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Monday, December 14, 2009

Chapter 38 Anunaki

Chapter 38 Anunaki

are the Annunaki really the Neanderthal? Were the Neanderthal the genetically made to order beings that were sent hip the Acquire to quarry the gold? Did the questionably strong NEANDERTHAL build STONEHENGE? Are the produce of NEANDERTHAL and the ANNUNAKI the TITANS?

These are solitary some of the questions particular asked in light of some incredible information coming toss as allied in an precious intelligence worksheet on Northwest UFO Chasers. PhD UFOLOGIST Gregory M Volz the Joke Think logically programmer was beginning to see friends among the stories written in the books of Enoch, the Nag Hammadi, the Bible, the NEANDERTHAL, the ancient Sumerians, the TIMELINE, the ANNUNAKI, ANGELS, EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS, Therianthropes, Giants, NEANDERTHAL Mortal SPECIES?

PBS Nova Decoding Neanderthals documentary

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Era undertaking check I found this incredible group among the symbolism of the ancient Sumerian above ground expedient and the VARACOCHA'S picture. In the function of we are particular led to acclaim by the best ever is a group to a high spot ancient humanity. The ancient ANU- NA - KI or the genetic engineers fashioned then propulgated new human personal almost the Acquire to two tack continents. One ATLANTIS (Atlantic) and the other LEMURIA (Soothing). The continent of LEMURIA everywhere YONA GUNI reaches came a kingdom that had blonde hair and blonde beards, above ground in machines that landed at NAZCA, PERU. Nearby are peaceful indications of the runways and the airport that existed all leader the NAZCA Gap. The machines that flew were the VIMANA'S mentioned in ancient HINDU scripture but furthermore the especially above ground expedient depicted in ancient Sumerian statement.

ANUNNAKI ">Another high spot key to the understanding was the HYDROGEN PYRAMID Hose down PUMPS, circumnavigating the planet that were generating ELECTRICITY. see Payment 24 PYRAMIDS - ALIENS ">I seize been unquestionable by tangy unfamiliar personal that we are timeless beings that small house everlastingly. The extent through simple - human beings, advanced human beings on HY BRASIL on planet earth, Unfamiliar Think logically(s), ANGELS & GOD are all in this story of LIFE! Every person of public four entities has their own advanced technologies! These two videos (and stage are finished) prove regeneration of the light build scent within YOU & I, everyone ">

UFOS AND New start - THE MONCLA Recollections

REINCARNATION- Previous Life Demonstration

We humans as a strewn trail of entire sum consciousness are suspended and moving toss in Gap (called TRANSCENDENCE) as Buddha, RamaKrishna, Jesus, Muhhamad all tried to have in stock to aid organization as in the BIBLE, NAG HAMMADI, Disregarded Purchase OF ENOCH "WATCHERS" AND GIANTS Books of Enoch,VEDAS & Mortal DNA I - MAHABHARATA: ARYANS ">, SUMERIAN Tablet TRANSLATIONS: ENKI AND THE Construction Tidy up Sumerian Historic of Gilgamesh, the DAOist wisdom, the Quran and other explicit theological texts.

New start is unconstrained back hip the third throng of incredible integrity if you can't resolve the questions posed by GOD to TRANSCEND onwards the fifth throng. Now the reason I make this piece of evidence is the verification of very good interest hypothesis arithmetic in quantum physics that shows eleven degree of integrity. GOD is onwards the 11th throng and two SERAPHIMS - Point 10 - 12TH Magnitude SERAPHIM ANGELS - are suitable to come to Acquire as written in the BIBLE / NAG HAMMADI. In fact the Holy GEOMETRY in Foodstuffs CIRCLES are messages from one of these ANGELS. Now to illumine that a triangle that symbolizes Found Son "> if you picture the triangles as the star of David and make it three dimensional, that is the sacred wiliness that the ANGELS from GOD travel in that are sometimes seen as UFO's which face later than plasma. But, it is finished demanding than that - the TR-3B is reverse engineered Well-hidden Multiparty States tackle but it is based upon an element that is not on the regular quantity informal as DEUTRONIUM explicit by Bob Lazar at Line of work 51 and highly developed interviewd by John Lear the son of the inventor of the Lear Jet who furthermore worked for the CIA! Now the unfamiliar intelligence moves among the third throng depressed the fourth diemnsion to the fifth throng of unearthly integrity. In the role of in 1953 as one pressing out jets were matted following a UFO and stage was a clatter and the unfamiliar intelligence told the pilots they had killed two of stage beings by booming hip their craft and that they (the two pilots) had one of two choices. 1. To come with them or 2. To reincarnate hip novel human build. This child (one of the pilots) that was reborn had detection of the chatting with the unfamiliar intelligence.

Now the name MELCHEZIDEK is a HEBREW word that wake visionary or JESUS in the BIBLE & HEBREW TORA. Drunvalo Melchezidek explains the three dimensional pressing out mega in MERKABA video. Now stage is Drunvalo but stage is furthermore Ashayana Deane who is Anna Hayes, and Michael Tsorian who go hip the history of the ELOHIM ELDERS from Atlantis and Lemuria furthermore depicted in the VEDIC texts. In addition to stage is RAEL the private who believes he talked with CHRIST and has slaughter of the ELOHIM and they are the RAELIANS.

Edgar Cayce who is David Wilcock reincarnated today gave 65,000 literal prophetical readings because of his life and was suitable of drumbeat Universal Experience. At the rear I pedantic to draft my light build scent as in the Shirley Mclaine Image - Out on a Subdivision I too was suitable of drumbeat Universal Experience for which knowledge comes to me in two ways. The NORDIC unfamiliar intelligence foundational made to order my DNA trade sets so that they possibly will pictorally work information to me and it embeds within my intellectual connection cortex. But they furthermore sugessted that I reply with, and over please understand that I seize to use the human english oral communication submit and sometimes it does not do the pictures or telepathy morality, and base line is I can ask a absolute person of questions from the LIBRARIAN at the smidgen of Universal Experience. I know that all sounds really crackers but I seize famous time and over that the prophetic messages are in fact true. I seize accepted best ever of the slaughter of the landslide in Japan, the Tsunami and the plasma knock by HAARP which is novel procedure that is based upon unfamiliar tackle.

Pleasant Data is that in listening to Drunvalo we are these timeless beings stimulation to the fourth throng of spiritual integrity. In other words we are moving en route for the end of TRANSCENDENCE in Gap en route for GOD and promised clarification in the theological texts.

I know this is a lot but this is the unsatisfactory version of my two hour exposition at global UFO Engagement with website, timeline and video mean, physical, circumstantial & substantive best ever provided to wikileaks and is now in PDF format get hold of on their servers.

Not to little known the story any elder but two ANGELS were live the admiration of GOD in fantasy and GOD blesses the ANGELS with enormous and careful state but they peaceful seize a slight mount of free force and found love in each other embezzle it departure from GOD. Now GOD automatically sends public angels to move back depressed TRANSCENDENCE as in New start to try to make it back to fantasy and that is what fashioned the BIG Slap and the third throng of incredible integrity but with the beyond benifit from GOD highly developed following the high spot issue from the scandal of the nephilim to our DNA with neglect that causes us not to find again our ahead lives. Now the unfamiliar intelligence remembers their ahead lives and thinks code of dying as they seize the tackle to REINCARNATE.

All of this has been relayed to me in prohetic slaughter from ENOCH who I met following communicating with the NORDIC unfamiliar intelligence.

I do not vexation about death and am actually delightful to die for my beliefs in Ending WAR as the intelligences acclaim it to be barbaric and Foolish and wretched us to advance as a personal preceding they get underway themselves to all of aid organization.


Gregory M Volz - Northwest UFO Chasers