ordinariate of the Bench of St. Peter, the tie in with of a diocese, that fortitude be based in Houston, Texas, but fortitude run national.

The Vatican formed the initial such ordinariate in Britain ultimate blind date. Additional ordinariates are essence careful in Australia and Canada.

Steenson stepped down in 2007 as the Episcopal Bishop of Rio Grande, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, late the Episcopal Religious self-ruled the initial openly gay bishop, V. DNA Robinson of New Hampshire. Steenson had believed he was "absolutely shocking" about the course of the U.S. quantity and he described the Catholic Religious as the "true home of Anglicanism."

The Episcopal Religious is the U.S. Anglican thing in the Colleague States.

Benedict in 2009 issued an unprecedented bribe for Anglicans to become Catholic in groups or as parishes, at a time for example traditional Anglicans in altered countries were little by little turn over by the ordination of women and gay bishops. Formerly, Anglican converts to Catholicism were obvious on a case-by-case grounds.

The pope's belief formed tensions with Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, the spiritual expert of the world Anglican Communion, who type his predecessors had been in symposium with Vatican officials to bring Anglicans and Catholics more rapidly together.

The 77-million-member Anglican fellowship has its heredity in the Religious of England, which demarcation from the Holy See in 1534 for example English King Henry VIII was refused a marriage split up.

At the time of the pope's declaration, Anglicans were formerly fracturing on top of Robinson's poll and other issues. Williams had stunted advance initial of the Vatican declaration. Yet, late house of representatives covertly with the pope in a while late, the archbishop of Canterbury believed he was won over that put on was no "dawn raid" on his church by the Holy See.

Beneath the pope's outline, Anglicans who become Catholic fortitude be formal to contain some of their origin in liturgy and other areas. Wedded Anglican priests who examine can time lag married and be fated in the Catholic Religious, an exemption to the Vatican's celibacy rule. Wedded Anglican bishops, in spite of everything, cannot get that assignment, and fortitude work the Catholic Religious as priests.

Snooty than 100 Anglican clergy lunch workable to become Catholic priests in the U.S. ordinariate. Religious officials believed best quality than 1,400 those are seeking to fraud. The U.S. Episcopal Religious has evenhanded under 2 million members. Tons Anglo-Catholics in the Colleague States had never been part of the Episcopal Religious.

Steenson, 59, who has a doctorate from the School of Oxford, has been married as 1974 and has three substantial children. His partner anyway confident to Catholicism. He was fated as a Catholic priest in 2009 in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and helped flinch the increase and training schedule for Anglican priests seeking to fraud the Catholic Religious.

"AP Theology Person behind Rachel Zoll contributed from New York.

"U.S. ordinariate:

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