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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Mysteries Of Aleph

The Mysteries Of Aleph
Aleph (sticky Ah-lef) is the most basic kill of the Hebrew alphabet. It, thus, has a gematria efficacy of 1, and on a regular basis you movement see an Aleph hand-me-down as this emerge in unlike texts. Its Hebrew spelling is Aleph Lamed Peh sophith (Peh Dying), as displayed in the image abovementioned. This word, while spelled out, main "Ox", and comes from the Pheonician pictogram for the kill A, which is all-around in the function of an wrong side up Roman A, with apiece the drive down gun emplacements representative the horns of the Ox. The gematria of this full word is 831 while counting the efficacy of the Peh Dying (Aleph=1, Lamed=30, Peh Final=800) or 111 while counting the efficacy of the suspend kill as a stage set Peh (Peh=80).

To abide the kill, abide the oblique line most basic, in addition to the maximum leg (which looks in the function of a Yod) and in addition to the plot leg (which furthermore looks in the function of a Yod). Admission that the gun emplacements relating these Yods to the defining oblique line have to not equivalent, but extremely the deceased one have to be boss than the moral (natter the image abovementioned to see what I mean). Since I've painted how this kill is ended from two Yods (actually, it is argued that Yod is the build of all the style, for all the gun emplacements are, in paradigm, extensions of it), let's burrow this increase. The oblique line is considered to be a Vav, albeit with a thicker field than is as a rule displayed in that kill. Thus the glyph of Aleph is a Vav seperating two Yods. This is a very clear image, influential of the Hermetc axiom "As A cut above, So Underside", but it gets even auxiliary clear while we believe the gematria. Yod has a gematric efficacy of 10, spell Vav is 6. So two Yods (10+10) and one Vav (6) equals 26, which is, attractively copiousness, the efficacy of the Tetragrammaton, YHVH (Yod=10, Heh=5, Vav=6, Heh=5). I'll run away you to deem on that for a era.

If we reverse the style of Aleph (ALP) we get Pele (PLA), which is Hebrew for "Be bowled over". It furthermore has the efficacy of 111, manifestly as of it doesn't use the definite form of Peh. For being typical with Enochian, Dee's ring included the style PELE on it, and was referenced as meaning "Machinist of Miracles".

On a definite note, the Aleph looks in the function of a swastika, or a fylfot overlap, and we know that the swastika is endorsed to Kether, as influential of the Rashith ha-Gilgulim, the Original or Primitive Swirlings. Aleph represents the mystery of Kether, for only as Kether is supposed to be hard, so Aleph is unpronounceable, for it is a bass kill. Bountiful staff firm to wear that Aleph reasonably represents the English vowel A, which is off beam, as all the style in the Hebrew vernacular are consonants. Dowry are no vowels. Vowels are "read in vogue" the words, to begin with via spoken tradition, and in the manner of via the niqqud, the exercise of vowel points of modern Hebrew. Aleph represents the Inhalation, the intaking of breath previously ring occurs. It is the Muted previously Hoot, and is hand-me-down to fleck the place of a vowel ring, as a rule A or E. The Bahir confirms this by saying: "Since you speak well of the Aleph you open your oral cavity". It is the opening of the oral cavity previously ring emerges, and consequently Aleph duly preceeds all style.

A increase lash in the company of Aleph and Kether comes anew from the Bahir, which states "From Aleph project all style. Do we not see that it is first?" Kether is most basic, and Aleph is most basic, and only as Kether emanates the desecrate Sephiroth, so too does Aleph project the desecrate style.